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Is Speedway Racing the Best Game in the NASCAR Genre?

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Speedway Racing by Super PowerUp Games is one of the best-known attempts to translate the excitement of NASCAR to video game consoles, but does it work? This is also an opportunity to consider what the future might hold for racing games like this, as new technology is used to bring us new ways of playing.

What Do the Reviews of Speedway Racing Say?

The reviews of this game across platforms like the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch are mixed. It’s designed to be a fast and spectacular game, so it’s fair to say that the developer has opted for a simpler arcade-style rather than trying to make it a highly accurate racing simulation.

In fact, it can be played in arcade mode, in the championship, or 4-player setting. Each race sees the player up against 20 other cars, with the top speeds reaching over 230 mph. An online leaderboard has been added, to make it easier to compare performances with other players taking part from around the planet.

The number of vehicles that can be unlocked is solid, but the more negative reviews tend to focus on the relatively simple gameplay and the fact that it becomes repetitive too quickly. The general opinion is that it perhaps doesn’t match up to games like the popular NASCAR heat series and the realistic iRacing title.

What Might We See in the Future?

It’s noticeable that many of the most-loved games in this genre are from early in the 21st century when there was a boom in NASCAR-based video games according to this list. However, it seems likely that we will see new games in the future, as the motorsports world remains massively popular.

This could apply to simulation-style games that take us through a full season in the way that the likes of the F1 Manager 2022 game by Frontier Developments had done for F1. This would allow fans of the speedway to use their favourite strategies and build a team from scratch while controlling every aspect.

NASCAR games also provide potential for casino slots, as Bally Technologies released a game using this theme a few years ago. The BonusFinder site explains which are the top new online casinos in Pennsylvania and their post contains names like Caesars and PlayLive. A look at these sites shows slots based on varied themes, including sports and TV shows, so a speedway-style slot using NASCAR imagery could easily work.

New technology could be used to good effect on any new NASCAR games. This could mean using virtual reality and augmented reality, or the races could even take place in a full metaverse setting where the player’s on-screen avatar gets behind the wheel. The blockchain also offers the possibility of an immersive play-to-earn type of game that could attract a big audience.

The Full Potential Still to Be Explored

Speedway Racing doesn’t manage to explore the full potential of this sport, and we may see an alternative game based on motorsports hitting the headlines before too long and maybe even sparking off a new wave of NASCAR games that give fans a variety of ways of playing.



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