Roller-Coaster Ride for Brown and Bohn at Bowman Gray

13 Aug 2017
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Roller-Coaster Ride for Brown and Bohn at Bowman Gray Eric Hylton Photography

Races can change in an instant at Bowman Gray Stadium, and it may only take a few laps to bring a driver’s night crashing down or his morale soaring high.

Tim Brown of Tobaccoville started off his night with high hopes. After the top six qualifiers redrew for position, Brown drew the pole for his start with Jason Myers of Walnut Cove on the outside.

The two battled fiercely for the lead as the green flag fell in the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series 50-lapper. Myers was unable to claim the lead with the initial drag race into turn one and tried to power ahead in the outside row. Brown was able to keep him on the outside, but a wreck on the first lap brought out the caution. Myers was slightly ahead of Brown at the time, awarding him the lead even though he was on the outside row.

With a string of cautions coming early in the race, Brown had ample opportunity to try and reclaim the lead during a double-file restart. For four straight restarts, Brown took to the outside in an attempt to overtake Jason Myers. Brown was unable to do so, but his car looked stout enough to pressure Myers strongly.

On lap 13, Brown gave a strong tap to the rear bumper of Myers, causing Myers to lose control. Unfortunately, Tim Brown was caught up as well and lost momentum. Jonathan Brown of Winston-Salem moved into the lead with Danny Bohn of Huntersville right on his tail.

Jonathan Brown and Bohn then put on a show, trading the lead back and forth until Bohn emerged victorious. “I kinda messed up in qualifying there and qualified 13th, and I thought really the night was over,” said Bohn.

“Got up to second there and me and Jonathan had a real good race together. I gave him a shot getting into one there, but I wasn’t trying to spin him out,” said Bohn. “He slid up the track. It was really a picture-perfect crossover move. I didn’t spin him out, and he just slid up enough for me to get underneath him - and we drag raced down the back stretch.”

Jonathan Brown was caught up in a collision soon after, dropping him back to 10th. Jason Myers went on to take second

After Bohn’s rise from the back to the front, it seemed fitting that the “Madhouse Scramble” put Jonathan Brown on the pole for the start of the second race. And in short order, Tim Brown was up on his bumper and challenging for the lead.

Tim Brown shot out into the lead past Jonathan Brown on the second restart and never looked back. He went on to take the checkered – although it was a bittersweet moment after his fate in the first Modified race. “We’ve got to do whatever we can to catch that 1 car [of points lead Burt Myers]. He’s bad fast. I just got to work harder. The team’s got to work harder. We got to do better,” said Brown.

In the Texas Steak & Tap House Sportsman Series, Zack Clifton of Walkertown held off Derek Stoltz of Walkertown to take the checkered in the first race. John Holleman of Winston-Salem battled forward to win the second race.

Spencer Martin of Winston-Salem won in the Q104.1 New Country Street Stock Series, with A.J. Sanders of Mocksville and David Creed of Winston-Salem each bringing home victory in the Law Offices of John Barrow Stadium Stock Series.

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