Myers Continues Hot Streak at Bowman Gray

Burt Myers did it again in the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series.

He was able to persevere through a number of cautions and wrecks to pick up his second win of the season Saturday night at Bowman Gray Stadium in the Kevin Powell Motorsports 100.

Myers started 10th after a full-field redraw of 24 cars following qualifying and was able to get through the 11 cautions to win, just ahead of Brandon Ward, who was last year’s points champion.

“That’s Bowman Gray 100-lappers, man,” Myers said. “It’s survival. You just gotta be patient and there’s things that have to go your way – I don’t care how good you are. And some things went our way tonight.

“Once we got to the lead, I felt pretty confident, but I literally say out loud to myself, coming into 3, coming into green, I say out loud, ‘Don’t blow this, Burt.” Because that one corner is make or break you. And I knew if I could get going on that initial throttle that we were OK, but I was a little bit free off.”

Myers took the lead on lap 64, but on a restart on lap 90, Myers and Chris Fleming, who was side-by-side with Myers in second, clipped each other and both skidded across the fence around turn 1. Fleming nailed the fence, but Myers was able to hold his ground and stay in first, just ahead of Ward.

“I guess (Fleming) misjudged and tried to get down and he right-reared me,” Myers said. “The spotter said, ‘I didn’t think you were going to get that thing slowed down. I thought we were in the wall.’ I said, ‘You should’ve been in here where I was.’

“But luckily the caution came out. I think I had Brandon beat, but the caution came out. We re-racked. It always gets hairy on those double-file restarts.”

There was a restart on lap 93, and Ward took the outside next to Myers. They were side-by-side around the corners, but Myers was able to squeeze past Ward.

“That’s the key word there. You just said survive,” Ward said. “Tonight, the redraw scrambled the field up big time. You know, a lot of good cars that seem spread from the front to the back tonight. Anyhow, we were stuck midfield there on the outside and we were able to get through all the melee and come out with a second-place finish and nothing torn up. So, I guess all and all not a terrible night.”

There was another caution on lap 98 after Junior Snow and John Holleman IV collided. 

Myers was able to maintain his lead over Ward.

“It’s your only shot,” Ward said. “You gotta take that outside and you gotta hope you can pin him down. I feel like we raced each other really good, man. You know, two pretty good restarts between two of us there at the end.”

Myers agreed with Ward’s assessment.

“It’s Bowman Gray. Other than the mishap when he wrecked me a couple years ago, me and Brandon usually run pretty good with each other,” Myers said. “So, he ran me clean, and we were able to get going.”

On lap 105, there was another caution, but this time it was single-file. Myers was ahead of Ward and was able to cruise to the finish.

It was Myers’ 93rd win of his career, placing him just five wins short of leader Tim Brown.

“I would like to get to 100. It’d be nice,” Myers said. “Listen, we focus on, we’re going to put a stamp on tonight. We’re going to enjoy this one tonight, and Monday morning we unload and start looking at next weekend.”

Mike Speeney was third, Danny Bohn was fourth, and Ryan Flores was fifth.

Finishing fourth for Bohn might not sound like much, but for him it turned out to be worth a lot of money. Bohn qualified in fourth with Brown, Fleming and Myers, in that order, were ahead of him.

Because it was a 100-lap race in the Modified Series, if any driver qualifies in the top four they have the option of choosing to go to the back of the field in hopes of collecting or part of the $3,000 Fans’ Challenge. Bohn was the only driver who elected to take the Challenge, with all the other drivers going through a full-field redraw.

“We got bent up like on the third lap, second lap, maybe, pushed the right-rear nerf bar into the right-rear tire, lost a lap when we spun there, and then came in, pitted,” Bohn said. “We pulled the right-rear nerf bar off tire and got it clear and it was kind of get back on the lead lap and miss the wrecks.”

Bohn started 24th and slowly went through the field. He finished in fourth and was able to collect the $3,000.

“Somehow, I missed a bunch of wrecks and somehow got $3,000 out of it,” Bohn said.

Not to be outdone, the Thunder Road Bar & Grill Street Stock 50 in the QRC HVAC & Refrigeration Street Stock Series also went overtime and finished with five laps of overtime.

Cody Gum, who qualified with the fastest lap, handled all the cautions and won his first career race. Gum, however, was disqualified after post-race technical inspections, awarding the win to Andy Southern.

On lap 30, there was a caution and Christian Joyce held the lead over Bryan Sykes, Jr. Those two held those positions even after a caution seven laps later.

There was a restart on lap 41 and Sykes was leading. However, Sykes blew an engine on lap 46 and went into the infield with smoke pouring out of his car.

Sykes was towed off the track, and on lap 51, Kevin Gilbert and Zack Staley, who were the two leaders, collided with each other, and both cars slid across the fence.

With just nine cars on the track Gum surged up front and was able to cross the finish line first, with Andy Southern, the eventual winner finishing behind him.

Michael Adams took advantage of a great restart after a caution to take the lead and won the first 20-lap race in the Law Offices of John Barrow Sportsman Series.

Adams, who picked up his 29th career win, was in third place, but there was a caution after Brandon Brendle nailed the rail coming down the front straightaway.

At the time of the caution Chase Lewis was in first, Chase Robertson was second and Adams was third. However, on the restart, Adams moved ahead of both drivers and led the remainder of the race.

“I was kind of riding behind Chase and made the move,” Adams said. “I’ve got to thank him for running me clean.”

The “Madhouse Scramble” sent Conner Branch to the pole for the start of the second race, with Tommy Neal starting in second.

However, Zack Ore picked up his second win of the season and his 18th of his career. Branch finished runner-up, followed by Adams and Sterling Plemmons.

Chuck Wall continued his early-season success after clinching the first 15-lap race in the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series. Matt Alley started on the pole, but Wall moved from second and dominated the race after taking the lead around turn 1 of lap 1.

It was Wall’s 32nd win of his career. “Oh, it feels great,” Wall said. “I couldn’t do it without the help of everybody.” A.J. Sanders finished runner-up, followed by Billy Andrew, Alley, and Connor Keaton.

The final race of the night was scheduled for 15 laps in the second Stadium Stock Series race, but it was shortened to 12 laps because of a time limit.

Grayson Keaton took the lead from Brad Mickalowski on lap 11, and even after two cautions, Keaton was able to maintain his lead. The race was called after 12 laps following a caution, which was the fourth of the race.

Mickalowski finished runner-up, followed by Carson Reed, Charlie Curry, and Tyler McDonald.

Next Saturday is highlighted by the Great Clips Crash Fest with the Midway Mobile Storage Chain Race, a Midway Mobile Storage Skid Race, and the Midway Mobile Storage Demolition Derby.

There will be twin 25-lap races in the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series, twin 20-lap races in the Law Offices of John Barrow Sportsman Series, a 20-lap race in the QRC HVAC & Refrigeration Street Stock Series, an either one or two 15-races in the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series.

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