Mobil 1 and Hoonigan Racing Division Announce Multi-year Partnership

Nearly a decade after partnering on a technology and marketing partnership that was the first of its kind in the industry, Hoonigan and Mobil 1™ have reunited to help celebrate the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand’s 50th anniversary leading into 2024. The two brands will hit the track for the first time at this year’s 100th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb through a unique, collaborative entry imagined by the Hoonigan Racing Division, fielded by BBi Autosport, and protected by Mobil 1 technology.


Be it trackside or roadside, the partnership will bring lovers of the open road behind the scenes as the Hoonigan Racing Division captures the road less traveled en route to the 2024 anniversary date. Extending beyond content, fans will have access to limited-edition collaborative merchandise exclusively available through Hoonigan’s innovative e-commerce platform, along with opportunities for followers of the @thehoonigans and @mobil1racing channels to secure their spot as part of some once-in-a-lifetime experiences. All this access will come through a mission that will see Mobil 1 named as the official motor oil of both Hoonigan Racing Division and Hoonigan.


“Mobil 1 and Hoonigan will always have a special relationship,” said Brian Scotto, chief creative officer and co-founder of Hoonigan. “In 2011, before anyone knew what Hoonigan would go on to become, myself included, the Mobil 1 team gave us the pulpit to launch the brand to the masses at the SEMA show. Since then, Hoonigan has a taken on a life of its own, becoming not only the largest automotive audience for the under 40 crowd, but also becoming a term that identifies an entire genre in the space that caters to having fun in cars. We’ve continued to work adjacent with Mobil 1 on great projects like the Hot Wheels Legends Tour and even got the chance to be a part of Max Verstappen slaying tires in his Oracle Red Bull Racing Formula One car. It’s awesome to work with another brand that cares about cultivating car culture, so we are more than stoked to be working again officially with this program, and help, as we pass our 10th anniversary, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mobil 1 brand in 2024 with some new projects that build on our shared love of driving.”


The co-branded entry into this year’s historic centennial running of Pikes Peak Hill Climb will be no less momentous than when Louis Unser trusted Mobil™-branded products to help him conquer America’s Mountain in 1934. Building upon this heritage, a new vehicle, producing over 1,000 horsepower, fed by two turbochargers, and driven by an equally legendary driver of a new generation, Ken Block, will once again trust Mobil 1 technology to fight its way up to the 14,115-foot summit. With a nod to the past, and a wink towards the future, the vehicle will be named the Hoonipigasus. The name combining a spirit of motorsport legacy between two iconic marks: Porsche and the Mobil Pegasus.


“There’s a reason true innovation is often left to someone else, and in this case, we felt that someone else had to be us,” said Ryan Allen, automotive brands and partnerships manager for North America at ExxonMobil. “Our brand is turning 50 in a couple of years, and in that timeframe, it’s been the first to many feats – both on and off the track. But to truly celebrate how we got here, we wanted to do something that captured the spirit behind our love of driving, and our love of our fans who we see every week on the road while they’re grabbing a coffee, or hitting the race track. Usually those fans have a phone in their hands, and more often than not, they’re watching a Hoonigan video and hitting the skip ad button. By building on a movement towards content we helped kickoff with the Hoonigan team over a decade ago, we felt we could join our fans in their love of driving, rather than trying to sell them a bottle of Mobil 1 that they already trust more than any other motor oil brand.”


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Adam Sinclair