Max Lanza wins in Vallelunga

The NASCAR GP of Italy became a triumph for Max Lanza, pushed by the 20 thousand fans came to the track to enjoy the incredible show of EuroNASCAR. The Italian public supported Lanza for three days until the conquer of the Challenger Trophy win in Race 2. Roberto Benedetti showed a very good pace, but he was a bit unlucky during the races.

The warmth of the spectators wrapped the #88 Camaro drivers since from Thursday, when Max Lanza and Roberto Benedetti took part to the parade in the narrow streets of the small town of Campagnano with the EuroNASCAR glamour. Fans and tourists were thrilled by the event and had the chance to discover the cars and meet the drivers. For the entire weekend the support of fans never had a lack: “I have no words to express what I feel. I still get excited about it. Everybody was there, no one was missing: friends, fans, simple motorsport enthusiasts, all my partners and my family, everyone! They were all there for us, supporting me and Roberto during the sessions on track, in the paddock, on the grandstands. They gave me an incredible energy that I can not express in the right way. After Saturday events, after being involved one more time in another crash, I aimed to get back home, everything in my mind was so dark. But they gave me the strength and the support I needed to catch the victory I conquered on Sunday!” commented Max Lanza, still in an emotional mood at the end of the weekend at his own home track.  “I did a really good race, starting from the back of field in race 2, I climbed up so close to the Top10 and I conquered the victory in the Challenger Trophy! Being on the podium with all my…racing friends has been really a special moment! Thank you all!

Roberto Benedetti, on the other side, lived a more a troubled weekend in EuroNASCAR 2 Division. The Italian driver showed a great race pace, that could have allowed him to reach the overall Top 10 overall, to fight for the Legend Trophy win in both races and to thank all the fans from the podium, but unfortunately on both races he was forced to retire due to contacts with other drivers.

The show of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series will be back after the summer break, at the Autodrom Most in Czech Republic.

Max Lanza PR