A New Generation is Born

Larsen Motorsports (LMS) is a Palm Bay, Florida based High Performance Vehicles Research & Development Center. LMS has nearly 30 years in the high-performance vehicle industry and with a history like that it is not surprising that LMS is creating a legacy of inspiring and molding the next generation of high-performance vehicles professionals by using STEAM education, all while merging the perfect blend of traditional and advanced manufacturing technology to create jet-powered drag racing vehicles that approach speeds of 280mph in just 5 ½ seconds.


Founders of LMS, Chris and Elaine Larsen completely changed their business model from striving to be among the best and fastest growing jet racing teams to in 2010 refocusing on research and development to provide optimum safety for the drivers, while enlightening the next generation of high-performance vehicles professionals. “It is among our top priorities at LMS to provide our student interns with real-world hands-on experience that will help them in their careers for years to come,” said Chris Larsen, CEO of Larsen Motorsports.


In 2015, Larsen Motorsports began an incredible partnership with the Florida Institute of Technology.  LMS is the nuts and bolts or, “skilled trades” side, if you will, of a new facility known as the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design (CAMID).


nspiring the next generation of high-performance vehicles professionals by providing meaningful internships, job shadowing, and even careers is something that LMS does well. Through an affiliation with Florida Tech, students receive hands-on training that applies directly to their degree program. Students that intern at LMS are involved in virtually every aspect of the facility. LMS student interns also get to work with other industry professionals through mentorships with major companies. For example, Northrop Grumman provides the students with knowledge to use industry leading software and equipment as well as provide the students with mentoring guidance. These mentorships provide students with valuable knowledge and business relationships that they will continue to utilize as they transition into the work force. Elaine Larsen, Florida Tech Jet Dragster Driver said, “what we do allows our students to live their dreams not only in the future but today.”


Larsen Motorsports continues to have success stories with over 90% of students getting a position at the company of their dreams. LMS interns have gone on to work at places like NASA, SpaceX, Disney, Tesla, Lockheed Martin, Collins Aerospace, L3 Harris, Northrop Grumman, BMW Team RLL, General Motors, Roush Fenway Racing, and many more.


A new addition for the LMS teams is the integration of the long-awaited Generation 6 Jet Dragster, which was designed from the ground up as a multi-roll research and development platform. The design of the Generation 6 jet dragster is far different from the current generation 5 and earlier jet dragsters that LMS has used in previous designs. The all-new Generation 6 Jet Dragster will be the first jet dragster designed, engineered, fabricated, and tested at the Palm Bay based facility. “This new Gen 6 jet dragster will allow the driver to be safer but still maintain the speeds and acceleration that we currently have because of our relationship with Florida Tech and Northrop Grumman being digitally focused,” said Brian Tocci, Director of Operations at Larsen Motorsports.


Since its conception, the Generation 6 Florida Tech Jet Dragster has already been involved in a number of advanced manufacturing technology research projects using computer modeling and simulation. LMS has also used advanced technologies and equipment to reverse engineer and create a digital twin of the brand-new jet drag racing vehicle. This digital twin will be used for future research projects, ultimately helping to improve the next Generation 6 jet dragsters.


The Generation 6 Florida Tech jet dragster is the world’s first jet drag racing vehicle that has been reverse engineered using digital twin technology. One day this technology will manufacture the world’s first jet racing vehicle that is totally designed in virtual reality, merging the ultimate blend of traditional and advanced manufacturing techniques.


The Generation 6 jet dragster will also be a part of many collaborations with other parts of Florida Tech’s research centers.  LMS looks forward to collaborating with Florida Tech’s brand-new Health Sciences Research Center set to be finished with construction in December 2021. These collaborations will allow further research focusing more on the human factors side of high-performance vehicles.


The first of five Generation 6 Jet Dragsters will proudly carry the Florida Tech name and is set to virtually debut LIVE on February 4, 2021 on the Larsen Motorsports Facebook page at 12:30 p.m. EST. To see the all-new Generation 6 Florida Tech Jet Dragster in action, check out the full 2021 Larsen Motorsports schedule at LMSjets.com/schedule.


Larsen Motorsports, based in Palm Bay, FL is embedded within the heart of Florida’s Space Coast manufacturing and technology corridor. Our 30,000 square foot facility reflects the ultimate blend of traditional manufacturing and cutting edge of advanced manufacturing technology; LMS is a leading research and development company with full concept, design, engineering, and operational capabilities in house.

Adam Sinclair