Lacaze, Pahule, Tardiff, and Stepps Star in Second Round of Delta Speedway Action

Delta Speedway presented by Valley Strong Credit Union fired off its second night of the 2024 season with Rocklin’s Tucker Lacaze winning his first career Super 600 feature while Jackson Tardiff of Vacaville earned his first career Restricted victory. Jeffery Pahule in Non-Wing and Heston Stepps in Jr. Sprints also delivered Micro Sprint victories on Saturday night during Mother’s Day weekend at the 1/7th mile dirt track in Stockton.
“We just had a hooked up race car (but) way to make it nervous for me with restart after restart. We should have been (in victory lane) a long time ago. But finally this is our year,” Lacaze said. “To come back and put it in winner’s circle is absolutely amazing.”
Bakersfield’s Khloe Cotton led time trials over the 20 Super 600 competitors in action, before heat races were won by Colton Huelsmann of Knightsen, Logan Trevino of Madera, and Isabel Barnes of Brentwood.
Lacaze started on the outside front row for the 30-lap feature alongside Bakersfield’s Jett Yantis. Lacaze used a crossover on the backstretch to nab the lead from Yantis.
Peyton Whitehouse and Mattix Salmon crashed hard in turn three for a red flag on lap seven but both drivers were uninjured.
Lacaze got hung up in lapped traffic briefly on lap 17, allowing Yantis to show his nose on the inside in turn one but Lacaze retained the lead. The race concluded with a one-lap restart and Lacaze held court for the checkered flag over Yantis, Barnes, Pahule, and Nate Matherly at the finish.
Opening night winner Hayden Stepps of Oakdale was the top Restricted qualifier while 2023 Jr. Sprints Champion Briggs Davis of Manteca and Jackson Tardiff were the heat race winners.
Johnny Bolanos and Davis were the front row starters for the 25-lap feature with Tardiff starting third.
Tardiff parted the seas at the start to rocket into the lead into turn one. He was never seriously challenged throughout the rest of the feature, earning his first career Restricted win. Levi Osborne, Cam Carraway, Stepps, and Davis were the balance of the top-five.
“It’s really awesome. It’s my very first Restricted win! The car felt really good,” Tardiff said.
Non-Wing again dominated the pit area with an outstanding 35 entries on hand. Jeffery Pahule topped the qualifying session but the four heat races were claimed by Colin Kirby of Pleasanthill, TK O’Brien of Manteca, Mattix Salmon of Fresno, and Stockton’s Nikko Panella. After a pair of 12-lap B-Features, the 22-car grid was set for a 30-lap feature.
Pahule started shotgun and took full advantage to drive into the lead on the opening circuit. Busy action for the second and third positions developed into two and three wide racing, before Salmon was bounced out of the battle in turn four for a caution flag on lap 13.
Pahule paced the rest of the distance followed by Jett Yantis, Visalia’s Jett Barnes, Panella, and Madera Ranchos’ Dalton Hill.
Heston Stepps of Oakdale topped the 20-lap Jr. Sprint feature for the second time this season. The four heat races were split by Easton Wright, Jett Bacigalupi, Haven Sherman, and Jayden Carey.
Sherman and Samantha Dozier were an all-female front row for the feature. Stepps rolled off fourth but charged forward. Sherman led the first eight circuits before Stepps took over in lappted traffic. Jeremiah Brulez flipped onto his side in turn four for a red flag on lap nine. Under the stoppage, Sherman retired to the infield as well.
Stepps led the final 11 laps for the victory followed by Dozier, David Anderson of Clayton, Wright, and Lucas Fenn of Oakley.
Delta Speedway presented by Valley Strong Credit Union returns for the two night Summer Sizzler on June 14 and 15.
Delta Speedway Stockton thanks: Delta Speedway Stockton thanks: Valley Strong Credit Union, Interstate Truck Center, Pape Kenworth, Hoosier Racing Tire, Scully’s Air, Genova Bakery, Van De Pol Petroleum, Belkorp Ag, Solari’s Backhoe, Baker Roofing, City Wide Graphics, Jay’s Mobile Welding, Acrisure, East Bay Tire, Hunt and Sons, Cal-Waste Recovery Systems, PMP Chassis, and Clean Brothers Site Services for their support of the 2024 racing season!
Delta Speedway Results – May 11, 2024 Round 2
SUPER 600 (30 LAPS)
Feature (30 Laps): 1. 19-Tucker LaCaze[2]; 2. 4-Jett Yantis[1]; 3. 55-Jett Barnes[5]; 4. 44X-Jeffery Pahule[7]; 5. 19X-Nate Matherly[3]; 6. 73-Nikko Panella[14]; 7. 32A-Colton Huelsmann[10]; 8. 7T-Logan Trevino[11]; 9. 21-Raio Salmon[6]; 10. 27-Ron Singh[13]; 11. 12-Alex Panella[17]; 12. 11M-Keaton Mantella[15]; 13. 30-Isabel Barnes[9]; 14. 58-Evan Bradshaw[19]; 15. 4K-Khloe Cotton[8]; 16. 5-Mattix Salmon[4]; 17. 10P-Peyton Whitehouse[12]; 18. 75-Josiah Vega[16]; 19. 88J-Jeffrey Rosas[20]; 20. (DNS) 83V-Dustin Phillips
A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 44X-Jeffery Pahule[1]; 2. 4-Jett Yantis[6]; 3. 55-Jett Barnes[10]; 4. 73-Nikko Panella[8]; 5. 81-Dalton Hill[3]; 6. 83K-Colin Kirby[9]; 7. 28K-Kevin Carter[4]; 8. 4K-Khloe Cotton[11]; 9. 76-TK OBrien[14]; 10. 19-Tucker LaCaze[16]; 11. 25R-Brody Rubio[15]; 12. 66A-Aiden Bailey[17]; 13. 4Q-Nick Ringo Jr[13]; 14. 75-Cole Frerichs[21]; 15. 2B-Eric Botelho[2]; 16. 88R-Reilee Phillips[12]; 17. 5-Mattix Salmon[7]; 18. 77-Ceil Howe[20]; 19. 11V-Vincent Duggan[22]; 20. 21-Danny Carroll[19]; 21. 75X-Dan Mognaga[5]; 22. 55X-Joe Silva[18]
A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 38J-Jackson Tardiff[3]; 2. 9J-Levi Osborne[4]; 3. 27C-Cameron Carraway[5]; 4. 98-Hayden Stepps[6]; 5. 96-Briggs Davis[2]; 6. 10-Brodie Copeland[11]; 7. 59K-Kaiden Gowen[9]; 8. 10D-Dean Skrifvars[8]; 9. 16S-Bryson Sozinho[7]; 10. 11A-Austin Lee[12]; 11. 18S-Isaac Salameh[13]; 12. 84-Johnny Bolanos[1]; 13. 94H-Nathan Hammer[10]
Feature (20 Laps): 1. 99-Heston Stepps[4]; 2. 25DD-Samantha Dozier[2]; 3. 3D-David Anderson[5]; 4. 11E-Easton Wright[3]; 5. 7L-Lucas Fenn[7]; 6. 1Z-Zachary Williams[9]; 7. 92-Jett Bacigalupi[6]; 8. 92J-Jeremiah Brulez[11]; 9. 12-Haven Sherman[1]; 10. 55J-Jayden Carey[8]; 11. (DNS) 95L-Logan Fenn; 12. (DNS) 13G-James Grandrath; 13. (DNS) 16M-Marley Grace
2024 Delta Speedway Schedule (Subject to Change)
April 6 Opening Day – RAINED OUT
April 20 Race #2
May 11 Race #3
June 14 & 15 Race #4 & 5
July 6 Speedweek**
July 27 Race #6
August 17 Race #7
August 31 & September 1 Race #8 & 9
October 4 & 5 Race #10 & 11
October 25 & 26 Turkey Bowl XXV**
**Non-points races

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