Formula E: The States Driving This Eco-Friendly Motorsport

As a concept that embraces both sustainability and innovation, Formula E and its electric powered racing have been gaining popularity in the U.S. The motorsport’s unique appeal lies in its environmentally conscious model, city-centered street circuits, and fan engagement through features like ‘Fanboost’ and ‘Attack Mode.’ 
While sports betting is commonly associated with established motorsports like Formula 1 and NASCAR, Formula E has provided a new avenue for enthusiasts. In terms of popularity, Formula E still has ground to cover compared to Nascar and Formula 1, with approximately 21,000 monthly Google searches in the US compared to 1.2 million for Nascar and 434,000 for Formula 1.
With Saturday’s Formula E race in Portland almost here, analyzed U.S. search data to see which states have shown the most interest (per capita) in this motorsport in the past year. Which places are the top candidates to host the next Formula E race on U.S. soil?
Unsurprisingly Oregon, the state containing the city hosting the upcoming Formula E race (Portland), has shown the most interest in this electricity powered racing – which translates to a Google Search Score of 100 out of 100. However it is unlikely (but not impossible) that the next race will be in the same state, given all of the other U.S locations have to choose from.
New York is ranked #2 when it comes to Formula E interest in the past year. This is the first year since 2017 the ePrix track in the city will not host an annual race. It would be no surprise to see an event return to the Big Apple in the future.
In #3 for Formula E interest is Washington, with a Google Search Score of 53 out of 100. Despite never hosting any events, this data suggests that the Evergreen State would be a great location for a future race – with a city such as Seattle a prime candidate.
Massachusetts (48) and New Jersey (49) are in #4 & #5, respectively, meaning all of the Top 5 most interested states are either on the East or West coast.

  • calculated which states are the most interested in Formula E.
  • They used Google Trends to measure nationwide interest in the phrase ‘Formula E’, and then broke this down by state to see where the term is looked up the most.
  • All data was collected and correct on 06/23/2023.
Adam Sinclair