NASCAR Plans to Go International with Brazil Being the Target Audience

The weekend series at Phoenix Raceway marked the end of the NASCAR 2023 season. Most events are held in North America and Canada. However, there are considerations to host other tournaments in other venues. 

This move could be spiked by the fact that Formula 1 has been growing its franchise in the United States. Global visibility is inevitable if you want to be ahead of your competitors. NASCAR has considered rebranding the Canadian series through the founding partner to form the NASCAR Brasil Sprint Race 2023. This way, NASCAR won’t have to rely on specific sponsors.

There have been conversations to make the expansion dream a reality. Could Brazil be the perfect destination for NASCAR expansion into the global scene? Here is a snippet of what the chief international executive, Chad Seiglar, thinks. 

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A Look into How the First Year in Brazil Has Been

According to Chad, NASCAR had expectations to meet but the results exceeded these. Everything was magnificent, from the number of fans who attended the event to how the race was. The Brazilian market is unique; one driver was racing in a NASCAR-Charlotte combination, bringing things to a standpoint. 

From this view, there is more to tell and look into that cannot be comprehended in a one-year deal. Everything has been reviewed and the discussion is about how the next five years will be, mainly because 2023 superseded our expectations.

What about the Underestimated Potential Outside the United States?

There have been discussions about how NASCAR got to this point. Thiago Marques and Carlos Col have always been optimistic and emphasize Brazil’s readiness for NASCAR. “It was about perfect timing; we were not ready five years ago, but now is time,” said Chad.

The plans into Brazil have been underway for over five years but only one person was in charge of the International responsibility. However, the company considered doubling its efforts in pursuing the international scene.

The success in the local scene has been tremendous, yet only a few international fans. 8-12 individuals have been focusing on the Brazilian market to widen the scope. An internally structured and dedicated team focusing on this initiative will be fruitful and spark growth.

Europe is well-versed in open-wheel racing, but the passion for NASCAR racing is encouraging. It is the reason the company thought of getting into other markets, hence the need to explore options outside North America. Brazil is the perfect option because of the country’s history in motorsports. 

Thoughts on Brazil’s NASCAR Dividends Compared to Europe, Mexico, and Canada

Chad stated that comparing and ranking the markets and how much dividends each pays should be out of the question because the scenes are different. For instance, Canada is more developed and has had the series for close to 15 years. Comparing this to the United States is obvious because of the natural border that causes synergy. 

On the other hand, Europe is more advanced and comprehensively covers NASCAR racing education. Mexico is in the upper category as there has been driver-involvement, with Daniel Suarez being the driver in the Cup Series. 

Comparing the three against Brazil, there is more potential in Brazil, thanks to a pool of advanced, talented drivers. An example is how the Cup Series was televised and how it attracted a bigger audience, unlike the other markets. Brazil is more knowledgeable in NASCAR racing as the country is interested in motorsports. The focus is now on Brazil, a market that doesn’t have oval races. 

How about Brazilian Drivers?

The Daytona 500 tournament featured five Brazilian drivers. The main goal was to give them experience with this series and exposure to NASCAR. 

Brazil is an aspiration; having a Brazilian champion from this market is a milestone. This is attainable, racers don’t have to go to Monaco when they have Daytona as an option. Besides, several programs focus on incorporating Brazilian drivers into NASCAR racing starting in 2024.

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