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Roush Yates Engines and Freescale Semiconductor to Partner on EFI Technology

Monday, Oct 17 2270

Roush Yates Engines and Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE:FSL) today announced a new partnership grounded in a shared vision for the expanding role of technology in motorsports.

This partnership brings together two industry leaders in automotive and motorsports. Freescale, as one of the world's largest providers of automotive electronics, provides the processing power behind NASCAR's 2012 Sprint Cup Series switch to fuel injection and is the Official Automotive Semiconductor of NASCAR. Roush Yates is recognized as one of the premier engine manufacturers, and both of these companies have a long history in automotive and motorsports innovation

"Jack and I and all of Roush Yates' numerous engineers, engine builders, and specialty technicians look forward to working with Freescale as we continue to explore the role of technology within NASCAR and beyond," said Doug Yates, chief executive officer of Roush Yates.

"Fuel injection has been a big part of Roush Yates for quite some time, and with Freescale coming aboard as our official partner, we look forward to not only helping them become even more top of mind throughout the entire automotive industry - but also working with them to make all NASCAR racing engines - no matter the manufacturer - better through their semiconductor technology."

Roush Yates' Performance Engine Group also builds engines for various grassroots racing series including Sprint Car, Off-Road, and Daytona Prototype - all of which utilize fuel injection.

"Freescale has impressive technical dynamics across the broad spectrum of automotive technology," said Jack Roush, co-owner of Roush Yates. "Freescale is a leader in the world of Electronic Fuel Injection.  I am glad to see the Roush Yates name associated with Freescale in NASCAR and in the numerous other forms of racing where Roush Yates engines with electronic fuel injection compete around the world."

"As a leader in embedded computing, Freescale technology is pervasive across the products and solutions that consumers and businesses touch each and every day, from e-readers to washing machines, home gateways to large business networking systems, smart mobile devices to medical systems and, of course, automobiles," said Henri Richard, senior vice president and chief sales and marketing officer at Freescale.

"Motorsports are a natural extension of our automotive industry leadership and we look forward to partnering with a world-class performance manufacturer like Roush Yates Engines to further the role of technology in NASCAR and other high-performance racing environments."

The Roush Yates / Freescale partnership underscores the historic nature of NASCAR's switch to fuel injection and the positive impact of the change to fuel efficiency and emissions management. Together, Roush Yates and Freescale look to discover new ways in which technology can be used to improve the team, driver and fan experience within NASCAR and other racing series.


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