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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Explains His Funny Tweets Featured

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. just dug back in his Twitter archives and explained the backstory to 8 of his wildest, most random Tweets from over the years ?. Dale was the first NASCAR driver to ever take part in Twitter’s series, “#BehindTheTweets.”


See here for Dale’s “#BehindTheTweets” video: 


Some of Dale’s funniest explanations are below, and it’s clear he loves to have a good time ?:


  • Tweet from 1/13/2018: My wife is taking me to a brunch. What happens there?

    • “Apparently you drink mimosas. And so that part was fun… (especially) anytime before noon and you have a reason.”

  • Tweet from 12/26/2017: I’m glad there’s a week buffer between Christmas and NYE for those of us who wanna tie a few more on before the New Year. ?

    • “I love that week. There’s no responsibilities at all. If you want to party or drink that week all the way through New Year’s, you can!”

  • Tweet from 7/28/2022: Opens twitter and sees Kyle Petty is trending. Makes note to self to try and give Kyle Petty context when I see him tomorrow. ??

    • “I was having a conversation on my podcast and in the middle of the conversation, “what the f does kyle petty have to do with this?” comes blurting out of my mouth. Everybody started talking about it on the internet and we made a t-shirt that says “what the f does kyle petty have to do with this?” Now, Kyle has to sign these t-shirts at the race track when he sees them because everybody is buying them.”

  • Tweet from 7/11/2022: Was playing video games last night and met a random player using my name as his tag. I was also using my real name as a tag. I introduced myself. “Hey Dale Jr it’s me. Or you. Im Dale Jr.” but, he didn’t believe me

    • “The guy didn’t believe it was me. He just mumbled something and went in the other direction. I wish I could’ve gotten through.”

  • Tweet from 7/27/2022: Post race, I went straight to Broadway and raised hell till 4am to celebrate our determined efforts. ? ?

    • “So, we were in Nashville broadcasting a race. We had these rain delays that lasted forever. I had promised my wife that I would meet her on Broadway and we were gonna party. I guess finally right around midnight I arrive at Broadway and I come in sober as a goat and they are ripping and tearing and having a lot of fun. And I had to really catch up fast… Nashville is the best town to have fun in. Yeah, we raised hell until 4am!”


@DaleJr is a gem on the timeline (2.5 million followers) and he absolutely loves being active on Twitter: “I’ve been on Twitter a long time and certainly have enjoyed my experience (on the platform) and it’s fun to relive some of these Tweets.”


For reference, some other athletes to appear on #BehindTheTweets include the Antetokounmpo family (2022), Ja Morant (2022), Patrick Mahomes (2019), Dwyane Wade (2019), Joel Embiid (2018) and many more.

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