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SRO racers from Florida talk about Sebring

Saturday, Sep 10 904

by Dean Case, Press Officer, SRO Motorsports Group AMERICA



Florida is a popular state for race fans and racers alike.  We asked a few of the SRO racers who live in Florida about the iconic Sebring International Raceway.  



“I grew up in Cocoa Beach which is about two hours from Sebring where my dad would take me to go see with 12 Hours of Sebring each year. My first ever race in a car was at Sebring so it’s a very special place to me. These days I spend so much time over the fall/winter/spring months at Sebring coaching and co-driving with coaching clients that I would definitely call it my “home track”. Winning here during the SRO weekend would be very special to me.”  


Eric Filgueiras         #18 RS1 Porsche       Pirelli GT4 America  



“I love Sebring because it has so much character.  It's super tough.  The bumps, the changing surface from asphalt to concrete.  The track never feels the same.  I love the challenge of looking for the limits of traction every time I’m out!  With this Florida heat and how hard this track is on the mind and body, I am so grateful that I'll have the Gapin Institute Performance Health Team helping me maximize my potential.  And the fact that I get to enjoy it with friends and family is a huge bonus!”   


Marko Radisic        # 22 SRQ Motorsports BMW         GT America Powered by AWS  



“I've only recently become a Florida resident (Key Biscayne), but I've been no stranger the last ten years since I got into racing.  Much of the offseason (if you can call it that) is spent in Florida; with most of it at Sebring.  When it comes to racetracks, Sebring has a little bit of everything, so we practice here as much as possible.  Out of all the tracks we visit all year long, we spend the most time at Sebring!”  


David Askew           #63 DXDT Mercedes-AMG    Fanatec GT World Challenge America powered by AWS  



Sebring is one of my favorite tracks because it requires you to really learn and understand the track layout.  The track has bumps, dips, and different types of pavement which make the track very difficult to drive.  Turn One is a blind high speed corner that requires a lot of confidence.  I first raced the track (club course section) against my dad when I was 12 in an open wheel car and lapped him. He was really surprised.  I raced the track many times during the NASA Florida region Spec Miata championship and really like racing here.  I am looking forward to racing with SRO later this month.”   


Tyler Delgado   #33 Bryan Herta Autosport Hyundai   TC America powered by Skip Barber  



“Having moved to Florida seven years ago, Sebring is now my "home" race.  This is pretty exciting, especially since my family now lives down there and I've gained some great friends as well so the local support will be awesome. Luckily, I have driven many races at Sebring and have had much success so I'm looking to continue that success there. Our goals are to have another great showing for the new 11th Gen Honda Civic Si as we have all season. If we can win and extend our championship lead, it will be a cherry on top but our ultimate goal is to keep showcasing the product that Honda has produced alongside the top team in the paddock, the Skip Barber Racing School.”   


Carter Fartuch      #16 Skip Barber Racing Honda      TC America powered by Skip Barber  



“I consider Sebring as one of my home tracks since I live in Boca Raton.  I have a ton of Sebring track time, having done the 12-Hours for a couple times with Mazda, and raced pretty much every other series on that track. Tim Horrell and I are well prepared with our Fast Track Racing BMW for the SRO weekend since we tested here in the begining of the year. I'm really hoping for a great result since this is going to be my last race with the team in 2022 due to a schedule conflict for the finale.”  


Rafa Matos         #10 Fast Track Racing BMW          Pirelli GT4 America  



I moved to FL in the fall of 2015 so Sebring has not always been my home track ,but upon learning about all the history related to this track I couldn’t wait to drive on it. I still remember taking my first lap and immediately finding out why this track is so challenging. Over the past years from DE level, to club racing, and now professional it has been the track that  I have driven  the most laps on and to this day I am still learning ways to go faster and faster. It’s definitely a track I’m familiar with so to get my first SRO podium here would be super special.   


Tim Horrell          #10 Fast Track Racing BMW              Pirelli GT4 America  



“Sebring is indeed a very important track in my life. Racing at Sebring has been a dream come true. I remember when I was go karting in my 20’s in the Miami region and went to see the 12-Hours of Sebring for the first time around 1993. That was awesome!  


That's where I fell in love with Porsches. I was lucky to do a PCA event in my first ever 911, a 1994 RS America that I miss to this day. That’s when I learned that these were race cars for daily use! My teammate's father, Andres Martinez, also brought his new 1994 RS America to that event. Mine was white, his is Silver and he still has it! I remember those events were VERY relaxed back then. We had sandwiches under one of the infield trees during the lunch break and watched all sorts of Porsches go by. We could not believe we were actually driving 911s in such a historic place.  


More recently, I was second in my class in a 1967 911 in the Classic Sebring earlier this year. I first place by 7/100’s of a second due to a tire puncture in the last stint!!!! But I had the time of my life!  


My teammate Juan Martinez is very strong in this track and I think I will be stronger than in other places that are new to me in the championship. We have the podium in mind for sure!”  


Nelson Calle         #83 RS1 Porsche           Pirelli GT4 America  



“I am very excited to be racing on our home track again. Sebring is such a special track with so much history and uniqueness along with so many great corners. I can’t wait to compete in the next GT America event September 24th and 25th!”  


Rick Uhler        # 28 SRQ Motorsports BMW       GT America Powered by AWS  


“I moved to Miami in 2017 and prior to that only did SCCA racing. My dad met a great driving coach Justin Piscitell, and when I started working with him I spent 6 months at Sebring running every event possible. It’s where I learned how to really go fast and to me Sebring is where I went from being an amateur enthusiast to a pro race car driver.”   

Moisey Uretsky   #55 Accelerating Performance Toyota      GT America Powered by AWS  


The penultimate round of the hotly contested Fanatec GT World Challenge America powered by AWS makes its annual trip to Sebring Raceway on September 23rd - 25th, 2022. The all-GT series is part of the global Fanatec GT World Challenge, competing in Europe, Asia, and Australia. This Fall, your favorite sports cars from brands like Acura, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-AMG, and Porsche will battle the bumps in Central Florida. 


An action-packed weekend of racing also includes GT America powered by AWS, Pirelli GT4 America, TC America powered by Skip Barber, and the Skip Barber Formula Series. 


Fan Activities include: 


  • Open Paddock 

  • Truck & Jeep Jamboree (Saturday at 5:00 p.m.)

  • Patriot Car Corral

  • Autograph Sessions 

  • Sunday Grid Walk 

  • RV Camping




Tickets start at just $15! Kids under 12 are free with purchase of an adult ticket. Car parking is included with the purchase of gate admission.


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