eSports Racing Events You Can Find at New Casinos

20 years ago, could people imagine that computer games would be equal to sports? Nowadays, eSports is one of the most popular entertainment options. Many users worldwide participate in huge tournaments, while others follow the events with bated breath. The eSports world is expanding: currently, a line of disciplines is constantly growing.

What are eSports Racing and eSports Betting?

Esports racing is one of the most widespread options, allowing users to enjoy top simulators. Lovers of NASCAR and Formula 1 will definitely appreciate such a pastime. At first glance, it may seem that watching someone playing won’t be very exciting.

But betting makes this pastime more attractive for viewers. You can make your prediction on a particular participant or the outcome of the event. Therefore, it’s a perfect way to enjoy the performance and get the chance to win cash. Choosing the right bookmaker is the key to success: punters should thoroughly access everything and only join reliable platforms.

Popular eSports Racing Tournaments

Multiple events are held yearly, and eSports fans are never bored. Following eRacing announcements and watching tournaments is always exciting, as they are dynamic and have unpredictable results. Of course, most events are accessible for punters: choosing the best odds and placing a bet would make the pastime even better. So, what are the hottest eSports performances we are yet to see in 2023?

IEM Cologne, Summer 2023

This event is the most prestigious and well-known CS: GO competition, involving 24 teams worldwide. Even those far from the eSports world have definitely heard about this game. The tournament will be held in Germany at the end of July. Teams from different countries will participate in the group stage to show mastery and compete for the champion’s title. The prize pool is $1,000,000, so the contest promises to be hot! Millions of viewers from various states will follow the event live, so don’t forget to join them.

Rocket League Championship, Summer 2023

Esports fans won’t take a break from exciting events as IEM Cologne will be followed by the Rocket League Championship in August. Psyonix Company announced that the tournament will be held in Dusseldorf this year. The top 24 league teams will compete for the massive $2,100,000 prize pool and the title of the best eSports group.

The contest will be held in two stages: first, 16 teams will compete for the chance to participate in the main event. At the same time, the other 8 participants will be auto-qualified. Fans of eSports anticipate an impressive performance! Have you already decided whom to bet on? It’s time to make your prediction and enjoy the show. 

League of Legends, Autumn 2023

This tournament is one of the loudest days in the eSports world, so fans eagerly await it. Last year, League of Legends was held in San Francisco and had a record number of views on Twitch. In 2023, South Korea will host passionate gamers. The tournament will show 22 teams competing with each other for the massive prize pool and the title of champion.

The main peculiarity is that participants will eliminate the traditional group part: the double-elimination play-in stage will replace it. The live broadcast will be available, so don’t forget to set a notification for October-November to follow everything on your own. Many bookies will offer attractive odds and juicy conditions during the championship, so don’t forget to pick the best operator and get maximum benefits.

How to Pick New Online Operators for eSports Betting?

The performance will be much more exciting if you place a bet on it. In such an instance, users can get an adrenaline rush and enjoy the possibility of additional income. Multiple bookies offer members eSports, among other disciplines, but it’s important to choose the best platform.

Punters should check the availability of licensing, usage of data protection mechanisms, odds, and additional bonuses. Therefore many bettors consider placing bets and gambling at the newest CasinoDeps sites with the latest game titles and bonuses.   Modern sportsbooks offer insane choices, so get the best conditions for eSports betting. Grab the available bonuses and place your bet to follow the chosen event with even more excitement.

The Final Word

It’s predicted that eSports will gain more popularity in the future. Technologies are evolving, as well as the quality of games. Therefore, users, especially the younger generation, show increased interest in this activity. Nowadays placing bets on eRacing is as popular as playing virtual racing games with the possibility to gain profit.