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Data Reveals: Which Formula 1 Drivers Are Winning the Popularity Contest?

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Formula 1 is one of the most thrilling motorsport competitions around the world, with millions of fans globally. The sport is known for featuring some of the world's most talented drivers, whose skills and strategies on the track have captivated fans for decades. In recent years, however, the sport has also been fueled by controversies and scandals, as well as increased media attention , no doubt thanks to Netflix's Formula 1: Drive to Survive. These factors have contributed to F1's growing popularity, making it one of the most exciting and talked-about sports in the world today.
Despite all the controversies, the drivers are the heart of the sport, and the researchers from came up with a list of the most popular drivers currently on the grid. To do this, the researchers gathered the following data for each driver: the number of Instagram followers, the number of Twitter followers, the number of tags on TikTok, the number of Wikipedia page visits, and global volume searches for each of the 20 drivers.
One notable name that is missing is the popular Daniel Ricciardo, as he is not on the grid this season, but if he were, he would have been in fifth place on this list.
Full data available HERE.

The reigning world champion Max Verstappen has a massive social media following with over 3.2 million Twitter followers and 9.7 million Instagram followers, but what put him at the top of this list is his enormous popularity on TikTok - his name has been tagged over 8.3 billion times on the app.
In second place is Lewis Hamilton, with 8 million Twitter followers and 32.3 million Instagram followers. He is the most searched driver, with a global volume search of over 2.4 million and his Wikipedia page has over 400k visits in the past month alone.
Charles Leclerc has a strong social media presence with 2.5 million Twitter followers and 10.6 million Instagram followers, which puts him in third place. He has also been tagged on TikTok an impressive 6.2 billion times.
In fourth place is Lando Norris. The Belgian-British driver has 2.3 million Twitter followers and 6.1 million Instagram followers. 
Sergio Pérez is the fifth most popular driver currently on the grid, with over 3.6 million Twitter followers and 5.6 million Instagram followers. His Wikipedia page has been visited more than 132k times in the past month.
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