Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Up and Comers: Pro 2 Gaining Solid Roster of Rookies for 2020

The already-stacked Pro 2 class will see three new drivers on track in 2020 vying for the coveted Rookie-of-the-Year title. The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) Pro 2 rookies have lofty goals for the new season, making them perfect additions to mix it up with the veterans of the class.

Starting with the youngest rookie at 26-years-old, Trevor Leighton brings a competitive spirit after earning the most wins for Polaris RZR in the Turbo UTV class. He took the inaugural win of the division in Chandler, the same location of the 2020 season-opener, and hopes that lightning strikes twice for his Pro 2 debut. Leighton is very confident in the machine his team is building for him and can’t wait to line up for the first time.

“Hopefully the truck will be done anytime and we’ll get to take it out for some testing. We plan on doing as much testing as we can and get the truck dialed into my driving style. My goals for the 2020 season include earning the Rookie-of-the-Year. I want to get as many podiums as possible and top five in the points. I know these are some tough goals with a lot of good rookies and fast veterans, but we have a new truck being built, and if it works the way we think it will, I think these goals are very possible.”

One of Leighton’s biggest rivals for the Rookie-of-the-Year award will be back-to-back reigning Pro Lite Champion Ryan Beat. After years of being so close to championships, his patience, hard work, and persistence paid off the past two years in Pro Lite. Beat isn’t expecting anything less than being up front in Pro 2, and hopes to follow in the footsteps of some of his predecessors. 

“As for the transition I can only say this, you look at Jerett Brooks, he’s a two-time Pro Lite Champion and he went right into Pro 2 and won immediately. You look at RJ Anderson, a two-time Pro Lite Champion who went right into Pro 2 and did well right away. So, for me and my expectations of what I expect from myself and my team, I don’t expect anything less. I expect us to go into Pro 2 and be very competitive.”

Rounding out the field of new drivers to the Pro 2 class is 32-year-old Cody Gill. The Texan has been racing since he was eight years old, but only recently got the opportunity to race LOORRS. His past experience of racing go-karts and stock cars has provided a solid foundation and should prove to help him make the transition to LOORRS. His initial season to “test the waters” ignited a passion and he quickly purchased a Pro 2 truck to get ready for the 2020 season.

“I like the thrill of racing, but love the different type of thrill that short course racing gives me. I like the atmosphere, people and companies that are involved in the sport. I most of all like the fact that my family is a part of my team and spending weekends at the track with them. My goals are to get the truck figured out, be fast and win some races. My long term goals are to make a name in the sport, build a team name that people like and respect and of course, win some championships.”

With the ambition and talent that these three rookies bring, there is no doubt that the Pro 2 class will be set ablaze in 2020. The countdown to the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series season opener at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, Arizona, continues and after the longer than expected wait to the start of the season, all the LOORRS drivers will be coming out swinging.

Adam Sinclair