Michelob ULTRA & Williams Racing Create First-Of-Its-Kind Real vs Virtual Race in Upcoming TV Special

As the sports world gathers in Las Vegas this weekend for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Michelob ULTRA and Williams Racing are coming together to announce a first-of-its-kind racing experience F1 fans are certain to love. 


To celebrate its first year of partnership since 2016, Michelob ULTRA and Williams Racing have announced “Lap of Legends, a television special that will bring legendary Williams racers back to the track and fans even closer to the race with a first-of-its-kind real vs virtual adrenaline-pumping 16-lap race. 


Made possible with the help of innovative technology, artificial intelligence, one real driver will face off against virtual versions of legendary former Williams Racing champions for an epic showdown. It’s 45 years of racing history that could all come down to the final lap at the iconic Silverstone Circuit in Towcester, UK. 



Here’s more on how the technology will make this race possible:

  • Using a medley of cutting-edge technology to bring these legendary racers back, one real Williams driver will visualize a grid of “phantom racers” made up of legendary champion racers, including Jenson Button, Jacques Vileneueve, Mario Andretti and more. 
  • To create the virtual drivers, Michelob ULTRA and Williams Racing analyzed thousands of hours of racing footage and historical data to mimic the speed racing style, technique and strategy of Formula 1 legends and their original cars.


The hour-long TV special of “Lap of Legends” will air on AMC and BBC America, and will be available on The Roku Channel in the U.S. in Spring 2024. It will also be distributed internationally across 28 countries including Canada, Mexico, Brazil and more.

Adam Sinclair