Mitchel Moles Wins Super 600 Finale for Dual at Delta Championship

Raisin City’s Mitchel Moles finished out the Hoosier Tire Dual at Delta Speedway on Sunday night with the Super 600 feature win and the $1,000 weekend championship, joining three other drivers as champions of the two-night Micro Sprint event in Stockton. Main events and championships were awarded across Super 600, Non-Wing, Restricted, and Jr. Sprints.
The Super 600 feature began with Nate Matherly leading lap one over Raio Salmon. Micro Sprint Mart $50 fast-timer Cody Key of Fresno slammed the backstretch wall on the second lap but kept going, battling with Moles and Mariah Ede for fourth. Key then drifted backwards outside the top-five, then slowed with a flat right rear tire for a yellow flag on lap seven.
Moles drove past Ede for fourth on the restart. Moles then passed Logan Trevino of Madera on lap 12 for third. The run through the pack continued with Moles getting past Salmon for second on lap 19. An exciting race for the lead developed in lapped traffic with six to go. Moles went three-wide on the front stretch in traffic on lap 25, taking the lead on the inside. The decisive maneuver gave Moles the win and the championship, making for an over $2,000 weekend for the driver across Super 600 and Non-Wing. Matherly, Salmon, Trevino, and Saturday winner Nikko Panella of Stockton. Panella won the Tarlton & Son Hard Charger worth $100.
Caden Sarale added to this bid for the 2021 Non-Wing track championship with a win in Sunday’s action worth $500. Robbie Lewis and Sarale raced side-by-side down the backstretch on the opening lap. Sarale slid up against Lewis in turn four but Lewis beat him by a nose to lead lap one. Fresno’s Mattix Salmon spun in turn three for a caution on lap three. Dan Mognaga of Valley Springs dove inside for second on the restart but couldn’t complete the pass.
Saturday night winner Tj Smith of Fresno spun on the front stretch up against the wall and was narrowly missed by the pack before the caution flew. Sarale crossed over Lewis to take the lead on lap four on the restart with Mognaga driving past Lewis for second as well.
Sarale approached traffic on lap 14 while enjoying a straightaway advantage over Mognaga. Ashton Torgerson of Medford, Ore. stopped in turn two for a caution on lap 19.
Battling developed for fourth on the restart while the top-three ran on the top for the closing laps. Sarale topped Mognaga, Lewis, Austin Torgerson of Medford, Ore., and Jeffrey Pahule, Jr. of Brentwood for the $500 triumph. Austin Torgerson earned the $1000 Hoosier Tire Dual at Delta championship while the $100 Tarlton & Son Hard Charger for Sunday night went to Fresno’s Reiliee Phillips for advancing nine positions in the main event.
Jett Barnes completed a sweep of Restricted for another $300 win and the $750 championship for the weekend. Teagan Moles of Raisin City led the opening lap of competition over 2020 Jr. Sprint runner-up Kyle Fernandez. Jett Barnes passed Fernandez for second exiting turn two on lap two. Barnes immediately closed on Moles for the lead while Micro Sprint Mart $50 fast-timer Isabel Barnes of Brentwood worked the high line trying to overcome an eighth starting position after the invert.
Kellan Harper of Pleasanton spun out of turn four for the first caution on lap 12. Jett Barnes snookered Moles with a narrow pass on the inside for the lead on the restart. Barnes accumulated a sizeable lead but it was nullified by Harper spinning into turn three on lap 19. Cash Lovenburg of Visalia spun in turn one of the next caution on lap 20. Isabel Barnes drove to third on the following restart. Jett Barnes, Moles, Isabel Barnes, Fernandez, and Andrew Smith of Castro Valley were the top-five finishers. Jett Barnes won $750 for the weekend championship while Isabel Barnes won the hard charger for $100 courtesy of Tarlton & Son.
Jr. Sprints points leader Brody Rubio of Manteca earned his sixth feature win of the year worth $200. Rubio led all 20-laps of the feature. After a few attempts at getting the start underway, the only caution fell on lap four. Lapped traffic reared its head on lap 16 which allowed Saturday night winner Hayden Stepps of Oakdale to close in on Rubio. Rubio persevered for the win over Stepps, Braxon Vasconcellos, Blayden Graham of Bakersfield, and Millbrae’s Levi Osborne. Stepps claimed the $400 weekend championship by just four markers for a $715 weekend for the young driver. The Hard Charger in the feature went to Bradley Anderson for the second consecutive night.
Delta Speedway presented by Financial Center Credit Union hosts its next championship points race on Wednesday September 15!
The 2021 Hoosier Tire Dual at Delta was supported by Elk Grove Ford, Southern Pacific Farms, Roseville Precision, Tarlton & Son, Driven Performance, Micro Sprint Mart, 22 Metal Works, Ten-J Chassis, Trophy City, Borden’s Auto Parts, Kimo’s Car Wash, NorCal Builders, DTF Performance & Speed, and Forbidden Motorsports.
Delta Speedway Stockton thanks Financial Center Credit Union, Interstate Truck Center, Lovotti Air, 22 Metal Works, Van De Pol Petroleum, Kludt Oil, Starr Property Management, Solari’s Backhoe Service, PMP Chassis, Genova Bakery, Hoosier Tire, and Performance Electronics for their support of the 2021 season.
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September 5, 2021 Hoosier Tire Dual at Delta Night #2
SUPER 600 (30 LAPS)
1. 13-Mitchel Moles[5]; 2. 19-Nate Matherly[1]; 3. 21-Raio Salmon[2]; 4. 7T-Logan Trevino[3]; 5. 73-Nikko Panella[12]; 6. 5-Mattix Salmon[9]; 7. 24-Caden Sarale[15]; 8. 121-Caeden Steele[10]; 9. 02-Ashton Torgerson[8]; 10. 14E-Mariah Ede[4]; 11. 21G-Gauge Garcia[16]; 12. 44X-Jeffery Pahule[14]; 13. 2-Hailey Wood[7]; 14. 67-JJ Loss[11]; 15. 88C-Dominic Carter[17]; 16. 17-Caden Stoll[19]; 17. 20-James Andrichuk[18]; 18. 10J-Dominic Gorden[13]; 19. 3-Cole Schroeder[20]; 20. 15-Cody Key[6]
1. 32-Caden Sarale[3]; 2. 22M-Dan Mognaga[4]; 3. 85-Robbie Lewis[1]; 4. 88-Austin Torgerson[6]; 5. 44X-Jeffery Pahule[2]; 6. 83V-Tim Vaught[10]; 7. 29-Austin Stone[15]; 8. 67-JJ Loss[9]; 9. 22E-Evan Dixon[14]; 10. 44T-Austin Taborski[16]; 11. 14E-Mariah Ede[11]; 12. 10J-Dominic Gorden[20]; 13. 88R-Reilee Phillips[22]; 14. 66X-Broedy Graham[17]; 15. 5-Mattix Salmon[5]; 16. 83K-Colin Kirby[12]; 17. 28-Jake Smith[13]; 18. 13D-Drew Laeber[19]; 19. 02-Ashton Torgerson[8]; 20. 55-Brandon Carey[18]; 21. 36Z-Devin Osanna[21]; 22. 8G-TJ Smith[7]
1. 55-Jett Barnes[4]; 2. 4-Teagan Moles[2]; 3. 30-Isabel Barnes[8]; 4. 77K-Kyle Fernandez[1]; 5. 33-Andrew Smith[6]; 6. 33G-Caden Gotelli[3]; 7. 2A-Austin Wood[7]; 8. 2-Taylor Mayhew[9]; 9. 84-Deegan Irey[11]; 10. 7J-Lucas Johnson[15]; 11. 63-Colton Key[14]; 12. 14G-Madelyn Gjerness[10]; 13. 55X-Lucas Mauldin[13]; 14. 76-Triton OBrien[12]; 15. 29V-Vito Celli `[20]; 16. 21-Cash Lovenburg[5]; 17. 55J-Jayden Huppert[19]; 18. 7K-Kennzzie Brown[18]; 19. 5-Kellan Harper[17]; 20. 95-Nathan Ward[16]
1. 25R-Brody Rubio[1]; 2. 98-Hayden Stepps[2]; 3. 13V-Braxon Vasconcellos[3]; 4. 66B-Blayden Graham[6]; 5. 9J-Levi Osborne[4]; 6. 75-Josiah Vega[10]; 7. 96-Briggs Davis[5]; 8. V5-Vito Cancilla[7]; 9. 25A-Bradley Anderson[14]; 10. 99-McKenna Morgan[8]; 11. 10D-Dean Skrifvars[12]; 12. 24N-Nathan Fernandez[11]; 13. 38J-Jackson Tardiff[9]; 14. 55X-Maya Mauldin[13] 

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