New NHRA Don’t Blink Collection Now Available

NHRA has partnered with Wicked Quick for a collection of high-graphic NHRA tees that delivers an aggressive, visual take on speed. The licensing partnership was secured by JRL Group, NHRA’s licensing agency.
The partnership brings a sense of homecoming for Wicked Quick, whose concept was born trackside at a NHRA race in 2003. Tailored around a “Built for Speed” concept, the motor-centric brand combines sophisticated, graphic toughness conveying speed, rebellion and attitude with über-soft, hand-sewn basics. The first group of the 2020 Wicked Quick NHRA collection is available now only at Fans can use discount code NHRA15 for 15% off the NHRA tees, now through October 11th. 
Wicked Quick CEO/Creative Director Tarran Pitschka describes the new collection as “an aggressive, visual take on speed.” Striking graphics and innovative print treatments convey the Don’t Blink theme. “Ever blink and miss something? That’s the inspiration.”
The NHRA Licensing Program continues to expand focusing on lifestyle products such as apparel and accessories, home décor, as well as items for the garage for the auto enthusiast such as automotive accessories, automotive tools, appearance and other automotive related products.
(Courtesy of NHRA Communications)
Adam Sinclair