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Fascinating Facts about Motorsports That Will Blow Your Mind

Saturday, Aug 06 333

has evolved to greater heights. With the evolution, the quality of cars has advanced technology-wise as the advanced cars are faster and more thrilling. Enjoying the sport more helps if you follow the rich history available online. For example, the fast race was between self-powered vehicles in 1867; since then, the evolution has not stopped. Similarly, the steam carriages raced for one hour at an average speed of 8 mph. Read on to discover more facts about motorsport you cannot miss:

  1. First Racing Circuit Was in Australia

People feel that Europe is the origin of motorsports, but surprisingly, the first purpose-built motor racing circuit was not done in Europe but Australia. The raceway was on the horse racing course in Melbourne with a pear-shaped course almost a mile in length. The gravel on the track was slightly banked curves. After that, there were more races before the raceway was improved to accommodate improved racing cars.

  1. Dynamics of Race Cars

The performance of race cars depends on various elements like tires, engines, and even road aerodynamics. Similarly, the driver also greatly impacts how the car will perform. With time, vehicle aerodynamics have grabbed attention because of the downforce principle. The principle has led to improvement in performance. Manufacturers have introduced inverted wings, Vortex generators, and even inverted wings to increase downforce.

Moreover, the aerodynamic interaction of the car component leads to vortex flow plus lifting surfaces, enabling the cars to move faster. However, these cars also come with technology that makes them safe. For instance, they come with an automatic lock which, if broken, will require the services of a car locksmith.

  1. The Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption of race cars has been speculated for a long time, but do you know that most cars take about 3 secs to take off; this speed requires a lot of fuel. Due to the high speed, the cars can consume an average of 65-80 gallons of fuel per minute. Besides, the vehicles can accelerate at a high speed of 10,000 hp with more speed during cornering, making them use a lot of energy. Remember, even breaking at such a high speed will consume more energy than breaking a car running at an average speed.

  1. Durability

With all that action thrill, the race cars are built to operate for 24 hours. The material and design of the cars are reinforced for maximum performance and safety during competition. Besides, the technologies by manufacturers ensure that cars are efficient and can maintain long-lasting performance. Remember, the manufacturers of these cars are the companies you know, and they have other models of cars on the market, so they would not want to tarnish the names of their brands by producing sub-stand race cars.


Racing is done in extreme conditions, so cars must perform in conditions like rain, sun glares, and even low visibility. As a result, these cars come with special features like self-locks, ensuring that you are safe on and off that track. For example, some cars have a low steering lock that does not open even when it loses control and rolls. Remember, if the lock is jammed, it would be best to contact a car locksmith to help you open the door.

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