Notes From the 2024 ASA STARS National Tour Team Meeting at Nashville

ASA STARS National Tour management hosted an informational meeting with the teams on Friday evening, November 3 at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway.

Track Enterprises President and ASA STARS National Tour Founder Bob Sargent made several newsworthy announcements at the meeting, which included the following.

  • 2023 ASA STARS Champions Press Conference: Track Enterprises will host a press event to formally honor the 2023 ASA STARS National Tour championship car owner and driver at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Indianapolis. Additional drivers and car owners who finished in the top ten in the final point standings will also be recognized during what is being planned as a luncheon event at the PRI trade show. Date, time and location is to be announced.
  • 2024 Championship Point Fund Announced: Sargent re-affirmed his commitment to the ASA STARS National Tour, announcing that the championship car owner point fund for 2024 would once again be no less than $100,000, paying a minimum of $25,000 to the champion owner.
  • Initial 2024 Winners Circle Program Details Revealed: Upon the conclusion of the 2023 ASA STARS National Tour at the All American 400, the final car owner point standings locked in the provisional Winners Circle program participants for the first three races of 2024. Eight car owners who participated in 90% of the race events and finished in the top ten in the final point standings will be eligible for the plan, beginning with the season-opening race of 2024.

Team Construction sponsored the Winners Circle program in 2023, providing guaranteed bonus money on a per event basis to those teams that supported the series regularly. The top teams in owner points were provided a $700 per event bonus in 2023, and Sargent committed to the teams that the 2024 program would be no less than that amount.

The Winners Circle program is designed to provide appearance bonus money to up to 20 teams – ten on the “A” program and another ten on the “B” program.

  • Owner/Driver Committee Announced: Acknowledging that the inaugural ASA STARS National Tour season was a steep learning curve, series officials announced the formation of an owner/driver committee. The owner/driver committee will be comprised of one representative from each of the top six car owners in the 2023 final point standings, plus one representative from a car owner vote. The owner/driver committee will be charged with providing observation and recommendation to the series regarding rules and procedures, as well as assisting with penalties and rules infractions.
  • 2024 ASA STARS Rookie of the Year Program Announced: With 2023 being the inaugural season for the ASA STARS National Tour, the series did not offer or promote a Rookie of the Year program. The series is actively seeking sponsorship, as was announced at the Friday team meeting. Eligibility requirements and bonus awards for the Rookie of the Year program will be forthcoming.

In addition to the series announcements made by Sargent and his staff, Hoosier Racing Tire provided a sneak preview of the new tires being developed for Super Late Model racing for 2024. A formal announcement about the new tires is expected to made at the Snowball Derby the weekend of November 30-December 3 at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, FL.

For the full ASA STARS National Tour schedule, plus Super Late Model rules and other information, please visit the series website at, or be sure to follow the series on social media (Facebook: STARS National Series | Twitter: @racewithstars | IG: @starsnational).