Monster Jam broke 6 Guinness World Records during season hiatus

Monday, Aug 10 791

During the season hiatus, Monster Jam® attempted 7 world records and officially set 6 Guinness World Records. Fans tuned in on Saturday, August 8th on Discovery Channel to watch DIESEL BROTHERS: MONSTER JAM® BREAKING WORLD RECORDS. 




Monster Jam Guinness World Records & Attempts:  


·        Highest Jump in a Monster Truck (Record Set) 

·        Krysten Anderson, the first and only female driver of Grave Digger®, set the record for the highest ramp jump in a monster truck by getting her back tire in the air 33.8 feet on her first attempt.  She beat the previous record, 21.33 feet, by 12.5 feet.   

·        Longest Nose Wheelie in a Monster Truck for Distance (Record Set) 

·        12-time Monster Jam World Finals® Champion, Tom Meents, in Max-D™ completed the longest nose wheelie in a monster truck for a total distance of 209 feet on his 4th attempt. His record to beat was 50.85 feet.  To set the record, Guinness requires all tires to land on the ground; in his 5th attempt he traveled more than 600 feet, but all tires did not land on the ground, requiring him to submit his 4th attempt.  

·         Fastest Speed in a Monster Truck (Record Set) 

·        Now officially the fastest Monster Jam driver in the world, Bryce Kenny, driving Great Clips Mohawk Warrior®, was able to set a speed record at 100.31, which no one has ever gone over 100 mph in a monster truck. The previous record was 99.1 mph. 

·         Most Consecutive Donuts in a Monster Truck (Record Set) 

·        After 4 attempts, the most consecutive donuts (spins) in a monster truck is now 58 and was achieved by Bari Musawwir driving Zombie™ while keeping within a 77-foot circle. The record to beat was 41.  

·         Most Donuts in One Minute in A Monster Truck (Record Set) 

·        Bari Musawwir also set a record for the most donuts (spins) in a monster truck in one minute at 44 giving him two Guinness World Records.  

·         Most Monster Trucks Jumped by a Monster Truck (Record Set) 

·        Adam Anderson driving Megalodon ® jumped 8 Monster Jam trucks to earn his Guinness World Record title.  The previous record was jumping 7 Monster Jam trucks, held by Colton Eichelberger set at Monster Jam World Finals in 2018.  

·        Forward Momentum Double Backflip in a Monster Truck (Official Attempt)  

·        Todd LeDuc attempted the first-ever forward momentum double back flip while driving a monster truck, a stunt no one has ever landed before, with 12 practice attempts by two people.  As he hit the top of the 20-foot ramp on the first attempt the engine blew, and the crew onsite had to quickly swap a motor for his second attempt that ended up being unsuccessful and the hardest hit in Monster Jam ever.  


Additional Notes:  

·        Brother and Sister - Adam Anderson and Krysten Anderson from the "First Family of Monster Jam," each set a Guinness World Record.  

·        Bari Musawwir did more than100 donuts with four attempts before he set his record. 

·        Bari Musawwir set 2 records within one attempt.  

·        Todd LeDuc practiced his forward momentum double backflip attempt by landing in a “car pit” which is similar to a foam pit for practicing bike stunts.  

·        The ramp for attempting the forward momentum double backflip was 20 feet.  

·        12-time Monster Jam World Champion, Tom Meents, attempted 3 stoppie/nose wheelies before he needed to let the truck cool down and the fluids balance back out in the truck before finally achieving the record.  

·        Tom Meents quote of the episode, “A thousand things could go wrong, but only one thing can go right.”  

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