Rev Up Your Career: Top NASCAR Internship Programs for Students

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) isn’t just about the thrilling races and the roaring crowd. Beyond the tracks, NASCAR is a massive industry that offers a wealth of internship opportunities for students interested in various fields ranging from sports management and marketing to mechanical engineering.

Whether you’re an avid racing fan or just a student seeking an exciting industry to launch your career, NASCAR can offer unique opportunities. Maybe you’re even inspired not to use a professional paper writing service for the first time and write an essay on the influence of NASCAR on American culture yourself, or maybe a business case study on NASCAR’s marketing strategies. The real-life experience gained from NASCAR-related internships can undoubtedly add substantial value to such academic endeavors.

1.  NASCAR Internship Program

The NASCAR Internship Program is one of the most comprehensive opportunities for students.

The program offers a 10-week, paid experience that includes hands-on experience and unique networking opportunities. Interns are assigned to diverse departments like marketing, communication, or engineering, contingent on their academic disciplines.

How to apply

Applications for the NASCAR Internship Program typically open in the fall for the following summer. Interested students should check the NASCAR Careers website regularly for updates.

2.  Hendrick Motorsports Internship Program

Hendrick Motorsports, one of NASCAR’s top teams, also offers an exciting internship program.

Interns get the chance to immerse themselves in realms such as competition, marketing, or operations. This program is particularly suited for those interested in the more technical aspects of NASCAR.

How to apply

The application period usually starts in January. Detailed information can be found on the Hendrick Motorsports official website.

3.  Internships with Broadcast Partners

NASCAR’s broadcast partners, such as FOX Sports and NBC Sports, also offer internship opportunities.

FOX Sports University Program

This initiative offers students the chance to engage in tangible projects connected to NASCAR and other sports. It serves as a prime opportunity for those intrigued by sports broadcasting or journalism.

NBC Sports Internship Program

NBC Sports provides internships in areas like production, marketing, and communications. These internships offer exposure to the broadcasting side of NASCAR.

4.  Team Internships

Several NASCAR teams offer internships that provide behind-the-scenes experience.

Joe Gibbs Racing Internship Program

Interns can learn about marketing, public relations, or the technical side of racing. It’s an ideal opportunity for students seeking an in-depth view of team operations.

Richard Childress Racing Internship

This program offers hands-on experience in various areas, including competition, marketing, and operations. Internship openings are typically announced on the Richard Childress Racing Careers page.

5.  Penske Racing Internships

Penske Racing presents internships where students have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with some of the top professionals in the industry.

Interns can gain experience in several areas, including competition, public relations, and marketing. The exposure to a fast-paced, professional racing environment provides invaluable industry experience.

How to Apply

Visit the Penske Racing official website for the most current internship postings and application details.

6.  Internships with NASCAR Sponsors

Various NASCAR sponsors also provide internships, offering students the chance to see how these partnerships work.

Geico Internship Program

Geico, a major NASCAR sponsor, offers internships in areas like business leadership, actuary, and technology.

Coca-Cola Internship Program

As one of NASCAR’s longest-running sponsors, Coca-Cola offers internships that can provide a unique perspective on sports sponsorship.

7.  Charlotte Motor Speedway Internships

Charlotte Motor Speedway provides students the chance to experience the operational side of running a race track.

Interns can gain hands-on experience in various areas, including events management, ticket sales, public relations, and marketing.

How to Apply

Check the careers section of the Charlotte Motor Speedway website for current internship opportunities.

8.  NASCAR Digital Media Internships

For students interested in digital media, NASCAR offers internships focused on digital content creation and management.

Interns may work on tasks related to website management, social media, video production, and other digital media-related activities.

How to Apply

Applications for the NASCAR Digital Media Internships are available through the NASCAR Careers website.

9.  Daytona International Speedway Internships

Daytona International Speedway, the iconic home of the Daytona 500, also provides unique internship opportunities.

Interns can gain experience in a range of areas, including operations, events management, public relations, and marketing. This hands-on experience allows students to understand the dynamics of managing a world-class racing facility.

How to Apply

Interested students can check the Daytona International Speedway’s official website for current internship postings and application details.

10.              NASCAR Productions Internships

NASCAR Productions, a full-service production company, offers internships for students interested in the media production side of NASCAR.

Interns might work on a variety of tasks related to production, post-production, and graphic design. It’s a great opportunity for students interested in the production of promotional spots, branded content, and documentary features.

How to Apply

Applications for NASCAR Productions Internships can be found on the NASCAR Careers website.

Tips for Applying for Internships

Securing an internship in the competitive world of NASCAR requires more than just a passion for the sport. Here are a few tips to help you stand out:

Tailor Your Application: Tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific internship you’re applying for. Highlight relevant courses, projects, or previous work experience that relate to the role.

Network: Establishing connections is vital. Participate in NASCAR events, industry-specific conferences, or job fairs. Interacting with professionals in the industry can provide insightful knowledge and might open doors to internship possibilities.

Showcase Your Passion: In your application and interviews, don’t be afraid to express your passion for NASCAR and the motorsports industry. Employers appreciate genuine enthusiasm.

Do Your Research: Research the company, its culture, and the specific role before applying or going into an interview. This reflects your authentic interest in the position and demonstrates initiative in familiarizing yourself with the role.

Follow Up: Following an application or interview, shoot off a follow-up email to express your ongoing interest in the role. This tactic can keep you in the recruiter’s mind.

Bear in mind that the application process can be intense and competitive. If you don’t land an internship on your first attempt, don’t let disappointment get the better of you. Perseverance is crucial. Extract lessons from each experience and persistently refine your strategy.


NASCAR-related internships provide invaluable experience for students interested in a range of fields. Whether your interest lies in sports management, marketing, journalism, or engineering, NASCAR’s world can offer an exhilarating entry point into your chosen field.

As you navigate these opportunities, remember that resources like the best essay editing services can be an asset, whether you’re required to write a compelling application essay or a final report at the conclusion of your internship.

With the right combination of passion, preparation, and persistence, you could find yourself not just watching the race but being a part of the thrilling world of NASCAR.