Enjoy Illinois 300 Departure – All Roads Lead to an Interstate

World Wide Technology Raceway (WWTR) announces changes to the normal departure sequence for events at WWTR on Saturday and Sunday.  Once WWTR was selected to again host a NASCAR event, the same level of planning and review has gone into ensuring patrons have a safe, efficient departure from the events each day.  Vehicles exiting each Parking location will be directed to a specific nearby Interstate. Extensive signage, electronic messaging, and traffic control will be augmented by the Illinois State Police and local law enforcement, dedicated parking/traffic vendors, and Illinois Department of Transportation staff to help facilitate a quick egress from each lot.

Many aspects of departure remain the same as last year’s Race and persist to be crucial to ensure everyone can quickly access one of FIVE nearby Interstates.  To accomplish a timely departure for each vehicle, all traffic will be directed to stay in a lane, follow all signage and traffic control, plus obey the instructions of law enforcement on site.  Regardless of where each vehicle is directed when leaving the raceway, ALL ROADS LEAD TO AN INTERSTATE. Signage, electronic messaging, supplemental lighting, WWTR staff, IDOT personnel, and area law enforcement will be mobilized should motorists need to transition to another route or direction to reach their ultimate destination. 

  • From RED and PURPLE (North Gate):  The two right lanes exiting from WWTR will be directed to SB IL 203, but access to all directions of I-55/70 and I-64 is available.
    • The left lane exiting WWTR will be assigned to NB IL 203.  A detour will be signed to continue along IL 203 to EB IL 162 and ultimately IL 111 and I-255.  Access to NB/SB IL 111 and NB/SB I-255 is available. Traffic can also continue North on IL 203 to access EB/WB I-270.
  • From GOLD (Main Gate): ALL traffic will use the “Button Hook” (right shoulder of SB IL 203) and be designated to use WB I-55/70.  [A lane closure of WB I-55/70 will be implemented to facilitate merge.]
    • For those wanting to access NB I-55, EB I-70, and/or I-64, a detour will be marked along I-70 WB to Fairmont City Blvd, Packers Avenue, back to I-70 EB with access to NB I-55, EB I-70, and/or both directions of                   I-64/US 40 and IL 3.
  • From ORANGE (South/Rte. 66 Gate): The left two lanes will turn left (east) on Collinsville Road and be provided access to all directions of I-55/70.  Should this traffic become heavy, ISP will start directing traffic down Collinsville Road (East) and ultimately IL 111 and I-255.  Access to NB/SB IL 111 and I-255 will be available.
    • The right lane will be directed right (west) on Collinsville Road.  Access to ALL Directions of I-64, I-55/70 and IL 3 will be available.  To access WB I-70, traffic will use St. Clair Avenue (north) to N 1st Street (west) and Fairmont City Blvd., and ultimately, I-70 WB.                                                                                                                                             
  • RIDESHARE (Lyft, Uber, Taxi…) The safest and most expedient way to use these services will be to use the WWTR Shuttle Pick up and Dropoff location: 201 Madison Road, Madison, IL.

Simply, the Raceway’s location provides quick access to many high-capacity roadways in the Metro East and this updated plan leverages these major highways to provide the fastest and safest exit for everyone.  Each auxiliary “detour” route has minimal adverse travel, significantly reduces stop-and-go periods, plus enables all traffic to reach highway speeds and their ultimate post-race destination more quickly.

Additional transportation information and specific details of all events at WWTR this weekend can be found at: https://wwtraceway.com/enjoyillinois300.