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Car IQ Sponsoring Bryson’s Travel to USAC’s West Coast Midget Swing

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Car IQ Sponsoring Bryson’s Travel to USAC’s West Coast Midget Swing USAC Photo
Car IQ®, a leading provider of vehicle payment solutions, has signed on as a sponsor of USAC standout Kaylee Bryson.
Bryson is set to begin chronicling on social media her experiences using Car IQ Pay to purchase fuel for her Dodge Charger and travel RV without the use of a credit card during the West Coast Swing of the USAC NOS Energy Drink Midget National Championship races in November.
“Kaylee will be the first professional racecar driver to ditch the credit card and let her car and RV connect directly to gas pumps to pay for fuel as she travels from the Midwest to the West Coast,” said Sterling Pratz, CEO of Car IQ.  “As a former racecar driver, I look forward to working with Kaylee to build our brand and learn from her feedback. Her experiences using Car IQ to pay for fuel as she travels to USAC’s Turkey Night Grand Prix will provide us with valuable customer insight.”
Kaylee Bryson is a rising star in the world of professional motorsports and consistently finishes in the top-10. She is currently tied for the most all-time career podium finishes by a woman in USAC National competition.
Among her numerous accomplishments, she is the first woman to lead a lap in the 52-year history of the USAC Silver Crown series and the first woman to qualify on the front row for a USAC Silver Crown race on dirt.
“I was honored when Car IQ first approached me with the idea to partner and sponsor my travel,” Bryson said. “What they are doing from a fueling and payment perspective is super exciting, and I look forward to sharing my experience with my social following. I haven’t seen anything like it before and I think it’s really going to be game changing.”
Currently accepted at 21,000 stations nationwide, Car IQ simplifies the fueling process by only requiring the driver to enter the pump number, add fuel and drive away. Car IQ validates the vehicle at the fueling location and unlocks the pump so the driver can fuel freely. Once fueling is complete, Car IQ Pay enables the vehicle to pay for the fuel it received. As the driver leaves the station, the payment receipt is sent to the driver for easy expenditure tracking.
Car IQ® Inc. has created a payment network for cars, that eliminates the need for credit cards and enables all vehicles to connect directly to merchants and transact directly, securely and autonomously. Car IQ’s payment solution is aimed at driving ease of use by delivering value and reducing fraud and risk for fleets and participating merchants. The Car IQ payment solution replaces incumbent fleet card products and eliminates tedious back-office vehicle reconciliation for fleets.
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