Warren and Two Browns Earn ‘March Enduro Madness’ Victories at Evergreen Raceway

“That’s a good problem to have” is an old repeated phrase in motorsports in regards to high car counts. Of course it’s not a bad problem to have in racing, especially nowadays and that phrase was said repeatedly Saturday at Evergreen Raceway when a record 127 Four Cylinder cars took the green flag in the 100-lap ‘March Enduro Madness’ Enduro. In what was a thrilling and entertaining show for the fans, drivers battled hard for the win and when it was all said and done, Joe Warren of Long Island, NY came away with the checkers. For the second straight time in 2016 and also from Long Island, Ed Brown, Jr. took top honors in the 100-lap 6/8-Cylinder Enduro and following a discussion about a tire rule that didn’t make it onto the official Open Competition rules on the track website, both Brad Brown and Scott Adams were deemed the official winners of the 30-lap event.

With the pits totally full of cars and with some drivers actually pitting in the Spectator parking lot, Steve Tito led the four wide starting Four Cylinder field to the drop of the green flag. However, Jake Kibler Warren grabbed the lead and led the first lap.

Joe Warren took his shot at the lead near lap 19, as many cars began to drop out of the show. The carnage was exceptional.

Two of the worst red flags took place after each other. The first was on lap 53 when third place runner, Mark Hammer (Spencer), rolled his car in turn two. Luckily, he was uninjured and was able to refire the car and rejoin the race before breaking an axle and calling it a day. Just five laps later, Jon Fultz of Massachusetts went on his lid in turn four. Thankfully, he was not injured either and after a solid run, was forced to retire from the show.

With a lap advantage over second, Warren pitted under the red flag and then rejoined the race. The changes of events gave the lead to Wes Kellison and then Luke Colleran took his turn as the leader.

It appeared that Colleran had the field covered for his second victory this season but that all changed when Warren mounted a charge on the leader and regained the top spot with eight laps remaining. Colleran settled for second, followed by TJ Gursky, John Banashefski and Sam Rial.

Tito led the 6/8-Cylinder Enduro field to the drop of the green flag and was overtaken by TJ Kapish to lead lap one. Just three laps later, Kapish lost the lead to Anthony Pizzo and Harry O’Neill climbed to second.

Just five laps in, Gerry Creveling spun in turns one and two, which collected Kapish, Tito and Scott Sipe. Unfortunately, it ended the day for most of the drivers.

O’Neill took his turn with the lead shortly after and then Matt Guadagno went to the point to lead a number of laps. Just past halfway, Ed Brown, Jr. grabbed the top spot and never looked back, as he took his second win of the season over Pizzo, Woot Lawrence, Steve Brooks and Chad Steward.

A mix of many types of cars, including Four Cylinders, Factory Stocks, 6/8-Cylinder Enduros and even a Late Model took the green flag for the 30-lap Open Competition show.

O’Neill led early over Scott Adams but as laps clicked by, Brown and his Late Model advance. Brown overtook O’Neill for the lead on lap 16 and cruised to the checkers. However, Adams was announced as the race winner because Brown did not run on DOT tires.

Prior to the show a DOT tire rule was added on the track’s Facebook page but not updated in the official rules on the track website. Once that was realized, both Adams and Brown were paid equally as the winners of the event.

Jerry Koenig finished in the third spot, followed by Guadagno and Tim O’Sheehan.

Through the help of generous people and sponsors for the event, the top 15 cars in the 4-Cylinder and 6/8-Cylinder divisions received a payout. Moyer Racing contributed to the show with generosity, in loving memory of former Factory Stock champion, Mike Moyer, Jr.

The next event for Evergreen Raceway is slated for Sunday, March 20. Named ‘Four Banger Sunday’, the regular Four Cylinder division will take to the track for a regular non-points show and the INEX Legends and Bandoleros will also be in action. The INEX divisions will receive INEX points (not track points). All of the action is set to kick off with heat races at 2 PM. Grandstand admission is set at $7. Children 10 years of age and younger will be admitted for free.

More information regarding Evergreen Raceway can be viewed by visiting www.evergreenracewaypark.com. Please like their Facebook page as well. 

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