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Mobil 1 and Hagerty Make Their Partnership Official: The Legendary Motorsports and Automotive Brands are on a Mission to Save Driving and Celebrate Car Culture

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In the over-scheduled, over-programmed race of daily life, cars are often viewed as machines used for commuting – the thing that gets us from one place to another. While automobiles keep nearly a quarter of a billion Americans on the road, the world’s leading synthetic motor oil and iconic motorsports brand Mobil 1™ and the automotive lifestyle brand Hagerty™ are committed to cultivating and celebrating a more meaningful car culture that brings joy to driving and builds a community of driving enthusiasts. To fuel that purpose, today, the two brands formalized their alliance in a multi-year collaboration to serve drivers everywhere.


“Hagerty has a purpose to save driving and car culture. Mobil 1 has a mission to spread the love of driving,” said Scott Howard, Director, North America Finished Lubricants at ExxonMobil. “Whether it’s modern European race cars, classic American builds, the Rocket League’s virtual Octane car, or innovative creations like the Hoonipigasus, we’ve seen that the joy of driving, not necessarily what you’re driving, is what unites enthusiasts together and builds communities. Together, Mobil 1 and Hagerty will better serve, grow, and inspire drivers everywhere.”


Combined, Mobil 1 and Hagerty have nearly 90 years of experience protecting automobiles, creating innovative technologies, building industry relationships, and growing communities of driving enthusiasts all over the world. Together, both brands will be able to serve their consumers better by bringing automotive culture to new heights – on and off the road – with a focus on compelling content, cultivating communities, and providing car care with purpose.


“We started as an insurance company to protect the vehicles we all love,” said Larry Webster, Senior Vice President of Media and Editorial, Hagerty. “But we’ve grown into an automotive lifestyle brand because the passion of driving enthusiasts is so much bigger than the car themselves. The builders, the stories, the gatherings and – yes – the cars, are why more than 750,000 drivers are part of Hagerty’s Driver’s Club. Empowering people who love cars of all types is what motivates Mobil 1 and Hagerty to serve driving communities together.”


At the SEMA Show, the premier annual automotive trade show in Las Vegas, Mobil 1 and Hagerty announced their collaboration and formalized how they plan to serve driving enthusiasts. 


Creating Compelling Content

Hagerty brings a deep knowledge of car culture and a proven ability to connect with enthusiasts through high-quality content such as its existing YouTube video series “Capturing Car Culture” and “Hagerty DIY.” Meanwhile, Mobil 1 will provide access to the greatest drivers, cars, and events in the industry as a fixture on the F1 circuit, NASCAR tracks, and extreme motorsport races like the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Together, the industry leaders will collaborate on exclusive, behind-the-scenes content to further showcase the best cars, stories, products and, most importantly, the people behind them as a way to entertain and inform the enthusiast community through all channels including print, digital web, video, and social media.


Cultivating Communities

Hagerty takes car culture seriously by attending, sponsoring, and hosting more than 2,500 events every year and is committed to offering experiential on-ramps for car enthusiasts with its world-class vehicle storage and exclusive social club, Hagerty Garage + Social that provides car lovers with a home away from home. Mobil 1 understands the importance of celebrating driving and highlighting its love of the sport in new ways – such as through its esports and gaming collaborations with Rocket League and Gen.G. Together, the two brands will curate incredible experiences for current driving enthusiasts and cultivate new opportunities to usher in a new community of drivers wherever, and however, they drive. 


Car Care with Purpose

Mobil 1 protects engines on the road and track and Hagerty serves more than 750,000 Drivers Club members with roadside service among other benefits – highlighting both brands’ deep understanding of the need for regular car maintenance. Consumers can expect to see exclusive product offerings through the partnership. Caring for a car properly is critical, and together, Mobil 1 and Hagerty will continue to create efficiencies for drivers to increase safety, boost performance, and educate vehicle owners and the industry. Ultimately, the expertise, technology, and education from Mobil 1 and Hagerty will help drivers maintain their cars so they can get more out of the drive. 

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