Jason Myers, Chris Fleming Take Checkered at Bowman Gray

Jason Myers and Chris Fleming both sat on the pole during the two 25-lap Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series in Saturday’s Truliant Federal Credit Union Night of Destruction presented by Q104.1, and both drivers won their respective races.

Myers, who qualified for the first race at 13.554 seconds, sat on the pole and cruised to the win.

John Holleman IV was runner-up, Lee Jeffreys finished third, followed by Tim Brown and Randy Butner.

“We just had a great car, and Holleman was off a little bit,” Myers said. “He tried what he could on the start, but yeah, once I got going it was just smooth sailing from there. That’s why you work so hard to have a good race car, so when you do get an opportunity to get out front, you can show how good your race car is. And that’s what we did tonight.”

Myers has been around long enough to have seen it all as a racer. Being way in front is one of them.

“There’s been a few, but that’s few and far between,” he said. “You don’t get many races like that. You know, you get that sigh of relief of nobody’s right behind you, but you’re still keeping the same focus. No mistakes. No mistakes. Just fast as you can, fast as you can. You know, I had a good lead, but I didn’t start backing it down until I caught lap traffic.”

There was only thing Myers didn’t want.

“At that point, no cautions,” he said. “That’s all you’re hoping. No cautions. Because with cautions, that’s all it takes to break you.”

Just as the race was about to go to a green flag, Jason’s brother, Burt, who was leading the points race by 1 point over Fleming, became entangled with Brandon Ward. Burt Myers was able to get off the track, but he went to the pits and never returned to the race, hurting his championship chances.

Brown moved into first place with 459 points, Fleming has 456, and Burt Myers tumbled to 443, in third place.

Burt Myers did race in the second 25-lap race, but he was in his backup car. It was announced that Burt Myers’ radiator was bad.

“You try not to worry about everybody else because you do kind of see who’s doing what, and who’s car’s tore up, and who got in a wreck, and what not,” Jason Myers said. “But you’ve just got to keep focus on yourself all the time.”

Before the race, Jason and his father, Gary, were tied with 38 Modified wins. Jason eclipsed that by one win Saturday night. Between Burt, Jason, and Gary Myers, they have 205 wins.

“I think I like it for him more than I do myself,” Jason Myers said. “I think that milestone that I hit made him pretty proud.”

Fleming, who has been so consistent all season, continued his winning ways in the second 25-lap race with this third win of the season.

Even though there were three caution flags, Fleming dominated the race and defeated runner-up Ward, Butner, Brown, and Lee Jeffreys.

“I don’t know how to take it all in to be honest with you,” Fleming said. “I’m so blessed. Everything I’ve done here lately has turned to gold. We’ve worked hard in the shop and the car shows it.”

Whether it be straight qualifying like Jason Myers did in the second race, or how Fleming sat on the pole for the second race because of the “Madhouse Scramble,” it’s a moot point.

“The record book don’t show what race it was,” Fleming said. “But if you look behind me some of the greatest of all time were right behind me. So, I’ll take it and I’m happy with it.”

With five weeks left in the season, Fleming doesn’t want to get caught looking ahead.

“I’m not racing for the points,” he said. “I’ll tell you one thing again, I’m not dwelling, I’m not going home and thinking about it. I’m going to work hard on my car. I’m going to do the things I’ve done. If we win the points, we win them. If we lose, I’m not crying about it.”

One other milestone Fleming just reached was just turning 60 years old last week.

“The older I’ve got the more I realize how much I’m blessed,” he said. “And that comes a lot with maturity.”

The first 20-lap race in the McDowell Heating & Air Sportsman Series promised to be exciting because son Nate Gregg and father, Billy, were on the front row.

After 20 laps and two cautions, Nate Gregg won his first race in the Sportsman Series. Riley Neal was runner-up, followed by Michael Adams, Amber Lynn, and Chase Robertson.

“Man, it feels great, but at the end of the day, this one’s for Emma (Edwards, who was 10 years old and died earlier this past week after battling Leukemia,” Nate Gregg said.

Nate Gregg pulled “8” out of the bag in the “Madhouse Scramble” and started the inverted field in the second 20-lap race at No. 8, with Billy Gregg sitting on the pole.

But it was Chase Robertson who weaved his way through the field for the win, his third of the season.

Zack Ore was runner-up, followed by Sterling Plemmons, Michael Adams, and Nate Gregg.

“I want to thank God. This year has been crazy. He’s blessed me and my family a lot,” Robertson said. “And I want to thank my dad. my mom, all my crew.”

There was a caution early in the race after Justin Taylor spun on turn 2.

However, on lap 9, the race changed. Tommy Neal, who was in the lead at that point, was bumped by Lynn. She slid by him, but Tommy Neal retaliated on the caution, causing damage to Lynn’s car, which had to be towed off.

Because of the entanglement between Lynn and Tommy Neal, Ore was able to take the lead. But on lap 16, just before a caution, Robertson slid past Ore for the lead.

Austin Jones picked up his second win of the season Saturday night in the 20-lap race in Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series.

Zack Staley was runner-up, but he was disqualified after the race because he refused post-race inspection.

That means that Cale Martin was declared runner-up, followed by Donnie Martin, Nick Wall, and Christian Joyce.

“I just barely touched him,” Jones said. “I hate that for him. Man, what a night. The longer it went, I felt the better it would get.”

In the first 15-lap race in the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series, Brandon Brendle built a big lead and cruised to an easy win.

It’s Brendle’s third win of the season.

“I want to thank Stephen for running me clean, though,” Brendle said. “He’s the man.”

There were two cautions during the race, both involving Justin Owens — lap four on turn 2 and lap seven on turn 4.

A.J. Sanders finished second, Chuck Wall was third, and Sanders’ son, Stephen, was fourth. Isaac Harris was fifth.

The second Stadium Stock race was also scheduled for 15 laps, but it was stopped after seven laps because of rain and the 15-minute time limit.

Tyler Bush was runner-up, followed by Dean Lowder.

Racing is scheduled to return next Saturday at Bowman Gray Stadium with the featured FOX8 WGHP 100, a 100-lap race in the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series. There will be a full-field draw for starting position. However, the top four qualifiers have the option to automatically go to the back of the field with the chance of winning all or a portion of $9,000 Fans’ Challenge if any or all of the top four qualifying drivers who elect to go to the rear finish in the top four. In addition to the Fans’ Challenge there will be a double-file restart with a cone.

Also on the schedule will be double points in all series, with twin 20-lap races in the McDowell Heating & Air Sportsman Series, a 20-lap race in the Law Offices of John Barrow Street Series, and one or two 15-lap races in the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series. 

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