Longtime Spec Racer Competitor, Robey Clark, Hired as New SCCA Enterprises President and CEO

With a history in Spec Racer Fords and Sport Renaults, as well as involvement as both a Sports Car Club of America Region Race Chairman and member of a Majors Tour Division Race Committee, Robey Clark has the experience and passion to care for the Spec Racer Ford community. That is why he has been named the new SCCA Enterprises President and CEO, replacing Erik Skirmants who announced his resignation earlier in February.

SCCA Enterprises, a wholly owned subsidiary of SCCA, Inc., brings another dimension to the Club: race car construction. SCCA Enterprises constructs and maintains the Spec Racer® Ford, Enterprise Sports Racer, and the Formula Enterprises race cars. Since the debut of the very first Spec Racer in1984, over 940 race cars have been built and delivered by SCCA Enterprises.
Clark, 65, of Austin, Texas, has been an SCCA member for more than 20 years. Active in the Texas Region, Clark began racing in the early ’90s with Sports Renault and Spec Racer Ford being his cars of choice. In the late ’90s, he competed in the Spec Racer Ford Pro Series. Today, Clark still competes as a Spec Racer Ford pilot at Club Divisional and Majors events with KC Racing out of Kansas City, Missouri.
“Being very involved in Spec Racer Ford for all these years, I know how great it is to be a competitor in this class,” Clark said. “I also know that Spec Racer Ford is of tremendous value to the well-being of the SCCA and amateur racing as a whole.”
Over the last decade, Clark has acted as Race Chairman for the Texas Region and been a member of the Southwest Division U.S. Majors Tour Race Committee since its creation. And in recognition of his hard work and outstanding contribution to the SCCA community, Clark was named the 2009 Worker of the Year for his efforts as Race Chairman.
“I think Erik Skirmants and the team at SCCA Enterprises has done a great job in keeping Spec Racer Ford a vibrant and competitive class,” Clark said. “I share the long-term vision that has driven SCCA Enterprises for the last 10 years and intend to keep moving forward in a manner that supports continued growth and stability for the Spec Racer Ford community and SCCA Enterprises. Coming into this new position, I see the tasks ahead as fun and invigorating. And I look forward to keeping Spec Racer Ford one of the most competitive SCCA classes.”
Jerry Wannarka, SCCA Enterprises Board Chairman, said Clark is a solid choice to lead SCCA Enterprises.
“We are very glad to have Robey join Enterprises as the new President/CEO,” Wannarka said. “His business experience plus many years as a Spec Racer Ford driver and Regional Competition Director give him the unique background to continue the great traditions at Enterprises.”
Clark graduated from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, and holds a master’s degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He also has 25 years of pertinent work experience in manufacturing, international distribution, sales and marketing.
Adam Sinclair