Mobil 1™ Encourages Drivers to ‘Break Free’ in New Campaign Celebrating the Love of Driving

Mobil 1™, the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand, invites consumers nationwide to step away from their devices and celebrate the love of driving together with the launch of its new brand campaign, “Breaking Free.”

“Breaking Free” is not just a campaign; it represents a philosophy rooted in freedom, appreciation of the journey, and the transformative power of the open road to make your worries melt away. And it’s a shared philosophy; over half of Americans identify that some of life’s most cherished moments happen in the car* – from the excitement of getting your driver’s license, family road trips, to singing to music as the miles pass by.

“We dedicate this campaign to our most loyal Mobil 1 consumers,” explains Bryce Huschka, Consumer Marketing Manager, on behalf of Mobil 1. “For nearly 50 years, we’ve been talking about our incredible technology advancements, such as longer drain intervals and fuel economy savings. But we were reminded in our research that the consumers we want to reach are very different – they’re not all obsessed with the latest engine wear protection. What ties them together is their inspirational stories of what driving means to them.”

The goal is to launch a multi-year brand platform that broadens the appeal of the category and opens the door for more people to find their joy in driving – spotlighting human stories instead of technical specifications. The centerpiece of the launch is a film that makes visible the invisible threads that keep us all overconnected.

“As we sat down together to create the campaign, we each shared our version of the story – explaining how technology had crept further into our lives, and the rejuvenation that even a quick drive can bring to the soul,” shares Matt Pruett, Group Creative Director at advertising agency Martin Williams. “In one example, a father shared the story of his three-year-old coming home with a crayon family portrait showing him in front of a computer and smartphone. Developing this work caused a lot of us to examine our own relationships with technology and the impacts of being constantly connected.”

The campaign will run across television, print, digital, video and out-of-home executions. It was produced by Stink Films and directed by the Fridman Sisters – a directing duo made up of Lina and Maira Fridman, who have a talent for telling cinematic visual stories in ways that captivate viewers. They have worked with several top brands across industries and have gained global recognition for their award-winning commercials. Advertising agency Martin Williams led the creative for the brand.

“Our new brand platform will be an umbrella for everything we do going forward with our products, partners and driving experiences for consumers,” adds Huschka. “We have a few exciting surprises up our sleeves as we embark on our 50th anniversary next year as well as an open invitation to others that share our passion to collaborate – for the love of driving.”

To learn more about the campaign, please visit, which features the full film as well as branded content, and follow along on social media via @mobil1.

* per survey commissioned by Metromile, a digital insurer, and conducted by OnePoll

Adam Sinclair