Craig & Barnes Claim Battle of Broadway presented by Tootsie’s Victories

Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway came back alive on Thursday night, June 27 with the inaugural running of the Battle of Broadway 150 presented by Tootsie’s. The event featured the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Pro Late Models along with the Street Stocks running on the high-banked 5/8-mile oval.

During the afternoon qualifying runs, Lebanon, TN’s teenage sensation Dawson Sutton (Pro Late Models) and Louisville, KY’s racing veteran Chuck Barnes, Jr. (Street Stocks) set fast time in their respective divisions. The Street Stocks saw an invert of four, putting Barnes in the 4th starting spot, while the top eight did a redraw for the Pro Late Models.

Chase Johnson and Trey Craig brought the field of JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Pro Late Models to the green for the Battle of Broadway 150 presented by Tootsie’s. Johnson took the lead at the green with Craig falling into line behind him. Over the early laps, the duo pulled away as NASCAR driver Ross Chastain moved into third spot.

On lap 42, two-time track champion, Cole Williams, started his trek forward, shooting by to the inside of Chastain for the third spot. On the following 18 laps, Williams closed the gap on the top two and Craig race by Johnson for the first lead change of the race on lap 61 as Williams trailed. A competition yellow took place on lap 62, slowing the pace after a 50-lap green flag run.

Following the comp yellow, Craig resumed in control of the race, pulling out to a several car length lead but the driver on the move was the #5 of Brett Robinson from New Albany, IN. Robinson moved from 6th on lap 71 to 4th on lap 72, then to 3rd one lap later. On lap 95, Robinson shot past Williams to take second. For 15 laps, Robinson started closing the gap on the leader before Craig again started to stretch his lead.

Another 50-lap run took the race to lap 122 for a second competition yellow, giving teams the chance to come to pit road for a final time to take fuel and right side tires for the final shootout to the checkered.

The racing over the final 20 laps was crazy intense. Chastain, Deuser, Berry, and Williams were all mixing it up but as they did, Craig, Robinson, and Deuser were pulling away. Deuser was able to run down second place Robinson and started to challenge with ten to go but was never ever able to get by.

The race went green for the final 23 laps, which was great news for Craig as he had a sizable lead built up. At the checkered, the Louisville, KY driver claimed his first Nashville win of the season by 1.217 seconds over Robinson, Deuser, Chastain, and Berry. Williams, Dawson Sutton, Bennie Hamlett, Austin Wilson, and George Phillips completed the top ten.

In the 30-lap Street Stock feature event, Dillon Oliver raced out to the early lead as Barnes was working quickly from his fourth starting spot. On lap six, Barnes raced by Oliver to take over the number one position. Over the final 24 laps, Barnes kept several car length advantage and eventually took the win by 2.063 seconds.

Following Barnes to the win were Oliver, Gus Moody, Michael Pannell, and Bubba Winslow. Travis Arms, Joshua Pierce, Phillip McCord, Michael Tucker, and Wesley Pierce finished off the top ten.


JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Pro Late Models


A Feature 1 (150 Laps): 1. 15-Trey Craig[2]; 2. 5-Brett Robinson[8]; 3. 14-Corey Deuser[9]; 4. 1-Ross Chastain[5]; 5. 4-Josh Berry[10]; 6. 46-Cole Williams[4]; 7. 26-Dawson Sutton[1]; 8. 98-Bennie Hamlett[7]; 9. 01-Austin Wilson[15]; 10. 55-George Phillips[6]; 11. 9-Jim Wall[11]; 12. 20-Chase Johnson[3]; 13. 44-Tommy Joe Martins[17]; 14. 29-Hunter Wright[12]; 15. 8-Mark Day[16]; 16. 11-Stacey Crain[13]; 17. 81-Adam Elliott[18]; 18. 12-Quinn Davis[14]; 19. 198-Peyton Hamlett[19]

Qualifying 1: 1. 26-Dawson Sutton, 00:18.911[14]; 2. 5-Brett Robinson, 00:18.974[16]; 3. 1-Ross Chastain, 00:19.028[9]; 4. 20-Chase Johnson, 00:19.033[10]; 5. 46-Cole Williams, 00:19.072[5]; 6. 01-Austin Wilson, 00:19.123[18]; 7. 15-Trey Craig, 00:19.142[2]; 8. 98-Bennie Hamlett, 00:19.154[17]; 9. 55-George Phillips, 00:19.181[6]; 10. 14-Corey Deuser, 00:19.199[12]; 11. 4-Josh Berry, 00:19.200[15]; 12. 9-Jim Wall, 00:19.212[3]; 13. 29-Hunter Wright, 00:19.271[13]; 14. 8-Mark Day, 00:19.511[1]; 15. 44-Tommy Joe Martins, 00:19.516[11]; 16. 11-Stacey Crain, 00:19.552[8]; 17. 12-Quinn Davis, 00:19.647[7]; 18. 81-Adam Elliott, 00:20.735[4]; 19. (DNS) 198-Peyton Hamlett


A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 44-Chuck Barnes Jr[4]; 2. 03-Dillon Oliver[1]; 3. 84-Gus Moody[3]; 4. 07-Michael Pannell[8]; 5. 00-Bubba Winslow[6]; 6. 3-Travis Arms[5]; 7. 76-Joshua Pierce[10]; 8. 282-Phillip McCord[9]; 9. 34-Michael Tucker[12]; 10. 71-Wesley Pierce[11]; 11. 19-Cole Baxter[2]; 12. 357-Tyler Hagan[7]; 13. 3C-Chad Chaffin[13]; 14. 65-Billy Williams[14]; 15. (DNS) 96-Kevin Henderson

Qualifying 1: 1. 44-Chuck Barnes Jr, 00:21.849[2]; 2. 84-Gus Moody, 00:22.017[8]; 3. 19-Cole Baxter, 00:22.133[3]; 4. 03-Dillon Oliver, 00:22.244[9]; 5. 3-Travis Arms, 00:22.299[1]; 6. 00-Bubba Winslow, 00:22.319[15]; 7. 357-Tyler Hagan, 00:22.439[5]; 8. 07-Michael Pannell, 00:22.574[10]; 9. 282-Phillip McCord, 00:22.689[7]; 10. 76-Joshua Pierce, 00:23.031[11]; 11. 71-Wesley Pierce, 00:23.953[12]; 12. 34-Michael Tucker, 00:24.603[13]; 13. (DNS) 96-Kevin Henderson; 14. (DNS) 65-Billy Williams; 15. (DQ) 3C-Chad Chaffin[4]

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