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Last Lap Marketing Teams Up With Racing 2 Cure

Monday, Jan 16 2328

Last Lap Marketing, the marketing company preparing the next generation of racers and race fans by taking them to the finish line, is excited to announce that they have partnered with Racing 2 Cure for the 2012 season and beyond.

Racing 2 Cure is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization based in Mooresville, NC and started by Hunter Stewart after witnessing his mother, Alycia Stewart, go through breast cancer two times, but thankfully she is also a two time breast cancer survivor. Racing 2 Cure stresses most of their time and fundraising efforts to helping the "human side" of cancer such as helping pay for cancer family utility bills, rent, medical equipment, etc.  In addition, portions of the money raised do go back into cancer research via the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Last Lap Marketing President and Owner, Bradley Carpenter, is excited about this new partnership stating, "I have always loved helping those in need and after witnessing the effects of cancer in my family I was so happy to find Racing 2 Cure.  Racing 2 Cure puts two of my top passions together in one: racing and helping others, it could not be a better fit!"   Last Lap Marketing currently has all of its drivers enrolled in the program and has brought in other drivers to the Racing 2 Cure family as well.

The Racing 2 Cure program allows drivers to continue their racing while making an impact to cancer research and helping cancer families.  When a driver registers to join the growing list of drivers in the Racing 2 Cure program they have the option of choosing how much money they would like to receive back, ranging from nothing to up to forty percent. An interested driver and/or team can go to to register or contact Last Lap Marketing about setting their page up.

During the 2012 season Last Lap Marketing plans on fundraising for Racing 2 Cure through its driver client line-up.  The current drivers include: Garrett Marchant, Nick Martin, Blake Ferguson, Lee Taylor, and George Streaker Jr.  They will be at a majority of Marchant's races collecting donations as well as integrating the driver's social media pages to raise the funds.  Last Lap Marketing has set a goal to raise more than $5,000 during the 2012 season and is excited to get started!

Check out Last Lap Marketing on the web by visiting as well as their Facebook page: and Twitter:

Last Lap Marketing's mission is to help young drivers reach the finish line by providing them opportunities to perform their best.  At Last Lap Marketing we are preparing the next generation of racers and race fans.  Through our wide variety of services available, such as social media to at track marketing events, Last Lap Marketing is here to help you and your race team  make an impact in a 21st century world.



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