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All-New ‘NecksGen’ System Latest To Be SFI Certified for Worldwide Motor Racing

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Race drivers from all motorsports disciplines around the world have a revolutionary new option in head and neck protection with today’s introduction of the NecksGen frontal head restraint system by the Southern California-based company NecksGen, Inc.

Frontal head restraints are mandated as required safety equipment by sanctioning bodies in most major racing series worldwide as injury from an unrestrained head and helmet is a major factor in neck injuries that often result in paralysis and death.

NecksGen takes safety and quality to a higher level with its lightweight and simple-to-use unit designed to work in conjunction with the multi-point seat-belt harness of any high-speed racing vehicle. Constructed in Southern California from the latest carbon fiber composite material from DuPont, the NecksGen system has achieved superior results in Certification 38.1 testing by the Safety Foundation Institute (SFI), which issues and administers safety standards for specialty and performance products in the automotive and racing industries.

Weighing in at just 1.6 pounds, the NecksGen unit features a one-size-fits-all design that is adjustable to fit a wide range of seat angles from 10 to 40 degrees, allowing the driver to manipulate the back of the unit for comfort and safety while helping to eliminate interference from the seat and helmet. Its ergonomically flexible design helps achieve previously unsurpassed comfort while its size allows it to fit easily over the driver’s head and neck. The unit’s body-forming belts and Kevlar pads ensure there are no hard contact points to pressure the collarbone.

The NecksGen’s adjustable tension-neutralizing helmet tether allows the impact load to be distributed evenly through four load paths for maximum head and neck protection in the event of a collision while maintaining a full range of head motion under normal racing conditions. This adjustable tether compensates for tall or short neck sizes, and the system can be fine-tuned for improved protection with numerous options in the location of helmet mounting holes.

Designed to be used with two- or three-inch seat belts, the NecksGen also features unique belt wings to keep loose belts from falling off under accident conditions, and its belt channels keep the restraint system centered under the seat belts at all times.

Its aesthetically pleasing, low-profile design makes the NecksGen ideal for use in smaller, confined spaces like the cockpit of a dragster or land-speed car.

Quick-release helmet hardware allows the helmet to be released with two fingers under normal conditions.

The NecksGen system is available for a suggested retail price of $599 and includes quick-release and hard-mount hardware options, as well as a kit with standard tools for installation, a “swag kit” with car decals, driver suit patches and a Flex-Fit cap, and a carrying case to help protect the unit.

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