Pocono Raceway Executive Honored By U.S. Air Force

Air Force Recruiting Squadron (314th RCS) recently held its annual training conference at the Resorts Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, NJ.  This year’s annual event was jammed packed with innovative training workshops, command key speakers and awards presentations. A special award was presented to Bob Pallo, Pocono Raceway Vice-President, for his efforts in bringing together two great organizations… the U.S Air Force and Pocono Raceway.   Lt. Col. Ricardo Trimillos, the 314th RCS Commander, bestowed the title of “Honorary Commander” of the 314th RCS upon Mr. Pallo.

Pallo graciously accepted the commander’s offer.  In an emotional speech addressing over 80 uniformed men and women, Pallo said, “I accept this on your behalf and in your honor.”  The great respect between two powerful organizations was amplified and united.

Bob Pallo has seen continued growth at Pocono Raceway since his arrival in 1979.  Pocono Raceway’s annual NASCAR Sprint Cup Series events have grown to become two of the largest spectator sporting events in the state of Pennsylvania. Race fans from across the nation flock to Pocono Raceway to view these exciting spectacles. They stay in area hotels, eat at local restaurants, shop nearby stores and contribute mightily to the economy of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Pallo has played a leading role in the success of Pocono Raceway and will continue to do so in the future.

The immense and culturally diverse crowd attending a Pocono NASCAR event lends itself to the recruiting command’s concepts of the broadest landscape and creates a unique recruiting opportunity for the Air Force.

Pallo has forged an irreplaceable bond with the members of the 314th RCS Eagles.  He has partnered with their booster club and created the opportunity for unit members to volunteer time working various booths throughout the raceway. The booster club retains a portion of the proceeds and those proceeds contribute to 75% of the booster club’s annual operating budget.

By indoctrinating Bob Pallo into the Air Force culture, Lt Col Trimillos has capitalized on a lucrative future venture with Pocono Raceway.  The combined outputs of these two great organizations are certain to yield winning results for both the U.S. Air Force and Pocono Raceway.

Pocono Raceway PR