ARC & Larkin Night at the Races

Breaking into the month of September and as the fall season nears, racing at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway continues. Thankful in avoiding the path of Hurricane Dorian being spared of all its might, six race divisions were geared up for action in this week’s schedule. Cycle City Corp Bandoleros and Legends series were on tap along with twin feature races from the Pepsi Grand Stocks. Taking the .398 mile oval were the Harris Truck Shop Super Trucks, Bojangles UCar’s and capping off the seven race feature evening were the Taylor Waste Services Late Models. On behalf of Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway, our thoughts and prayers for the Bahamas and everyone impacted by Hurricane Dorian. Here’s the recap of the action and who stood tall in Victory Lane.

Cycle City Corp Bandoleros 15 Laps: Jacob Derrick sported the fast lap to claim the series pole at 20.865 seconds. Earning a share of the front row was Ryley Music starting in the second position. The green flag waved and coming around to lead lap one was Jacob Derrick. Aaliyah Paynter would pick up a spot showing second as Ryley Music would ride third. All single file, the early laps showed little movement at the front. Everyone at this point content with their spots on the track as the halfway came and went. With laps running out, the three car tandem of Derrick, Paynter and Music started to show some moves. Music would give Paynter a run underneath but Paynter holds off the charge. But for the leader Jacob Derrick, he would lead the final lap and cross the stripe first. Margin of victory 0.194 seconds as Derrick had these words from Victory Lane. “I’d like to thank my grandma, my grandpa, randy Akers, Rita Akers, Gene Nichols and everyone who helps with this car”.

Race Results:

  1. #8 Jacob Derrick; 15
  2. #14 Aaliyah Paynter; 15
  3. #47 Ryley Music; 15
  4. #8M Aiden Millette; 15

Pepsi Grand Stocks Twin 25’s: Tim Wilson was back on pole in Grand Stock qualifying showcasing the fast lap at 17.945 seconds. Brandon Hinson picked up his spot starting second as Paul Lubno, Michael Waters and Dale Nichols were qualifying’s best. With the green shown to the grid, emerging out of turn two with the early lead was Tim Wilson. Of that first lap, the pole sitter had mounted up a four car length lead and was on a tear early on. On back watching it all was Paul Lubno then it was Brandon Hinson, Michael Waters and Dale Nichols. Laps later and the leaders race lead was now ten lengths as it became obvious that Tim Wilson wanted to drive away from any challenge. Halfway in the race, Wilson continued to show the way as all Paul Lubno could do at this point was hope for a caution. The race leader would soon encounter slower traffic but that would not slow down the pace but the spin of JR Smith sure did. Restart to the race and its Wilson back in the gas as Lubno clings to his rear bumper. Wilson gets the better drive off turn two to maintain the lead but then another caution on the backstretch as both Michael Waters and Dale Nichols battled for position. After a series of cautions, Tim Wilson once again holds off Lubno’s advances as Kevin Morgan joins in the fray. But Tim Wilson would prove to be too much and goes on to win the first Grand Stock feature by 0.602 seconds. Tim Wilson from Victory Lane, “When you get away and you get a caution your screaming in the car there. I gotta thank a couple of guys, my crew for one, then guys work hard especially Tracey. Our tires got screwed up, he got them back in order and this thing was a bullet tonight.

In the Grand Stock second feature, the NASCAR mandatory eight car invert would be applied to the grid handing Amanda Satterly the race pole. Sharing the front row when the green flag waved was JR Smith and with the wave, the field drove into turn one. Pole sitter Amanda Satterly would get gobbled up as she was unable to get going. JR Smith taking advantage would come around to lead lap one. But then a big wreck in turn two as Michael Waters and Dale Nichols were involved bringing out the early caution. Back to the green, this time Kevin Morgan takes a turn at the lead and coming through to harass Morgan would be Tim Wilson. But before that battle came together, JR Smith goes around for the second caution period. Green flag was once again on display and being black flagged was the race leader Kevin Morgan for jumping the start line. But then Michael Waters comes to a stop in turn three for the third race caution. Green flag racing was back on the track and so far, it’s been eventful as Dale Nicohls takes a turn at the lead but not long before Tim Wilson claims the top spot and looking to sweep the night. Paul Lubno would follow Wilson through to second as Dale Nichols, JR Smith and Kevin Morgan were the top five. Halfway point saw Tim Wilson once again on rails sporting up a five car length lead as Lubno tried to maintain pace. The race however would go the rest of the way green and going on to win both Grand Stock races would be Tim Wilson by 1.499 seconds. Wilson shared his thoughts from Victory Lane, “This old car likes these twins, boy this points championship sure is getting tough. Its Paul or me, he’s a hell of a competitor, he aint giving up and neither am I. Were gonna battle for this last one, it’s going to be great”.


Race Results #1:

  1. #17 Tim Wilson; 25
  2. #14 Paul Lubno; 25
  3. #1 Kevin Morgan; 25
  4. #2 Michael Waters; 25
  5. #8 Dale Nichols; 25
  6. #29H Brandon Hinson; 25
  7. #71 JR Smith; 25
  8. #51 Amanda Satterly; 25

Race Results #2:

  1. #17 Tim Wilson; 25
  2. #14 Paul Lubno; 25
  3. #8 Dale Nichols; 25
  4. #71 JR Smith; 25
  5. #51 Amanda Satterly; 24
  6. #1 Kevin Morgan; 18
  7. #2 Michael Waters; 3

Cycle City Corp Legends 25 Laps: Spencer Saunders collected the Legends series pole setting the field with a lap at 18.192 seconds. Ryan Matthews was near equal to the task just nineteen thousandths of a second off the pole time. Claiming spots three through five on the grid were Colby Flowers, Chris Hammett and Tucker Jones. As the green flag waved, pole sitter Saunders showed the grid around the .398 mile oval to lead lap one. But just as soon as the field began to sort itself out, Chris Hammett goes around to bring out the caution. Back to the green, the pole sitter controlled the start and would hold off the charge of Ryan Matthews to continue to lead. Then it was Matthews quickly getting in the line of the race leader as Colby Flowers, Tucker Jones and Carter Wood were the early top five. Laps later, the race leader began to flex a bit of muscle that created his six car length lead as Matthews continued to chase. Flowers would do a good job keeping up with the leaders but as the halfway showed on the board, Spencer Saunders was pulling away. Late stages of the feature, second place Ryan Matthews showed good speed but it was Spencer Saunders that had just a bit more and would go on to win the Legends series feature. Margin of victory was 2.428 seconds as Saunders spoke in Victory Lane. “Yeah, by far the easiest one of the season, just so happens to be the last race at Langley for the year. Came out and won it, the focus now turns to the nationals, man, glad to get it done how about that. Four wins here this year, that’s crazy and awesome”.

Race Results:

  1. #7 Spencer Saunders; 25
  2. #51 Ryan Matthews; 25
  3. #33 Colby Flowers; 25
  4. #14J Tucker Jones; 25
  5. #6 Chris Hammett; 25
  6. #31 Carter Wood; 25
  7. #51W Bradley Wilson; 24
  8. #27 David Steele; 24
  9. #4 Chris Hayes; 24

Harris Truck Shop Super Trucks 25 Laps: In the Super Truck series, Rick Poust was once again back on the pole with a lap at 19.109 seconds. Chase McAdams in a hot rod of his own nabbed up the second starting position as Keith Wheeler, Shannon Lester and Donald Brown were the series best in qualifying. Flagman Shane Snyder showed the field the green flag and leading the first circuit would be outside row one starter Chase McAdams. Pole sitter Rick Poust would settle in on second as Keith Wheeler, Shannon Lester and Donald Brown were the early top five. Laps later, Brown would work around Lester for fourth but at the front, Poust continued to run down McAdams. The race soon experienced its first caution when Donald Brown goes around to bring out the caution. Back to the green and right back to the caution as race leader Chase McAdams and Keith Wheeler get together. McAdams was then black flagged for his part and would start in the rear for the next restart. Handing over the race lead back to Rick Poust, the green flag waved and with all the race drama, Ryan Huff found himself running second looking poised to run down the leader Rick Poust. Watching McAdams come through the field, not long before he would occupy the third spot but the distance needed to catch the leaders. McAdams would likely need a caution. At the front of the field, its Poust the leader and Huff who wanted it continued to search for a line that would catch the leader. Late stages of the race, Ryan Huff needed a caution himself as Poust had his machine on point. But the caution needed never came as Rick Poust wins by 1.210 seconds. Rick Poust with words to say about his race win, “My dad, yet again, you guys need a crew chief that’s the man to talk to. He spends hours upon hours reading, studying and doing everything he can to get a good set up underneath of me”.

Race Results:

  1. #9 Rick Poust; 25
  2. #3 Ryan Huff; 25
  3. #2M Chase McAdams; 25
  4. #05 Donald Brown; 25
  5. #27 Keith Wheeler; 25
  6. #65 Shannon Lester; 25
  7. #2 Chris Munger; 25
  8. #38 Paige Caine; 25
  9. #66 Wayne Lyon; 24

Bojangles UCars 25 Laps: Mike Farley had the speed to take the series pole in UCar qualifying. The lap that set the grid was clocked in at 19.277 seconds as Mike Chapman claimed the second starting spot in row one. With the green on full display, the UCar participants came to life and the early leader would be Mike Chapman from the second starting position. Pole sitter Mike Farley who seemed to be slow to the throttle would settle in second as Michael Waters, Austin Davis and Ronnie Vance were all fast in the early laps of the feature. But then troubles for the race leader Chapman as he falls off the pace and surrenders the lead to Mike Farley. Coming through as well was Waters who looked poised to challenge for the lead. Davis would climb his way to third as Vance looked to battle for the position. But at the front and just pass the halfway, for now, Farley would keep Waters in his rear view mirror. Laps later in the long green flag run, Ronnie Vance would take third from Austin Davis as action at the front began to heat up. Waters would collapse the three car length lead of race leader Farley but then the leader seemed to have matted his hot rod to the floor and left Waters behind. Mike Farley goes on to win the UCar division feature by 0.795 seconds, Farley with words in Victory Lane. “There was not a worry free lap that whole race, this is the kind of race I wanted to win where you really have to go for it. Michael Chapman challenged me big time on that start, I thought that I gave it my all. That was a lot of fun racing door to door and it was really clean”.

Race Results:

  1. #11 Mike Farley; 25
  2. #36W Michael Waters; 25
  3. #32V Ronnie Vance; 25
  4. #3 Austin Davis; 25
  5. #33 Casey Bristow; 25
  6. #2C Christian Keller; 24
  7. #4B Tyler Borden; 23
  8. #58 Mike Chapman; 6

Taylor Waste Services Late Models 100 Laps: Connor Hall was back on pole highlighting his fast lap at 15.948 seconds. The lap denied Greg Edwards of the pole by a mere two thousandths of a second and obviously starting second. Danny Edwards, Casey Wyatt and Brenden Queen were the five fastest in the afternoon speed fest. With the green shown, one hundred laps around Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway would decide the race. Leading the first lap was the pole sitter Connor Hall as Greg Edwards tucked in on second. Danny Edwards would show third as Brenden Queen and Casey Wyatt battled for fourth. Laps later, Wyatt gets the spot but back up front, Greg Edwards gets to the bumper of the race leader to let him know he can. Laps later, Connor Hall the race leader would soon amount a car length on Greg Edwards but right back Edwards gets to the bumper. As the battle for the lead shapes up, Danny Edwards waits just right behind his brother should anything happen. Battle for the lead is on as Hall and Greg Edwards go side by side. The race leader Connor Hall was not willing to concede but finally gives way as Greg Edwards takes the race lead. Coming through as well was Danny Edwards to second leaving Connor Hall likely frustrated in third. Soon after, the race leaders would encounter slower race traffic as the best battle on the track was once again between Casey Wyatt and Brenden Queen for fourth. Just before the halfway, Mark Wertz would make his way into the top five who soon set his sights on fourth place Casey Wyatt. But the racing at the front continued to see Greg and Danny Edwards as one and two on the grid. Halfway in the race and just like that, Greg Edwards began to put car lengths in between himself and brother Danny Edwards. Battle for fourth heated up when Mark Wertz would work underneath of Wyatt but Wyatt using the momentum of the high line held off Wertz for now. Then on lap seventy eight, the races first caution when Zach Lightfoot goes around as did Casey Wyatt to bring out the caution. Back to the green, Greg Edwards with the better jump would continue to lead. Danny Edwards would hold on to second as Connor Hall was third, Justin Carroll fourth and Brenden Queen fifth. The race soon was halted for the second time when Zach Lightfoot and Rodney Boyd would get together. With fifteen laps to go, the green flag waves and Greg Edwards is once again on point. But lots of shuffling for position on back as Brenden Queen goes to second, Justin Carroll to third and a waiting Danny Edwards in fourth. The third caution waved when Justin Carroll and Danny Edwards came in contact battling for position. Back to the green and from the outside, Brenden Queen would lead in a side by side battle with Greg Edwards. Suddenly, Queen would slip in the center of turns one and two and it would be all that Greg Edwards needed to soon secure the point. From there, Edwards goes on to win by 0.576 seconds in a Late Model thriller. Greg Edwards from Victory Lane, “That outside line was the preferred grove, once I saw Connor have problems, I said that I couldn’t take any chances here. Definitely the top grove was the best as there was not much grip on the bottom, I was lucky to bring it home in one piece. The track was really slick tonight, it was slick for everybody but this car is just so balanced right now”.

Unofficial Race Results:

  1. #21 Greg Edwards; 100
  2. #03 Brenden Queen; 100
  3. #90 Terry Carroll; 100
  4. #88 Thomas Marks; 100
  5. #77 Connor Hall; 100
  6. #7 Zach Lightfoot; 100
  7. #91 Justin Carroll; 100
  8. #7H Michael Hardin; 100
  9. #29 Casey Wyatt; 100
  10. #9 Rodney Boyd; 100
  11. #89 Craig Eastep; 99
  12. #26 Danny Edwards; 91
  13. #4 Duane Shreeves; 85
  14. #55 Mark Wertz; 81
  15. #10 Maddy Mulligan; 43

Note: At the time of publication, Late Model results were unofficial pending completion of post race tech. Should any changes to the finishing order be made once results go official, an update will be forthcoming and communicated as soon as possible.

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