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Montucky Cold Snacks announces Mascot Contest; prizes include Face on 100k+ Beers, NASCAR truck +More!

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Have you ever wanted to have your face slapped on the side of a NASCAR truck? Be appointed an emissary to the sovereign nation of The Republic of Molossia? Undertake a liquor store can-signing tour?


While this isn’t Make-A-Wish Foundation, Montucky Cold Snacks, the beer flavored beer for everyone, is making dreams come true, by giving one lucky fan bonafide minor-celebrity status, via its debut Montucky Mascot Contest. This is no joke! The winner’s face will cover hundreds of thousands of Montucky Cans and that’s just to start…


The Montucky Mascot will also enjoy a major local liquor-store signing tour, host a Race Day NASCAR party while watching a NASCAR truck with their FACE on it zip around the track, first pitch for Reno Aces’ opening game, and get shredded with a summer training session with an ice curling icon. Montucky’s Mascot is going to be L-I-V-I-N’ this year!


Launching on March 22, with no rules and no parameters, contestants simply create a :30 sec video showing and/or telling Montucky why they should be the first-ever official mascot. Worst case scenario, participants get :30 seconds of fame on Montucky’s socials for their “better luck next time” efforts. Best case they could see their face on a billboard in some rural location in the middle of nowhere.


Much like those of the Royal Family members, the duties of The Montucky Mascot are serious, our mascot will be called upon to hold this title with no real expectations beyond being a sterling legend redeeming these unremarkably legit prizes. 


If you think you are up to the challenge, send us your best, and we’ll see you on the can!

The official list of prizes below:

  • Appointed the official mascot as an emissary to their sovereign nation of The Republic of Molossia 
  • Face on Cans
  • Your face on a NASCAR Truck (one race)
  • A trip to the NASCAR Truck Race where your face is featured on the side of the truck
  • Your face on a MCS Billboard somewhere in America 
  • Your name on a Montucky Cold Snacks Adopt-A-Highway in Montana
  • Opening throw at Reno Aces game
  • Liquor store can-signing tour
  • Randomly found used mixtape 
  • Sample 50 Fried Foods at a State Fair in One Day 
  • A year’s worth of snacks
  • Face on mouse pad
  • Face on Coffee Cup
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