Hagar Adds Two More Victories in Alabama to Bump Win Total to Half Dozen This Season

Derek Hagar swept a weekend in Alabama with USCS Racing, giving him five feature triumphs in his last six starts and six wins in his last nine races.

“I’m feeling pretty good,” he said. “Being back in our own car with that consistency feels pretty good. We’re waiting on the No. 44 car to get another engine so we’ll keep plugging away at our deal and hopefully keep scoring wins.”

Hagar advanced from sixth to second place in a heat race to kick off the action at Buckshot Speedway in Clanton last Friday.

“We had a good car and the race track was pretty racy all night,” he said. “We went from the back to second in the heat race so that put us as the high-points driver.”

A fourth-place result in the dash started Hagar on the outside of the second row in the main event.

“I had a good start in the feature,” he said. “The drivers in first and second got together so that put me restarting second. After that I was all over the guy for the lead. I was opening my entry trying to cross underneath him. He was doing a really good job of holding his line and making it to where I couldn’t pass him. I kept working on him and working on him. I could got to the top and open my entry and then go down to carry speed on my exit. Every time I’d get a good run on him he’d be in the spot I needed to be. It was past halfway when I was able to get beside him and into the preferred lane into turn three. We got in a little traffic and he hesitated in the center of the corner and slipped up, and it was just enough I could get by him.”

The victory was Hagar’s fifth of the season.

He continued his winning ways on Saturday at East Alabama Motor Speedway, where he placed second in a heat race before capturing the dash and A Main.

“We were a little undergeared for the heat race and I didn’t get a good start,” he said. “We got a good dash draw, drawing the No. 2. We made a lot of adjustments and the car was totally different in the dash. We ended up winning it. Then we got the jump on the start of the feature and led the whole thing. The track started taking rubber around the top. Lance Moss was giving me hell. I was trying to save my tire and he wasn’t. I could hear him on the top. We were coming to the checkered flag and someone blew up. I moved down and Lance got into some oil and about hit the turn four wall head on. Otherwise, I think we would have had a heck of a finish.”

Hagar leads all drivers with three USCS Series wins this season.

He plans to compete this Saturday at Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, Ark., with the USCS Series.


June 21 – Buckshot Speedway in Clanton, Ala. – Heat race: 2 (6); Dash: 4 (4); Feature: 1 (4).

June 22 – East Alabama Motor Speedway in Phenix City, Ala. – Heat race: 2 (2); Dash: 1 (2); Feature: 1 (1).


14 races, 6 wins, 8 top fives, 9 top 10s, 11 top 15s, 11 top 20s


Saturday at Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, Ark., with the USCS Series