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Rich Strike beats the odds at the 148th running of the Kentucky Derby Featured

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Rich Strike beats the odds at the 148th running of the Kentucky Derby Getty Images

I've always been a fan of the longshots, but this took the cake! The horse looked like he wanted to be out front, and wasn't ready to stop running! 

"The winner really benefited from a suicide early pace by the contenders," stated Steven Wolf of Steven Wolf Consulting. "But it really does not matter how you race as long as you cross the finish line first. A real classic battle down the stretch. One of the most exciting Derby's I have seen in a while."

That said, the Kentucky Derby, and horse racing in general, has faced quite the decline as of late. Although the thoroughbred industry remains on firm footing, due in no small part to the televised popularity of the Triple Crown, by now I'd hope that you understand that pari-mutuel harness racing in the state of Florida has come to an end with the closure of the 2021-2022 season at Pompano Park.

If the thoroughbreds think they're immune, they've got another thing coming. Trust the casinos when they say we will operate horse racing to the fullest extent of the law!



“We are elated to see no known injuries during the running of the 148th Kentucky Derby and we congratulate the Rich Strike team, Churchill Downs, and the Derby on a successful event that saw the second longest shot in history win the 'Run for the Roses.' American horse racing is closer to getting back on the right track," stated Animal Wellness Action executive director Marty Irby.  

The sport is, of course, not free from the doping scandals that have become all too common as of late.

"The absence of Lasix and other drugs, coupled with infamous trainer Bob Baffert’s suspension following a failed drug test with Medina Spirit, and Churchill’s support of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act, put the ‘Run for the Roses’ in a much better light than we’ve seen in many years, and we hope the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes see no injuries and much success as well."

However, none can argue that sometimes, just sometimes, the sheer will to win outweighs any shadows that may be getting longer and longer.

"Just like people, horses are either alpha types, singular go-it-alone leaders, go-with-the-flow middle-of-the-pack workers, followers or out-and-out laggards.  Rich Strike made it very clear he will fight for absolute dominance under any circumstance.  His display of aggression both at the finish line and during the gallop back to the winner's circle told those of us who know Thoroughbreds that he not only had plenty of gas left in the tank for the Preakness, but that he can definitely get the Belmont distance in what will likely a much smaller field in both races.  And let's be clear, navigating a wall of any number of horses running at nearly 40 miles per hour takes unbelievable physical strength and courage for both the horse and rider," added equine expert Jennifer J.H. Pierce. 
"Rich Strike's rags-to-riches, thunderstruck Cinderella story, coupled with watching jockey Sonny Leon skillfully tap into his horse's will to win and breathtaking acceleration down the stretch gave us all the kind of joy that horse racing is really all about.  It was truly historic!"
One can only hope that this amazing, come from behind victory will help propel the sport of kings to new heights.
"For someone who doesn’t watch the Kentucky Derby every year, that was one hell of a finish. Not only did Rich Strike victory Saturday evening make me google past Kentucky Derby winners, but actually made me learn more about the sport or Horse Racing," stated Speedway Digest contributor Kaleb Vestal. 

"In fact, this could be the last big moment the Kentucky Derby has had since the movie ‘Secretariat’ back 10 years ago about the horse who won the Triple Crown. Now as a casual fan not only will I watch the Derby again, but might google some next races and watch them."

The race for the 2022 Triple Crown continues with the 147th Preakness Stakes on May 21st. It will be hosted at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.  On June 11th, the 154th Belmont Stakes will cap the 2022 Triple Crown schedule. The last leg of the Triple Crown will be held at Belmont Park in Elmont, NY. 

We shall see whether Rich Strike continues his run, or if the biggest trophy in sports once again goes unclaimed. As for me, I gotta see a guy about a horse!




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