Brown, Myers Win Wild Races at Bowman Gray

The Thunder Road Grill Twin Fifties always provide plenty of drama in the Brad’s Golf Cars Series, and Saturday night was no different at Bowman Gray Stadium.

Tim Brown won the first 50-lap race, and Burt Myers won the second 50-lap race, which was fitting for the two winningest drivers in the Modified Series. Brown, who is defending and 12-time champion, has won 97 races, and Myers, who has won 10 championships, picked up his 90th win in the second 50-lap race.

Brown qualified fifth, but he drew second after the top six qualifiers drew for position. Brown took the lead from Brandon Ward on lap 33 after he surged ahead on a restart following a caution.

“It’s a good night,” Brown said. “You know, I’m still battling this illness, racing with a heavy heart after losing (long-time crew member) Ronnie (Clifton) this week. You know, a first and fourth in twin 50s — it’s a good night. Just winning is good. Having a top-five in the second race is good. So, it’s a good night.”

With all that’s happened to Brown recently, it’s hard to concentrate on winning races.

“You just have to stay focused for this race team, for my family, for all my fans and all my sponsors. You’ve just got to keep your head down and stay focused and do the job at hand,” he said. “I’ve got a great race team. I’ve got great family support. I’ve got great support from all of our sponsors. You just have to stay focused and do the best you can under the circumstances.”

On the 34th lap, Myers went out of the race and didn’t return until the second race.

There were two more cautions, with the final one on lap 41. Brown controlled the race for the final nine laps, picking up his third win of the season.

Ward was second, followed by Chris Fleming and Junior Snow.

Brown drew 8 in the “Madhouse Scramble” following the first race, which inverted the field there for the start of the second 50-lap race.

Randy Butner sat on the pole for the second race, with Jason Myers next to him.

Butner and Jason Myers were side-by-side on lap 34 just before turn 4. However, they tangled and slid into the guard rail. Lee Jeffreys capitalized on the situation and was able to slide by for the lead.

And in almost a carbon copy of what happened last Saturday when Jeffreys won the 100-lap race, Burt Myers moved up to Lee Jeffreys rear bumper. Jeffreys was holding off the strong nudges from Myers. But unlike the previous week where Jeffreys won, this time Burt Myers had the best of Jeffreys.

Burt Myers kept bump-drafting Jeffreys, finally sliding by with eight laps remaining after a stiff shot from Myers sent Jeffreys spinning.

“I just had to be more aggressive,” Burt Myers said. “The last thing I was trying to do was dump him. But I don’t know what people expect when they’re parking on you in the middle of the corner, and you’re trying to move him and trying to move them. I can’t move you, but you’ve got it locked down not getting in the gas or brake-checking me.

“Lee knows I didn’t mean to dump him. I bumped off the corner and then backed off him, and he went into the infield. I don’t know what people expect out of me.”

Burt Myers started 15th in the second race, so the climb to the lead was quite a feat.

“We started chucking through the field. We drove through the field. I moved everybody in front of me without them spinning out, and Lee spun out,” Burt Myers said. “If he thinks that I did it on purpose I hate it for Lee because I think deep-down he knows better than that.”

Needless to say, Jeffreys had a different take for Burt Myers, the points leader.

“You know, I did slow the pace down a little bit, but we were still getting away from everybody out there,” he said. “And when he first started hitting tonight, I knew that he was going to take me out. But that’s OK.

“You be sure to put this in the print, you can’t win the points in one night, but you sure can lose them. He’s running for the big picture, but that’s what he’s got.”

Burt Myers still had to finish the race. There was a caution with one lap remaining, which set up a green-white checkered finish between Burt Myers and Junior Snow in a single-file lap.

Burt Myers was able to fend off Snow, as well as Jonathan Brown, who has won 25 races at Bowman Gray, but was making his season debut on Saturday. Tim Brown was fourth.

“(Snow) fired. He actually fired first, and I don’t know if he spun or slipped or what happened, but he fired first,” Burt Myers said. “So, it’s not like I jumped him.”

As for picking up his 90th career win, it’s just another number for Burt Myers.

“I’ll be happier when I’ve got 91,” he said. 

It was well worth the wait for the Thunder Road Grill Street Stock 50 in the Law Offices of John Barrow Series, which was actually extended to 51 laps due to caution.

The race was delayed three times over five weeks due to rain postponement.

Christian Joyce fended off Austin Jones on the final lap of the race for his second win of the season.

“When we qualified for the race, we had the best car then, and I tried my best to save it for this race,” Joyce said. “And coming off last week I knocked the whole right-front off it, and sure enough Dylan (Ward) made it even faster.”

Jones finished runner-up, followed by Cale Martin, who is second in points behind Joyce. Donnie Martin was third, and Bryan Sykes, Jr. was fourth.

The final lap of the race was a green-white checkered finish, and just after Joyce scooted across the finish line, Wes Glasoe and Justin Cummings bumped and collided hard with the guardrail. Both drivers were able to get out of the car without injury.

In the first 20-lap race in the McDowell Heating & Air Sportsman Series, Michael Adams started second and then won his fourth race of the season.

Adams had to skirt around Chris Massie, who was in his first race at Bowman Gray. Adams went around Massie by dipping into the infield around turn 1.

“I didn’t know which way he was going to go,” Adams said of Massie. “He’d been staying up high. I went to the bottom, and I saw him coming down. And I tried to go through the grass. I bottomed out. Luckily, we didn’t have anybody to the outside of us, or nobody to get in the back of us. We got lucky on that one.”

There was also a caution on lap 13 and 15, but Adams went on to pick up his 27th win of his career. Sterling Plemmons was runner-up, followed by Chase Robertson, Riley Neal, and Zack Ore.

The second 20-lap Sportsman race had plenty of fireworks, but Tommy Neal persevered and won his second race of the season.

On the eighth of nine cautions of the race, Neal spun Amber Lynn, who had taken the lead on the eighth caution after getting underneath Neal, Riley Neal, and Sterling Plemmons. Tommy Neal returned the favor on the restart and spun Lynn out.

“We had a pretty rough race the first race, and we had to hold the radiator,” Tommy Neal said. “…We started 17th in the back, and it’s hard to come out of here unscathed when you get in the back.”

That brought out the final caution, and on the restart, there was a green-white checkered finish with Tommy Neal, Nate Gregg, and Michael Adams. All three leaders bumped coming around turn 4, but Tommy Neal held on for his 56th win of his career.

Gregg was second, Adams was third, and Plemmons was third. Ore was fifth, and Lynn was sixth.

“I’d like to thank Billy Gregg for letting me borrow a radiator and for Nate driving me clean,” Tommy Neal said. “…I’m getting tired every time I get up under somebody, they always chop me off. So that time I decided I’m going to stay in there. I’m not backing off anymore.”

In the 15-lap race in the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series, Brandon Brendle sat on the pole and led all 15 laps to win the race Saturday night.

Just as the race started, A.J. Sanders, who started second, inched ahead of Brendle, but Brendle edged ahead of him for the lead.

Brendle led until the final lap, but the lone caution flag of the race was waved. It didn’t matter, because on the green-white finish, Brendle won the race for his second win of the season.

“I was paranoid about getting the pole,” Brendle said. “It’s the worst the car has been, but it worked out.”

Sanders was second. Chuck Wall initially finished third but was later disqualified after failing post-race technical inspection.

Next week is the final week before the annual Fourth of July break. Racing will be highlighted by the Market USA Sportsman 100, which is one of the longest races of the season in the McDowell Heating & Air Sportsman Series. There will be a double-file restart with a cone for each restart in the 100-lap race.

There will also be double points in each of the four series next week. The Modifieds will race in twin 25s, the Street Stock races in a 20-lapper, and the Stadium Stock has one or two 15-lap races.

The Midway Mobile Storage Skid Race will take place at the end of the night.

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