Highlights of the Concluded F1 Brazilian Grand Prix, 2023

Several controversies have surrounded the year’s final sprint at Interlagos for the United States Grand Prix. From Max Verstappen seeing off Lando Norris to Mercedes’s baffling struggles and rules, there have been several talking points from this series. 

Verstappen winning this event after a surprise defeat to Oscar Piastri in Qatar is a major highlight. This win is the fourth one for this year after edging Lando Norris McLaren. The duo contested earlier at Interlagos, with Norris outshining the Dutchman in the initial stages. 

However, this was a short-lived victory as Verstappen rose to his dominant position, roaring to a 17th win, which doubled up with the fourth sprint success. 

Besides the Verstappen and Norris drama, Charles Leclerc was forced to pull through the Ferrari reliability misery. On the other hand, Fernando Alonso produced a masterclass defense to challenge Sergio Perez. 

As for Mercedes, there is more to reconsider after the races. With major highlights crowding the event, such as F1’s future tires and a calendar contract, there is more to be concluded from the Brazilian Grand Prix Final.

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Verstappen in Quest to Break the F1 Record

Verstappen’s latest victory is a campaign of dominance that could see him break the 1952 hit rate by Ascari. He is a real threat and a veteran with the potential to set a new record. Vestappen’s victory (the 17th of the 2023 campaign) increased his GP to 85%. 

The results imply the lowest he could score is 77.3% in the Abu Dhabi and Las Vegas championships. The ranks cannot compare to the 71-year-old record set by Alberto Ascari in 1952 with 75%. No one has broken this record, but Verstappen is the man to watch. 

The Masterclass Defense by Alonso

Alonso is known for incredible comebacks, and the Brazilian Grand Prix was no exception. His unconventional strategy against Perez earned him a worth-to-mention accolade. How he helped Esteban Ocon move to victory while holding Lewis Hamilton in 2021 is still remarkable. 

The concluded series featured another tactical defense that earned him a spot on the podium, summing up to an eighth title in 2023.

Engine Electrics behind Leclerc’s Ferrari Reliability Distress

The F1 had another rarely seen sight: a top-line driver (Leclerc) crashing on the formation lap. According to Leclerc, he thought the hydraulics were faulty, and they cut power at the engine to inhibit steering. This impacted his defense in countering the unexpected rear locking and turn six.

It turned out later that the command system failed and switched off the engine and hydraulic, as cited by Fred Vasseur (Ferrari’s team boss). Leclerc terms this an unlucky encounter – he had previously encountered engine problems at Bahrain’s season opener, DNF. 

Both scenarios have cost him the much-coveted podium finish. This now sparks the reliability question about engine electrics even as he looks forward to having contract talks with Ferrari.

More Durable Tires Are a Possibility

With the conclusion of the Brazilian race, Pirelli is embarking on a new project with FIA and F1 teams. The idea is to come up with low-degradation tires by 2025.

Drivers have been grappling with overheating that makes tires vulnerable. This makes it difficult to race against other competitors, even with the rains causing several rear-sliding episodes that needed careful management. 

Pirelli is researching this and is bound to modify this by reducing degradation, according to Mario Isola. It is an option to work on if racers can be guaranteed durable and reliable tires. 

Impending Race Format Changes in 2024

The just-concluded event in Brazil featured the sixth F1 2023 final sprint. The conclusion brought about a discussion with FIA to tweak the format for the third year after its debut. Proposals include the return of the GP qualification system happening on Saturday and the sprint later the same day. This means that the sprint shootout will happen on Friday afternoon. A change in the format creates more for drivers, fans, and organizers.

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