An interview with Greg Andersen, Pro Stock winner at the NHRA Amalie Motor Oil Gatornationals

“Definitely surprising to win on a holeshot. It was a great weekend for KB Racing. As the weekend went and we made run after run after run and Jason (Line) was absolutely the strongest car; I told myself, you know what, if you can just do your job tomorrow, and find your way to the final round, take a runner-up; go home and try to make things better for the next race.  I would have been happy if we could make it an all Summit final. We did that, and somehow I found a way to steal a victory away from him.

“These races aren’t decided on paper…they are decided on the race track every time. We are human, things happen different every time on the starting line. I sure don’t understand it. I’d be the last person to say I have it figured out. I don’t understand it. I had a couple of 60s (reaction time) in prior rounds and I was kicking myself and wondered what was going on. I kind of resigned myself to the fact that I did what I had to do today, and I will get my runner-up and go home. Icing on the cake.  Somehow I over achieved in the final and stole a victory from Jason. Good for me. But it is still great for KB Racing. No matter what happened there in the final round, it was still great for the team. It is a win for all of us.”

ON DOMINATING START TO THE SEASON: “The race cars are making such great runs. We are having a blast. We are really having fun. I can’t be prouder of the race team I have behind me right now. Everybody is operating at such a high level.  So far so good.  We’ve gotten the job done so far. We still have lots of challenges and a lot to learn with this fuel injection. It has thrown us all for a loop. I get asked 10 times a day how we got this thing so figured out.  That is not the case. We don’t have it figured out. I don’t think we have scratched the surface at what we can do with this stuff. We will get better at it. We will gain on it.  We feel like there is a lot more to go.

“We are three-for-three at KB Racing. I’m pretty proud of that. We’ll see if we can’t keep it going two weeks from now in Las Vegas. And we always look forward to that race. We also have the K & N Challenge coming up.  That is Ken Black’s hometown.  If we can roll in there and do what we have done at the last three races, that will be awesome.  We are going to keep it going as long as we can. We are going to cherish it. We will celebrate tonight and then go home and go back to work.”

Adam Sinclair