McLaren Unveils Striking New Stealth Livery with OKX

n a bold move cloaked in mystery, McLaren Racing has unleashed a stealthy new look for the 2023 Singapore and Japanese Grands Prix. Shrouded in an all-black livery with hints of papaya, the striking MCL60 cars will slip through the night like shadows, their sleek new coats allowing them to strike swiftly and disappear into the darkness.


This irresistible makeover, conjured by the creative minds at OKX and McLaren, signifies the partners’ shared commitment to innovation and excellence. Under the moonlight, the black beauties will glide down the circuit, weaving in and out of the pack, before pouncing on their prey.


Unveiled in a glitzy launch event under Singapore’s twinkling skyline, the cars attracted admiring glances from drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri, clad in matching stealth uniforms. “She’s a real looker this one, I can’t wait to take her out on the town this weekend,” remarked Norris, running a gloved hand along the glossy new contours of his ride.


As the Singapore night envelops the track, the shadowy MCL60s will be out for the kill, their predatory instincts heightened by their sleek new stealth designs. McLaren and OKX have pulled off the ultimate bait-and-switch, and under the cloak of darkness, their rivals won’t know what hit them.

Adam Sinclair