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Nathan Mohr, a recent graduate of Upper Perkiomen High School, lost the lead twice during the running of the Summer Splash 40-lap NASCAR Sportsman feature on Saturday night at Grandview Speedway, but through the aid of restarts he jumped back into first. Mohr then proceeded to hold off the hard charges of Gary Wagner until the challenger was sidelined by tire issues, and then with two laps to go Mike Lisowski was on his bumper. Not knowing how really close challenger Lisowski actually was, he held his pace and went on to pull the Mohr-family owned No. 17M into victory lane for his first career win and it was worth $1,500.

The T.P Trailers 30-lap NASCAR Modified feature had its second repeat winner when Jeff Strunk, who recently won on June 9, survived a one-lap shoot out and was able to keep Mike Gular, who is currently at the top of the point race, behind to go on to record his 69th Saturday night career triumph. Gular also chased Strunk across the line during Strunk’s previous win.

Kyle Merkel, who returned to Late Model action a few years ago after being on other racing ventures, led the 25-lap NASCAR Late Model feature from start to finish to park the Dave “Crazy” Yost owned No. 26 mount in the winner’s circle. Merkel had been shut out of the win column since April 20, 2013.

All feature winners received monetary awards from T.P. Trailers and merchandise awards from VP Fuels providing they met the necessary requirements. The Dan’s Deli ½-way hoagie recipients were Jack Butler, Sportsman; Bobby Gunther-Walsh, Modified and Merkel, Late Model.

The Saturday night NASCAR events were all part of the Safety Net Animal Sanctuary Fundraiser.

Mohr, starting from the pole position in the Sportsman event, wasted no time keeping Derrick Smith, Andrew Kreis, Kurt Bettler and Mark Kemmerer behind him at the drop of the green by starter Ray Kemp.

By the sixth lap Butler was chasing Mohr down from the runner-up spot.

Butler reeled Mohr in on the eighth lap and took to the outside path coming off the fourth turn and advanced into first.

Behind Butler, who was hoping to pick up his first career win as a birthday present, the battle for second d was a heated one between Mohr and Wagner while Smith, Kreis and Dylan Swinehart vied for the remaining top five spots.

Debris in the fourth turn, plus the stopped car of Ryan Beltz between the first and second turn brought the pack bumper-to-bumper with the first caution on last 18. Butler continued to show the way while Mohr, Wagner, Brian Hirthler and Swinehart continued their paint swapping battles.

Jesse Landis stopped in the fourth turn for the 21st lap yellow. This time Mohr outgunned Butler to regain first and it held with Wagner following through for second with Butler falling to third.

The lead changed again when Wagner moved to the front of the pack on the 24th lap.

Butler’s valiant efforts went up in a puff of smoke when a blown engine ended his night and the final yellow with 26 laps completed.

This time the restart was better than previously and Mohr was back in first.

Despite all the challenges Mohr held his composure and didn’t faltered to go on to claim a hard-fought triumph. Chasing him across the line were Lisowski, Swinehart, Hirthler and Craig Whitmoyer.

Louden Reimert, Mohr and Bettler were the heat winners.

Polesitter Mark Kratz took the early lead in the Modified feature and within no time had a commanding lead built up over Bobby Gunther-Walsh, Chris Esposito, Briggs Danner and Bobby Trapper Jr.

Brett Gilmore slowed along the homestretch to bring out the eighth lap caution. On this restart Gunther-Walsh overtook Kratz to become the new leader.

The ½-way point, the order behind Gunther-Walsh consisted of Esposito, Kratz, Strunk, who started 15th and Danner.

Strunk moved into second on the 19th lap and set sail after Gunther-Walsh who had to deal with lap traffic along with the others.

It didn’t take long for Strunk to erase the margin and by the 22nd lap he was the third different leader.

Coming on strong behind Strunk were Gunther-Walsh, Gular, Umbenhauer and Esposito. Esposito’s night ended when he pulled into the infield with three laps to go.

Umbenhauer, who was running a solid fourth, slowed in the third turn to set-up a one-lap shoot out to the finish that involved Strunk, Gular, Craig Von Dohren, Frank Cozze and Duane Howard, who came through from 28th. Strunk quickly punched the accelerator as he knew his fellow competitors wanted to be in victory lane also.

Strunk kept everyone behind to score the win with Gular, Von Dohren, Cozze and Howard in tow. Walsh, a fan favorite, held on to have his best night of the season finishing sixth.

Heats were won by Kratz, Gunther-Walsh and Clay Butler. Justin Grim won the consi.

Merkel started in the top slot in the 25-lap NASCAR Late Model feature and was off and running at the onset trailed by Steve Todorow, Lou Egrie, Chuck Schutz and Danny Snyder, the current point leader. Trying to into the top five was Drew Weisser and he accomplished that fete on the fifth circuit when he moved into fifth.

A flat tire with two laps to go ended Todorow’s night when he stopped in turn three out of contention. Now Schutz, the defending pint champion, was behind Merkel on the restart but Merkel managed to stay ahead.

No one was able to overtake Merkel and he went on to claim a well-deserved win. Finishing second was Schutz followed by Egrie, Snyder and Weisser.

Sprint car racing will be part of the big four division show of racing presented by Bechtelsville Car Wash on Saturday, June 30th at NASCAR sanctioned Grandview Speedway. The Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series (MASS) 305 Sprinters will be making their first appearance of the season on the one-third-mile, banked clay oval with racing action getting the green flag at 7:30 p.m.

The battle for the NASCAR T.P.Trailers 358 Modified championship will continue with point leader Mike Gular leading the action. Sportsman stock cars and Blast from the Past Vintage cars will make up the balance of the exciting night of racing action.

And on Tuesday, July 3rd the Thunder on the Hill Series, a co-promotion between Bob Miller and the Rogers Family, will offer the 410 Pennsylvania Sprint Speed Week Series plus the 358 Modifieds. Racing starts at 7:30 p.m


Summer Splash NASCAR Sportsman Feature (40 Laps): 1. Nathan Mohr, 2. Mike Lisowski, 3. Dylan Swinehart, 4. Brian Hirthler, 5. Craig Whitmoyer, 6. Louden Reimert, 7. Mark Kemmerer, 8. Brad Grim, 9. Brad Brightbill, 10. Jim Housworth, 11. Joe Funk III, 12. Mike Mammana, 13. Kyle Lilick, 14. Andrew Kreis, 15. Jesse Landis, 16. Kenny Bock, 17. Kurt Bettler, 18. Gary Wagner, 19. Andy Clemmer, 20. Derrick Smith, 21. Jack Butler, 22. Brad Arnold, 23. Ryan Beltz, 24. Lex

T.P. Trailers NASCAR Modified Feature (30 Laps): 1. Jeff Strunk, 2. Mike Gular, 3. Craig Von Dohren, 4. Frank Cozze, 5. Duane Howard, 6. Bobby Gunther-Walsh, 7. Doug Manmiller, 8. Briggs Danner, 9. Kevin Hirthler, 10. Brett Kressley, 11. Timmy Buckwalter, 12. Clay Butler, 13. Eric Biehn, 14. Bobby Trapper Jr., 15. Mark Kratz, 16. Mike Mahaney, 17. Ryan Lilick (provisional), 18. Ron Seltmann Jr., 18. Steve Swinehart, 20. Ron Kline, 21. Dan Waisempacher, 22. Jared Umbenhauer, 23. Chris Esposito, 24. Joe Fanelli, 25. Justin Grim, 26. Kenny Gilmore, 27. John Willman, 28. Ray Swinehart, 29. Brett Gilmore. DNQ: Bobby Trapper, Skylar Sheriff, Ryan Grim and Ron Myers.

NASCAR Late Model Feature (25 Laps): 1. Kyle Merkel, 2. Chuck Schutz, 3. Lou Egrie, 4. Danny Snyder, 5. Drew Weisser, 6. Wayne Pfeil, 7. Steve Wilson, 8. Jordan Knepp, 9. Steve Todorow, 10. Todd Ravel, 11. Brian Shuey

Grandview Speedway PR

Dakota Ewing has had a successful season so far at Macon Speedway. Feature wins and career-defining moments have been plentiful during his 2018. Another milestone was added Saturday night when he captured the Firecracker 40s feature in the Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Models. He led one lap. The last one. Jake Little looked dominate and appeared to be on his way to victory until Ewing caught up with less than ten laps remaining and Little made a driver error on the backstretch of the white flag lap and Ewing cashed in on it, making the pass through the third and fourth turns and took the checkered flag. For Ewing, it was his second win in as many weeks. More impressively, he started in the fifth position (third row inside) and closed in on both front row drivers Little and Guy Taylor.

Nick Macklin took a feature win away from Jerit Murphy in the Street Stock division. Murphy looked smooth on top of the 1/5th mile and looked bound for his first feature win after taking his heat race earlier in the evening. Closing in on the finish, Murphy held the lead and Macklin along with Terry Reed made the race that much closer and out of the final turn to the checkered flag, Macklin made the final move to the finish and took the win.

Dennis Vandermeersch made short work of the Sportsman division feature. 15 laps were led by Vandermeersch who took his third feature win of the season.

Another quick race featured the B-Modifieds as Tim Hancock returned to the winner's circle and led all 15 laps.

The BillingsleyRewards.Com Modifieds portion of the Firecracker 40s did see a winner lead all 40 laps. Cory Daugherty of Blue Mound took the high side and raced as hard as he could to keep the lead away from Curt Rhodes, who was on his bumper for the majority of the 40-lap feature race. The race was full of surprises and cautions and wrecks but Daugherty stayed on strong and didn't let up from his mission of winnin

Adam Webb won the Hornet feature that was full of action. Taking the lead from points leader Mike Eskew midway through the race and being able to hold on was a struggle as Eskew did not give up on getting the lead back.

Macon Speedway wishes to thank 95Q, Dynagraphics and Decatur Building Trades for their sponsorship of the evening's racing action. Five racing classes compete next Saturday to finish off the month of June which is headlined by the POWRi Midgets & Micro Sprints. The Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Models, Street Stocks and Hornets make up the program.

Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Models--1. Dakota Ewing (Warrensburg), 2. Jake Little (Springfield), 3. Guy Taylor (Springfield), 4. Cody Maguire (Carlinville), 5. Kyle McMahon (Mt. Vernon), 6. Roben Huffman (Midland City), 7. Anthony Harter (Sherman), 8. Jeff Ray (Springfield), 9. Donny Koehler (Macon), 10. Dan Richardson (Macy, IN)

Sportsman--1. Dennis Vandermeersch (Arlington), 2. Scott Landers (Taylorville), 3. Danny Smith (Argenta), 4. Steven Mattingly (Chenoa), 5. Tim Bedinger (Taylorville), 6. Wes Odell (Springfield), 7. Scott Williams (Leroy), 8. Dave Smith (Monticello), 9. Stefan Bedinger (Taylorville), 10. Ethan Schnapp (Springfield)

B-Modifieds--1. Tim Hancock (Mt. Olive), 2. Everett Bradham (Olney), 3. JR Wiltermood (Windsor), 4. Jordan Smith (Villa Grove), 5. Jerry Thompson (Troy), 6. Kevin Crowder (Argenta), 7. Steve Phillips (Neoga), 8. Nick Miller (Charleston), 9. Cody Stillwell (Godfrey), 10. Tom Riech (Springfield)

Street Stocks--1. Nick Macklin (Argenta), 2. Jerit Murphy (Lodge), 3. Terry Reed (Decatur), 4. Justin Crowell (Lincoln), 5. Jason Schrimpsher (Decatur), 6. Shawn Ziemer (Boody), 7. Matthew Yaden (Monticello), 8. Larry Long (Tuscola), 9. Timmy Dick (Monticello), 10. Dennis Wernle (New Douglas)

BillingsleyRewards.Com Modifieds--1. Cory Daugherty (Blue Mound), 2. Curt Rhodes (Taylorville), 3. Tim Hancock (Mt. Olive), 4. Tim Hamburg (Dixon), 5. Tim Hancock, Jr. (Mt. Olive), 6. Tommy Sheppard, Jr. (New Berlin), 7. Jared Thomas (Edinburg), 8. Chevy Miller (Clinton), 9. Connor Klay (Stonington), 10. Jacob Steinkoenig (Highland)

Hornets--1. Adam Webb (Decatur), 2. Mike Eskew (Springfield), 3. Matt Reed (Decatur), 4. Steve Stine (Stonington), 5. Carson Dart (Springfield), 6. Ken Reed (Decatur), 7. Kodi Landholt (Buffalo), 8. Carter Dart (Springfield), 9. John Lewis (Cerro Gordo), 10. Paul Peters (Pana)

Macon Speedway PR

Back once again to battle on the low banked .397 oval at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway was NASCAR’s Whelen Modified Tour. Twenty seven participants of the highly popular race division would look to add Langley Speedway to their win list. Coming in with the hot wheel was Jon Bonsignore who had already claimed three of the five races so far in the series. Ryan Preece would make his Langley Speedway return in search of his first ever win at the track. Other top contenders on hand was Craig Lutz, Chase Dowling and last year’s race winner Timmy Solomito. Also, to make the evening even better, the ERA Realtor Winged Champ Karts, Carroll’s Automotive UCars, Riverside Paper Pro Six and Old Skool Video Games Super Streets. All divisions are in heated point battles and there’s always someone new looking to smile big in Victory Lane, here’s a recap of all the exciting racing.

ERA Realtor Winged Champ Karts 20 Laps: Garry Osbourne would once again find himself on pole for the second straight week. Osbourne’s lap at 23.275 seconds set the field with Tillman Heuer in a share of row one. Jeffrey Johnson, Aaron Leach and Harry Leach were the divisions fastest in qualifying. The green flag was shown to the grid and pole sitter Garry Osbourne quickly established his race lead. After an early race caution, racing resumed with Osbourne showing the way and Jeffrey Johnson on his rear bumper. Harry Leach, Tillman Heuer and Aaron Leach was just kart lengths behind in pursuit of the leaders. Halfway into the race was a much different story as Osbourne and Johnson had wheeled away from the field all alone to decide the race feature. Latter stages of the race saw Jeffrey Johnson searching for ways around the race leader but Garry Osbourne was having nothing of it. Osbourne would go on to win the Winged Champ Kart feature. Osbourne in Victory lane, “I was kinda weary but I knew Jeffrey was pretty dedicated to me and I gotta thank him for driving me clean. Also, gotta thank my sponsors, Superior Termite Pest Control, Tidewater Compact and all the guys at the shop”. Finally got it done, probably the oldest one to ever win in a Winged Champ”.

Race Results:

  1. #28 Garry Osbourne; 20
  2. #7 Jeffrey Johnson; 20
  3. #73 Harry Leach; 20
  4. #14 Tillman Heuer; 20
  5. #45 Aaron Leach; 20
  6. #29 Scott Allen; 20
  7. #67 Chris Bechtel; 20
  8. #23m Johnathan Mullett; 20
  9. #16 David Millard; 20
  10. #10 Danny Millard; 20
  11. #24 Vaughan Crittenden; 20
  12. #01 Jesse Call; 20
  13. #3 Jerimah Strandberg; 19
  14. #15 Cheyanne Strandberg; 19
  15. #41 Jordon Wharton; 19

Carroll’s Automotive UCars 25 Laps: In UCar qualifying, Colby Vance put his hot rod on the pole with a 19.247 second lap. Richard Ellis earned his spot on the front row followed by competitors Austin Davis and Tillman Heuer. When the green was given, pole sitter Colby Vance showed the field into turn one but it was Richard Ellis from the outside that would lead lap one. Several laps into the race saw Ellis build up a five car length lead but soon after, Colby Vance stated to reel the leader on in. When the halfway came and went, Vance had narrowed the race lead by one length. For several laps, Colby Vance would give the race leader a go, even got to the rear quarter but race leader Richard Ellis would hold on to win the UCar feature. Ellis from Victory Lane, “First of all I gotta thank Courtney, Michael and Dean Shifflett. My car was down the forty one Golden Coral car so they put behind the wheel of the thirty six. This thing is a night and day difference, it’s amazing. Just want to thank all the fans, the Whelen Modifieds, my family and my son, this is the first ever win I’ve gotten for him”.

Race Results:

  1. #36E Richard Ellis; 25
  2. #44 Colby Vance; 25
  3. #3 Austin Davis; 25
  4. #14 Tillman Heuer; 25

Riverside Paper Pro Six 30 Laps: To no surprise, Adam Florian’s stellar race season continued by taking the Pro Six pole position. Pacing the track at 17.212 seconds, his lap bettered the lap of Travis Wall who was just seven thousandths off the pole speed. Bobby Hall, JB Sipe and Jared Clarke were the series quickest in Pro Six qualifying. Green flag waved and like a shot from a cannon, Adam Florian took off. With just a handful of laps in, Florian had easily mounted a half a straightaway lead courtesy of a great battle for second between Travis Wall and Bobby Hall. Just shy of the halfway, the race had its first caution which was what second place runner Travis Wall needed. Restart saw the race for the lead come into play as leader Adam Florian was taken from the outside by Travis Wall. New race leader Wall enjoyed his position at the front but only for a few laps when Florian had a fender to the leaders inside. But then the caution flag came out to halt the race action. Back to the green, the side by side battle continued as Travis Wall eventually established position on point. Well past the halfway, Adam Florian was able to get by Wall to retake the lead and open up a four car length lead as laps were whining down. Travis Wall would close in on the lead but ran out of laps with Adam Florian back in Victory Lane. Florian from Victory Lane, “Yeah these cars out here (Modifieds) put down a lot of rubber and wide out on the turns. The wheelbase on those things look wide as heck so I don’t know. You got a lot of rubber out there on the bottom and top groove, woo, that was a good race. Always racing with Travis has been good, we know how to rough each other up and not wreck each other”.

Race Results:

  1. #80 Adam Florian; 30
  2. #44 Travis Wall; 30
  3. #26 Bobby Hall; 30
  4. #21 Tyler McLaughlin; 30
  5. #14 JB Sipe; 21
  6. #28 Jared Clarke; 12

Old Skool Video Games Super Streets 40 Laps: Dale Parro began Super Street competition by locking down the race pole. Posting his fast lap set at 18.810 seconds handedly took Jason Michaud’s lap but deserving of a start on row one in second. Bill Eaker, Dale Nichols and Randy Akers all had speed as the five best in the afternoon time trials. Green flag was given to the field and into turn one did Parro show the way. While Parro secured the race point, on back saw Dale Nichols, Bill Eaker and Randy Akers jockey for spots second through fourth. Nichols soon was alone in second who then turned his sights to the leader. Top four cars just before the halfway were all racing within a car length of each other. Parro would distance himself for a moment but back would Nichols collapse the race lead. Past the halfway in the race was much the same but then race traffic came into play. This time, Nichols seemed poised to benefit but nothing was doing as the race leader Parro cleared traffic and began to set sail. Misfortune later in the race for Nichols courtesy of a lap car which allowed Eaker to take the two spot leaving Nichols in third. From there, Parro had no issues getting to the stripe first and picked up the Super Street race win. Parro from Victory Lane, “Yeah, I had to redeem myself from saying I had a cheated up carburetor last race, so I put it to they’re (butts) this time. Like to thank Marty Strickland for one, thank Week’s construction group, they help me every Saturday and Southside Transmissions”.

Race Results:

  1. #15 Dale Parro; 40
  2. #22 Bill Eaker; 40
  3. #8 Dale Nicohls; 40
  4. #21 Randy Akers; 40
  5. #46 Jason Michaud; 40
  6. #95 Danny Harrell; 40
  7. #20 Gordon Weeks; 40
  8. #54b Billy Newman; 39
  9. #48 Caitlyn Joyner; 38
  10. #23 Richard Haymond; 35
  11. #12 Sean Calway; 1

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour 150 Laps: Ryan Preece collected the race pole in Whelen Modified Tour Division. His lap at 15.046 seconds bested the effort given by Matt Hirschman who was just thirty eight thousandths off the pole speed in a share of the front row. Second in series points Craig Lutz earned the three spot followed by Chase Dowling and Justin Bonsignore to complete the top five. Notable qualifier Timothy Solomito who was last year’s race winner would get the sixth place start on the grid. Green flag was shown and from the outside row one starting spot, Matt Hirschman would lead lap one. Pole sitter Ryan Preece was slow to get going but quickly recovered who soon found his way back to second in the early laps of the event. Chase Dowling nabbed up a couple of spots early in the run running third as did Timmy Solomito breaking into the top five. Laps later, Ryan Preece took a turn as the race leader as did the races first caution period. Back to the green, Preece would continue as the race leader and making good on his restart would be Chase Dowling to take second. But just as soon the leaders would get settled in on another green flag run, the race was halted from its second caution. With the green waving again, Ryan Preece nails his restart but so did Chase Dowling and from the outside, Dowling took the lead. While cruising in the lead, navigating through the slower traffic, the race had its first twist when a slower car spun in front of the race leader. Dowling was able to miss the spinning car and retain the lead but when the race resumed, Ryan Preece was better on the restart and regained his race lead. Making up ground and taking advantage of the many restarts saw Justin Bonsignore up to second. Chase Dowling, Doug Coby and Matt Hirschman were solid third through fifth when the race caution returned to the event. On the ensuing restart, Preece easily secured his race lead when the century mark of the race went on the board which also served as the break period of the race for tires and fuel. Cars that did not come to pit road would earn the top spots on the grid after the break handing the race lead to Tommy Catalano. Back to green flag racing and entering into the latter stages, the racing soon became intense as the leaders beat and banged in taking advantage of the fresh tires. Emerging as the race leader would be Justin Bonsignore followed by Eric Goodale when once again, the race was stopped from another race caution. Green flag racing was back on the track with Bonsignore as the leader. Preece would make several attempts but the leader would hold on. Laps later, back again would Preece go after Bonsignore, this time Preece get the spot and retakes the lead. From there, Ryan Preece would get through race traffic untouched and go on to win in a Whelen Modified thriller. Preece from Victory Lane, “Finally”, claimed race winner Ryan Preece. “Came here twice for the Southern Tour, we lead a lot of laps but were nothing at the end. We’ve been doing our homework, we’ve been trying to be good on both the 630 and the 500. It seems like we really found a pretty good balance for both and I’m super excited. It was a helluva race with Justin, he did a great job, he was definitely protecting the bottom. Our car was so good for those first twenty laps, I knew it was going to even out so I knew I had to get by him. We did the long drive last night and not much sleep so this is going to make that ride home a little easier”.

Race Results:

  1. #6 Ryan Preece; 150
  2. #51 Justin Bonsignore; 150
  3. #60 Matt Hirschman; 150
  4. #16 Timmy Solomito; 150
  5. #58 Eric Goodale; 150
  6. #15 Chase Dowling; 150
  7. #21 Ronnie Williams; 150
  8. #3 Rowan Pennink; 150
  9. #75 Chris Pasteryak; 150
  10. #14 Blake Barney; 150
  11. #22 Kyle Bonsignore; 150
  12. #5 Kyle Ebersole; 150
  13. #64 Rob Summers; 150
  14. #77 Gary Putman; 150
  15. #1 Jeff Rocco; 149
  16. #25 Calvin Carroll; 149
  17. #26 Gary McDonald; 148
  18. #18 Ken Heagy; 146
  19. #36 Dave Sapienza; 146
  20. #82 Spencer Davis; 145
  21. #33 Wade Cole; 135
  22. #01 Melissa Fifield; 127
  23. #54 Tommy Catalano; 118
  24. #2 Doug Coby; 110
  25. #23 Joe DeGracia; 71
  26. #78 Walter Sutcliff Jr; 41
  27. #46 Craig Lutz; 28

Langley Speedway PR

Lights, camera, action – that’s what they say in Hollywood.

Following a lengthy delay when the lights went out Friday at Kingsport Speedway, once “The Concrete Jungle” was fully illuminated again and action resumed in the Model City, the star of the show on Chevy Night at the Races was Robbie Ferguson of Jonesborough. Ferguson held off a hard-charging Kres VanDyke to capture his first NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model Stock Car win of the season.

Not just on the track, but life in general these days is good for Ferguson. What better birthday present could a husband give his wife than a celebration in victory lane with the checkered flag and a trophy? With Friday being Ferguson’s wife, Kim’s, birthday, the win was extra special for the 57-year-old veteran racer.

But it gets even better for Ferguson, as he learned this week he would be inducted later this fall in October into the Daniel Boone High School athletic hall of fame for his exploits on the mat, where he was an all-state wrestler back in the late ‘70s.

“Yeah, without a doubt this win tonight is really one of the most memorable ever for me in my racing career,” Ferguson said with a smile on his face in victory lane. “Family and racing both are very important to me in my life. To be able and win tonight for my wife’s birthday is just an awesome deal, and having my daughters Tiffany and Niki, along with my grandson Roman here, this is one of those wins you won’t ever forget.”

VanDyke, the defending track and also state NASCAR Whelen All-American Series champion, was fastest in qualifying with a time of 15.029 seconds to narrowly edge Zeke Shell who timed-in at 15.090 for pole honors. The top three from qualifying were inverted for start of the 60-lap feature, with Hayden Woods and Shell on the front row, while VanDyke and Ferguson lined up in the second row.

Woods jumped out to the lead on the start over Shell, Ferguson, VanDyke and Trey Lane. Woods looked strong showing the way out front, though Shell was sticking his nose underneath Woods racing off the corners.

Racing down the front straightaway into the first turn on lap 8, Woods drifted up the track to open the door for Shell to pull to the inside as they raced off turn two down the backstretch. With his car pinched down low to the inside, Shell spun between turns three and four to bring the caution out.

Off the ensuing double-file restart, Woods and Ferguson battled side-by-side for three laps before Ferguson took the lead. VanDyke passed Woods for second place on lap 15 racing up off (turn) two.

Shell was trying to work his way back toward the front and on lap 18 racing off turn two, contact with Trey Bayne sent both Bayne and Shell spinning on the backstretch. With nowhere to go, Wayne Hale got collected making it a three-car wreck which initially brought out the yellow flag and then the red flag when the lights between turns three and four suddenly went out.

Once the situation with the lights was taken care of, fans were treated to some of the best racing action seen in quite some time at the track. Ferguson and VanDyke battled five laps door-to-door jockeying for real estate before Ferguson moved ahead into the lead on lap 23.

Ferguson and VanDyke began to gradually put some distance between themselves and Woods, who was running in third. Ferguson had a rearview mirror occupied by VanDyke, knowing if he made the slightest mistake he would get passed. But as the old saying goes, this wasn’t the first rodeo between Ferguson and VanDyke.

The action over the final 20 laps was worth the price of admission in itself, as VanDyke tried his hardest to overtake Ferguson. Racing into the corners VanDyke was right on Ferguson’s back bumper, and racing down the straightaway he was bump-drafting (VanDyke's front hoodpin was left embedded in back bumper on Ferguson's car) the leader. But just like in a championship fight, Ferguson took the blows and kept standing.

With five-laps-remaining, racing off the fourth turn VanDyke got into Ferguson’s left-rear quarter panel and tire smoke appeared. But both drivers have tremendous respect for one another and no harm, no foul and hard racing resumed.

Taking the white flag and having one final lap to get around Ferguson, VanDyke looked underneath him racing off turn two. But Ferguson powered off the corner down the backstretch knowing he had to cleanly get through turns three and four.

VanDyke gave Ferguson a shove from behind, but there would be no getting around him as Ferguson held on to record the win over VanDyke. Finishing third through fifth, respectively, were Woods, Trey Lane and 14-year-old Dillon Hodge with his first career top-five run.

Completing the top 10 finishers were Derek Lane, Hale, Bryson Dennis, Dale Cline and Bayne.

“This is the most fun I’ve had driving a race car in quite a while,” Ferguson said. “Kres (VanDyke) and I have mutual respect for one another. We’re not going to just run over and wreck and take each other out. Sure, we’ll beat and bang and rub a little, but, hey, that’s just good short-track racing. I’ve won some races over the last couple of years, but to win tonight with how Kres and I battled each other for the last 20-30 laps, that’s what you really enjoy as a race car driver.

“I’ve been driving race cars for 40 years, and I’ve raced against many very good drivers. I barely beat Kres out for the 2002 track championship here at Kingsport Speedway, and really from how hard we raced each other that year for the championship, that’s where our respect for one another comes from. Kres is a lot younger than I am, and he’s won many races and also championships over the past few years. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to race, because I really enjoy spending time doing things with my family. It really means a lot to me in being able to beat Kres tonight, because I know I beat one of the best. I also want to thank my car owner, Ken Daffron. We’ve been good friends for a long time, and he’s sponsored me back in the day on my own car, and nowadays I drive for him. This win tonight is special for both Ken and I.”

Kirby Gobble of Abingdon, Va., grabbed the lead at start of the Modified Street feature over Rusty Clendenin and Royce Peters. Peters quickly got around Clendenin to take the second spot and set his sights ahead on Gobble. Lap-after-lap racing up off the corners, Peters would stick the nose of his Chevrolet Camaro underneath Gobble. But on each occasion Gobble maintained his advantage on the point and went on to record his first win of the season over Peters, Clendenin, Kevin Wolfe and Dennis Deese.

It looked to be a family affair for the Mod 4 win as Joshua Gobble and his father Kirby Gobble battled up front for the lead with laps winding down. With Joshua showing the way out front, Kirby was right on his back bumper through the corners and down the straightaway. However, racing into the first turn on lap 27 Joshua’s car suddenly slowed and Kirby had to quickly check up behind.

Kevin Canter, from Abingdon, capitalized and drove around both Kirby and Joshua to take the lead, and went on to capture his division-leading sixth victory. Finishing behind Canter were Chucky Williams, Zack Fritz, Dalton Thomas and Chris Coleman. … An apparent second-place run for Kirby Gobble was taken away when he refused to go through post-race technical inspection.

Bruce Crumbley and Brandon Sutherland battled in the opening laps of the Pure 4 feature for the lead, but lurking close behind was Keith Helton of Kingsport. Crumbley and Sutherland were side-by-side racing down the front straightaway into the first turn on lap 6, and Helton dove to the inside making it three-wide through turns one and two. Racing up off the second corner down the backstretch, Helton took the lead and once out front he never looked back en route to capturing his third win on the season over Crumbley, Kenny Absher, William Hale and Sutherland.

David Strong of Weber City, Va., and Rob Austin battled up front for the lead throughout the 25-lap Pure Street feature. Strong captured his second straight victory, followed by Kevin Darnell and Chris Neeley, while Austin lost two positions on the final lap to finish fourth, with Ricky Payne coming home in fifth.



  1. Robbie Ferguson #7-Jonesborough, TN
  2. Kres VanDyke #15-Abingdon, VA
  3. Hayden Woods #87-Piney Flats, TN
  4. Trey Lane #7-Kingsport, TN
  5. Dillon Hodge #5-Kingsport, TN
  6. Derek Lane #28-Kingsport, TN
  7. Wayne Hale #19-Bluff City, TN
  8. Bryson Dennis #15-Greeneville, TN
  9. Dale Cline #99-Wytheville, VA
  10. Trey Bayne #21-Knoxville, TN
  11. Rick Pannell #33-Kingsport, TN
  12. Zeke Shell #1-Johnson City, TN


  1. Kirby Gobble #88
  2. Royce Peters #42
  3. Rusty Clendenin #27
  4. Kevin Wolfe #17
  5. Dennis Deese #24
  6. Hannah Seal #55
  7. Paul Shull #48
  8. Alex Miller #37

Did Not Start: Chase Dixon #07

MOD 4 (30 laps)

  1. Kevin Canter #3
  2. Chucky Williams #55
  3. Zack Fritz #33
  4. Dalton Thomas #22
  5. Chris Coleman #20
  6. Chris Amburgey #17
  7. Joshua Gobble #17
  8. Jimmy Acito #57
  9. Greg Clevenger #12
  10. James Deese #14
  11. Hershell Robinette #9
  12. Dennis Arnold #7
  13. Jessie Amburgey #7
  14. David Brown #13
  15. Billy Duty #1
  16. Dan Conn #73

Did Not Pass Post-Race Technical Inspection: Kirby Gobble #78

PURE 4 (30 laps)

  1. Keith Helton #9
  2. Bruce Crumbley #33
  3. Kenny Absher #11
  4. William Hale #47
  5. Brandon Sutherland #48
  6. Craig Phelps #00
  7. Paul Stanley #40
  8. Chad Jeffers #38
  9. Tim Jennings #1
  10. Jimmy Thomas #14
  11. David Trent #57
  12. Josh Collins #77
  13. Larry Stapleton #15
  14. Dennis Stanley #21
  15. Dylan Bates #6
  16. Billy Byington #11
  17. Josh Detwiler #38
  18. Brett Hall #7

    Did Not Start: Bucky Smith #99

PURE STREET (25 laps)

  1. David Strong #53
  2. Kevin Darnell #4
  3. Chris Neeley #2
  4. Rob Austin #18
  5. Ricky Payne #1
  6. Penny Hurd #11
  7. Jay Swecker #77
  8. Michael Blair #84
  9. Nasty Jones #13
  10. Anitra Little #74
  11. Jason Herron #7
  12. Sammy Ferguson #5
  13. Brian Eggers #74
  14. Jessica Payne #12

Did Not Start: Jon Cook #17


For a fifth time this season rain has put a halt to racing at Lehighton’s Mahoning Valley Speedway.

The National Weather Service has forecast showers and thunderstorms throughout the day and into the evening leaving little chance of any on track activities at the paved ¼-mile oval.

Looking ahead to next Saturday, June 30 the speedway will present the second running of the Bill Teel Memorial Modified 4-16s.

The Bill Teel Memorial Modified 4-16s will again consist of four 16 lap Modified features paying a minimum $816 to win each plus lap money and contingencies. There will be an overall top finisher who will receive additional money along with a huge trophy.

Also on tap will be Late Models, Street Stocks, Dirt Mods, Pro 4s and Hobby Stocks plus the ATQMRA TQ Midgets.

A rain date of July 21 is in place if need be for the Teel Memorial.

Promoter Jack Carlino has also announced that the winner of next week’s Street Stock feature will earn an additional $200 plus a free American Racer Tire. Carlino noted that other such division incentives will be offered as he is grateful for the support by all race teams that have been in attendance while under his first year of as the head of the speedway.

Carlino has also announced that the track is available for practice rental on either Friday’s or Sunday. Teams can rent the track for up to four hours at $150 per car (maximum 10 cars).

For additional information log onto www.mahoningvalley-speedway.com or on Facebook at Mahoning Valley Speedway. Mahoning Valley Speedway is located adjacent to the Mahoning Farmers Market on PA route 443 just a few miles west of Lehighton.


Race fans will have a golden opportunity to experience NASCAR’s newest track up close and personal on July 14, by driving their vehicles around the ROVAL™, Charlotte Motor Speedway’s road course oval. Ticketholders to the Sept. 30 Bank of America ROVAL™ race can drive their personal vehicles in a FREE three-lap, Saturday-evening shakedown around the innovative, 2.28-mile course from 4-8 p.m. on July 14. Ticketholders can take part in the event by picking up a voucher in the speedway ticket office and signing appropriate waivers.

The groundbreaking ROVAL™ course is NASCAR's newest track. The course features a 35-foot elevation change between the infield “Redneck Hill” portion and the bottom of Oval Turns 3 and 4. The track has received valuable feedback from world-class drivers including Jeff Gordon, Mario Andretti, A.J. Allmendinger, Jeff Burton and Max Papis, who lauded the circuit's high potential for exciting racing.

The exclusive July 14 fan event gives ticketholders the chance to test-drive the same track that the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series’ brightest stars will use in FREE Test Fests from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on July 10 and 17. The Test Fests serve as all-important tune-ups for the Sept. 28-30 race week, which feature the first playoff road course races in NASCAR history.

Fans attending Test Fest can enjoy food and drinks, live music and games, mechanical bull rides and a spectacular view of the on-track action from Whisky River, located at Gate 6. Fans who visit Test Fest will also receive a voucher for a free ticket to the accompanying Bojangles' Summer Shootout Legend Car and Bandolero races that evening.

To purchase tickets, camping and upgrades to the Sept. 28-30 race weekend, fans can visit the speedway ticket office, call 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or shop for tickets online at www.charlottemotorspeedway.com.

Fans can connect with Charlotte Motor Speedway by following on Twitter and Instagram or become a Facebook fan. Keep up with all the latest news and information with the Charlotte Motor Speedway mobile app.


Gracie Trotter, Isabella Robusto and Jadyn Daniels are in the midst of fighting for historic championships in the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway. With a small cast of female drivers annually competing in the Shootout, Trotter, Robusto and Daniels represent a minority on the track, but they don't let that slow down their pursuit of success.

Daniels, a 14-year-old Concord, North Carolina, native, grew up surrounded by racing. She got her start in go-karts and transitioned to a Bandolero last year.

“I grew up going to the races and watching them on TV,” recalled Daniels, a longtime Jeff Gordon fan. “We went to Mooresville, to GoPro Motorplex, and I started racing go-karts there. That’s what got me into racing.”

Daniels is fifth in the nation in her division and hopes to finish the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout with a championship in the Charter Schools USA Bandolero Outlaw ranks. Even with her high national ranking, Daniels finds it nerve-wracking to race in a predominately male sport.

“You feel like since you’re a girl, the boys will kind of push you around,” Daniels said. “But, you know, I think they’ve gotten used to me and I enjoy racing the guys a lot. I think they don’t think I’m as aggressive or as competitive.”

When asked how she proves them wrong, Daniels confidently replied, “I pass them.”

In the season’s first two weeks, Trotter, 16, achieved two top-three finishes in the VP Racing Fuels Semi-Pro division. She believes that if she continues to finish where she’s finishing, a win will come. Growing up only 25 minutes away from Charlotte Motor Speedway, Trotter attributes her proximity to the track, as well as her father’s background in racing, to her interest and success in the motorsports industry.

“This is my third year running the Shootout,” Trotter said. “The Charlotte track is a difficult track to learn how to drive. You’re racing against a lot of cars and some of the best (drivers) in the country.”

Robusto, a 13-year-old competitor in the K1 Speed Young Lions division, is a part of NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program – which engages women and individuals of diverse backgrounds in the NASCAR industry. She accredits the program, as well as the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout, with helping her to learn more about the next steps in her career and aiding her fan base growth.

“This is where you have the most competition and being able to race the best people gives me so much learning experience,” Robusto said. “I learn the car more throughout the Summer Shootout than any of the other tracks.”

Trotter, Daniels and Robusto all have the same goal: to race in the highest levels of NASCAR. Gaining experience against some of the best competition in the country is a great way to start.

Running its 25th year, the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout continues to be a starting point for many major names in racing, developing drivers such as Joey Logano, Bubba Wallace and Austin Dillon. Trotter, Robusto, and Daniels are just a few of the female drivers with hopes to one day say that they got their start at the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout.

“When I get out on track I am just another driver,” Robusto said. “It doesn’t matter that I’m a girl. But, as soon as I get out of the car more people recognize me because I’m a girl and I’m racing against all of the boys.”

TICKETS: Single-day admission to the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout costs just $8 for adults and is FREE for children under 13. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling 1-800-455-FANS (3267)

Fans can connect with Charlotte Motor Speedway by following on Twitter and Instagram or becoming a Facebook fan. Keep up with all the latest news and information with the Charlotte Motor Speedway mobile app.


The new and exclusive Track Bar at New Hampshire Motor Speedway offers the best, most comfortable way to view the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 on Sunday, July 22.

“The Track Bar is the place to be when the green flag drops next month,” said David McGrath, executive vice president and general manager of New Hampshire Motor Speedway. “It’s going to be the coolest space to watch the race right on the start/finish line. It’s going to be a fan experience like no other.”

The Track Bar is a new addition for the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race weekend in Loudon. Located in the Main Grandstand suites right above the start/finish line, The Track Bar provides the best sight lines at the speedway in the comfort of a climate-controlled luxury box with a full cash bar and private bathrooms. It used to be a 120-person suite, but will be a private area for only 76 people, which means much more room for each person.

On Saturday, July 21, the cost per person is $250 and includes one reserved seat, continental breakfast, tapas-style lunch menu, afternoon appetizers, two non-alcoholic drink tickets and a custom lanyard and credential.

On Sunday, July 22, the cost per person is $500 and includes everything from the Saturday package plus a driver appearance, a pre-race pit pass and a guided tour with a Sunoco Victory Lane visit.

A limited number of seats are still available for both days, but they are selling quickly. Call 833-TRACKBAR to reserve your seat now, and don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Other improvements and upgrades have been made all over the NHMS property including:

  • NO49 Seating Area with Wait Service
    • Purchase a ticket in the Main Grandstand Section NO Row 49, and you can enjoy wait service and have a drink rail to rest your snacks and drinks on. This is the only place in the grandstands with wait service. There will also be a beer portable and food stand in this area that will be open to the public.
  • New Crew Walkway
    • We’ve shortened the morning commute for the teams so they don’t have to walk all the way around the track to get to their garage. They now can walk straight down from the N3 parking lot, across Magic Mile Loop, through the N4 parking lot to the garage.
  • Granite Old Man of the Mountain
    • Be sure to check out the new granite Old Man of the Mountain at the Main Entrance to greet you as you arrive.
  • Concord Grandstand Elevators
    • We installed a new timber frame above the entrance to the Concord Grandstand Elevator.
  • Concord Ticket Booth
    • New lights and a new roof were installed on the Concord Ticket Booth to add some character.
  • Trackside Terrace
    • Power, water and sewage have been added for those who camp in Trackside Terrace.

All of these upgrades are sure to improve the fan experience here at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this July.

For ticket information on all 2018 events at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, including the July 20-22 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race weekend and the September 21-22 Full Throttle Fall Weekend, please stop by the ticket office, visit the speedway website at www.NHMS.com, or call Fan Relations at (603) 783-4931.


Pocono Raceway and the American Red Cross invite blood donors to attend the 13th Annual Pocono Raceway Blood Drive and Ride for the Red on Thursday, July 5. Both events, along with two satellite blood drives, are being held to honor the memory of late Raceway employee, Ryan Yanoshak.

The Pocono Raceway Blood Drive will take place at the Raceway, located at 1234 Long Pond Road, Long Pond, Pennsylvania, from 12-7 p.m. on Thursday, July 5. Appointments to donate blood can be made by calling 1-800-RED CROSS or visiting redcrossblood.org and using sponsor code POCONO.

In addition to giving blood, attendees are invited to “Ride for the Red.” A $10 per lap donation will enable participants to drive a lap, or laps, around Pocono Raceway using their own vehicles. Blood donors who plan to participate should do so before they donate. All proceeds will benefit Red Cross disaster relief efforts in the Pocono Mountains, which helps families prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters, both big and small.

Two satellite blood drives are being held for those unable to attend the events at the Raceway. One will take place at the Saint Faustina Kowalska Parish Hall in Nanticoke, Pa., from 1-6 p.m. on July 3. The other is being at the Hilton Scranton & Conference Center in Scranton, Pa., from 12-5 p.m. on July 5.

This year’s blood drive is being held in memory of the late Ryan Yanoshak. Yanoshak, raised in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, was Pocono Raceway’s Managing Director of Marketing Communications and had previously works as the Assistant Athletic Director and Special Assistant to the Executive Athletic Director at the Unites States Military Academy in West Point, New York.  A beloved son, brother, friend and co-worker, Yanoshak passed away in December 2017 following a courageous battle with cancer.

“Our entire staff looks forward to hosting the blood drive each and every year,” said Pocono Raceway President, Ben May. “It is one of our favorite events and we truly enjoy working with the American Red Cross. We, along with the Yanoshak family, owe the Red Cross our sincerest gratitude as they wanted to tribute to Ryan this year. Ryan played a key role in planning and managing the last two blood drives here. We look forward to what will be an amazing day and hope many donors will join us as honor Ryan’s memory on July 5.”

Presenting donors at the Pocono Raceway Blood Drive will be placed into a random drawing for (4) Terrace Club tickets to the Gander Outdoors 400 at Pocono Raceway, frontstage access to a pre-race concert and frontstage access to Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series driver introductions on Sunday, July 29. Presenting donors at each of the Satellite Blood Drives will be entered in a random drawing to win one of two (4) packs of tickets to the Gander Outdoors 400. Prizes and gifts are not redeemable for cash.

Suburban Propane is a proud national sponsor of the American Red Cross Blood Services and is helping to increase awareness of the constant need for blood and platelet donations. Presenting donors at the Raceway can enjoy an on-site cookout and will get a $10 Visa gift card, courtesy of Suburban Propane, on July 5. Suburban Propane employees will also volunteer at the blood drive as part of one of the largest national volunteer commitments to Red Cross Blood Services from a corporate partner.

Blood drives at Pocono Raceway have collected approximately 3,000 pints of blood over the past 12 years.

This blood drive comes as the Red Cross is urging individuals to help ensure blood is never missing from hospital shelves by donating blood or platelets through the Missing Types campaign. The goal of Missing Types is to inspire new blood donors and those who haven’t given in a while to give this summer and become a regular blood donor for patients in need in the years to come. For the past four years, new Red Cross blood donors have declined by about 80,000 each year. More blood donors are needed now to fill the gaps.

How to donate blood

Simply download the American Red Cross Blood Donor App, visit RedCrossBlood.org or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) to make an appointment or for more information. All blood types are needed to ensure a reliable supply for patients. A blood donor card or driver’s license or two other forms of identification are required at check-in. Individuals who are 17 years of age in most states (16 with parental consent where allowed by state law), weigh at least 110 pounds and are in generally good health may be eligible to donate blood. High school students and other donors 18 years of age and younger also have to meet certain height and weight requirements.

Blood and platelet donors can save time at their next donation by using RapidPass® to complete their pre-donation reading and health history questionnaire online, on the day of their donation, before arriving at the blood drive. To get started, follow the instructions at RedCrossBlood.org/RapidPass or use the Blood Donor App.

Pocono Raceway PR

Animal lovers and racing fans are invited for another action packed night of NASCAR stock car racing on Saturday night at Grandview Speedway featuring the T.P.Trailers 358 Modifieds, Late Models and Sportsman racers. The NASCAR Sportsman stock cars will be featured in the Summer Splash 40 paying $1,500 to win and sure to attract special attention from racers and fans. In addition it will be a Safety Net Sanctuary Raffle Fundraiser to help the animal sanctuary located in nearby Fleetwood offering protection to all types of animals.

Raffle tickets will be sold with lucky ticket buyers winning some great prizes from local businesses and race teams. In addition there will be receptacles in place to donate dry and canned dog and cat food. And there will be some animals on display.

Spectator gates open at 5:30 p.m. with racing starting at 7:30 p.m. At 5 p.m in an area near the main gate the Low Down and Dirty Internet Radio Show will be offering another of their very popular Meet and Greet sessions. This week Sportsman racer Jesse Landis and Modified standout Ron Kline will be greeting fans and showing off their race cars.

Adult admission for this special night of racing is $20, youngsters 6 thru 11 are admitted for $5 and kids under 6 pay NOTHING.

Sunday afternoon, 1 p.m., the Outlaw Enduros and Blast from the Past Vintage racers will be in action. Adult admission is just $10.

For additional information check in at www.grandviewspeedway.com, Facebook or telephone 610.754.7688.

Grandview Speedway PR

One of Charlotte Motor Speedway’s winningest drivers will attempt to tackle the Media Mayhem school bus race during next Tuesday’s Bojangles’ Summer Shootout. WBTV meteorologist Al Conklin – the three-time and defending Media Mayhem champion – will have to fend off some of the fastest media members in the Carolinas when they tangle in school buses on Charlotte’s frontstretch quarter-mile.

Six media members have traded their suits and ties for firesuits and helmets in the winner-take-all, 10-ton tussle for Media Mayhem glory. It’s a bumper-banging, low-speed, high-energy show no fan can afford to miss.

This year’s field includes:

  • Zach Aldridge, WCCB
  • Brett Baldeck, WJZY
  • Nick Carboni, WCNC
  • Al Conklin, WBTV
  • Courtney Davis, Spectrum News
  • J.D. Stone, WROQ

In his traditional past champion's pre-race remarks, Conklin described himself as Jimmie Johnson, only in a school bus.

“Charlotte Motor Speedway is my favorite track,” Conklin said. “I’m really comfortable there and we’ve enjoyed a lot of success over the years. I plan to make short work of these guys. A fourth victory should put me in an excellent position to gain a small, part-time job with an area school district come August.”

In addition to the no-holds-barred bus race tussle, the rising stars of motorsports will compete in Legend Cars and Bandoleros in an effort to join stars including Joey Logano, Chase Elliott and Bubba Wallace as prominent Shootout alumni who graduated to NASCAR’s highest levels.

Gates open at 5 p.m. Tuesday with racing beginning at approximately 7 p.m.

TICKETS: Single-day admission to the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout costs just $8 for adults and is FREE for children under 13. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling 1-800-455-FANS (3267)

Fans can connect with Charlotte Motor Speedway by following on Twitter and Instagram or becoming a Facebook fan. Keep up with all the latest news and information with the Charlotte Motor Speedway mobile app.