Update to Stafford Speedway June 17th SK Modified Feature Results

Following post race technical inspection #85 SK Modified® – Bryan Narducci, has been removed from the June 17th finishing order due to a violation of rule 20E – 10.4 Section F – Transmission. See below violation in red. June 17th results and points have been updated to reflect the disqualification.

20E- 10.4 TRANSMISSION- The GM OEM production stock 3 or 4 speed transmission (top loader not permitted), Richmond two speed transmission (see approved part numbers below), or the Jerico 2SP (see approved part numbers below) transmission must be used.
A. All transmissions must have a constant engagement of the input shaft with gear and countershaft with cluster gears.
B. High gear must have a ratio of 1 to 1 and no other gear may have a ratio higher than 1.20 to 1.
C. The shifter and all of its components must be aluminum or steel.
D. Five-speed transmissions, with gears removed are not permitted. Quick change transmissions are not permitted.
E. Automatic or semi-automatic transmissions are not permitted.
F. Machining or lightening of any internal rotating or non-rotating parts including gears, shafts, and case are not permitted. Gun drilled transmission shafts are not permitted. Welding on any internal part is not permitted. Lightweight parts, machining, coatings, or special bearing upgrades are not permitted.

SK MODIFIED® (40) – Revised June 17, 2022 Feature Results

1) Cory DiMatteo, Farmington

2) Ronnie Williams, Tolland

3) Marcello Rufrano, North Haven

4) Stephen Kopcik, Newtown

5) Todd Owen, Somers

6) Keith Rocco, Berlin

7) Michael Christopher, Jr., Wolcott

8) Tyler Hines, North Haven

9) Andrew Molleur, Shelton

10) David Arute, Stafford Springs

11) Jon Puleo, Branford

12) Dan Wesson, Monson, MA

13) Teddy Hodgdon, Danbury

14) Anthony Bello, Newtown

15) Troy Talman, Oxford, MA

16) Dylan Kopec, East Longmeadow, MA

17) Curt Brainard, Canton

18) Mikey Flynn, Hampden, MA

19) Wesley Prucker, Staffor

20) Doug Meservey, Jr., Dennisport, MA

21) John Montesanto, North Branford

22) Tyler Jones, New Milford

23) Michael Gervais, Jr., Wolcott

24) Chris Jones, New Milford

25) Noah Korner, Avon

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