Tucker Jones picks up Super National Slingshot victory at Bloomsburg Fair Raceway.rain wipes out reaming features

The Bloomsburg Fair Raceway had just began to roll out the IMCA Modifieds for the start of their feature on Thursday evening when a rain shower swept across the area and dampened the track enough to force officials to postpone the remainder of that race and remaining events to a later date as the curfew was not far off and any attempt to regain the surface would have been too close to the time limit in place.

Prior to that, however, the All Star Slingshots and Jr. Slingshots ran in a combined Super National 20 lap feature and with a season high 22 cars on hand it made for a very thrilling race that was run nonstop and saw Fort Plain, NY driver Tucker Jones score a close verdict over reigning national champ Brett Bieber and current Bloomsburg point leader Andrew Turpin.

At the drop of the race commencing green Turpin took to the lead and looked strong in the early going. Turpin came into the night undefeated after three previous events although he had a full field of competition to deal with for the first time.

Nevertheless he showed his Bloomsburg prowess as he maintained a decent lead ahead of Jones and Bieber who were engaged in a torrid battle for second.

By the halfway mark Turpin had caught the tail end of the pack and as he did it allowed for Jones and Bieber to move in on him. The trio then raced under a blanket with Jones looking for the right opportunity to strike and his chance came on the completion of lap 14 when he dove to the inside of Turpin exiting Turn 4 and grabbed the lead. Bieber would then do the same on the ensuing lap and take hold of second spot.

Over the remaining circuits Jones worked hard to fend off Bieber and go on to collect his first win at Bloomsburg. Turpin crossed the line in third with Dylan Hahn and James Benz rounding out the top five.

Chase Schott of Lebanon was the Jr. Slingshot winner. Schott started third and then ran in the top five through the early laps before setting for ninth overall. This was his second Bloomsburg Jr. Slingshot win and his second in as many nights as he won at Championship Energy Action Track USA at the Kutztown Fairgrounds on Wednesday.

            Heat races went to Briggs Danner in the All-Pro SpeedSTRs, Matt Yoder and Paulie Hartwig III in the 602 Crate Sportsman Modifieds, David Stremme and Eddie Sites with the IMCA Modifieds while in the ARDC Midgets it was Kenney Johnson.

            Those features will be worked into the schedule at suitable times and dates.


All Star Slingshots Super National feature finish (20 laps): 1. Tucker Jones, 2. Brett Bieber, 3. Andrew Turpin, 4. Dylan Hahn, 5. James Benz, 6. Tyler Ulsh, 7. Brayden Morrison, 8. Charlene Benz, 9. Chase Schott, 10. Austin Kroboth, 11. Brianna Snyder, 12. Lucas Pittenger, 13. Christopher Tittle, 14. Dylan Starr, 15. Bodie Marks, 16. Trevor Houghton, 17. Jocelynn Darinsig, 18. Daniel Betz, 19. Mason Pittenger, 20. Christopher Buffalino, 21. Patrick Weiss, 22. Garrett Chillot

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