Sportsman Will Carry Mon Louis Island Construction in 2024

After being a significant Payout Boost Partner in 2023 Mon Louis Island Construction will become the title Sponsor for the Sportsman division in 2024.

The Mon Louis Island Construction Sportsman Division offered some of the largest field of cars while the Drivers are some of the most colorful at the Speedway.

“The fun and excitement Eddie (Shoemaker) and his team have brought to the Speedway is incredible. I believe the need for speed is back on track at Mobile International Speedway,” said Chris Morton, Owner Mon Louis Island Construction. “This historic track has been a corner stone for short track racing in the South and is on its way to becoming THE HOTTEST TRACK IN THE SOUTH! You can feel it in the air and see it on track and in the stands. I’ve been coming to MIS as a fan and working on cars since the Nineties, the Speedway has never been more alive. We are proud to be part of the Sportsman Division they offer some of the best racing at the track.”

Mon Louis Island Construction joins Revitalize Heating and Air, and Story & Bleich Roofing as Division Title Sponsors at Mobile International Speedway for the 2024 Season.

“Mon Louis Island Construction was responsible for some of our biggest payouts and boost programs this year at the Speedway. I’m pumped they are taking the next step in becoming a Division Sponsor”, offered Mobile International Speedway Promoter, Eddie Shoemaker. “Chris (Morton) has become a big part of our team and has helped us put together a great product for our fans.”

Mon Louis Island Construction: For 22 years Mon Louis Island Construction has designed, constructed and maintained waterfront bulkheads, piers and boat houses in and around Mobile Bay. We appreciate the opportunity to help you and your family with your water front needs!