Mallett Earns Emotional First Win of Daughter’s Life With USCS Series Speedweek Triumph

Jordon Mallett captured one of the most memorable wins of his career on Monday during a USCS Series Speedweek race at Pine Ridge Speedway.

“I’ve been fortunate to win quite a few races in my career and some special races,” he said. “That one on Monday night was special for a completely different reason. It was cool that it was the first time sprint cars have been to that track, but honestly the memory stuck in my head is of holding my eight-week-old daughter on the wing. You grow up and want to drive race cars for a living. I always thought to be one of those guys it’d be cool. The family side of everything adds to it. To have that moment on the wing holding her, I’ll will always hold that memory with me.”

Mallett produced his most complete night of the season as he advanced from fourth to second place in a heat race before he placed second in the dash.

“We were frustrated after West Memphis so we put our heads down and changed some stuff,” he said. “In the heat race you had a half a lap to make your mark. We found a lane to make work and got a couple of spots. We drew the No. 2 in the dash draw and that helped us. The bottom was dominant, but I knew if we could maintain we’d be in good shape. Once we got through the dash we honed in and made a couple of fine-tunes.

“We had a really good car when we rolled out to the A Main. The preferred line was around the bottom. I wanted to make sure that third place didn’t get tucked up so tight to the polesitter that I couldn’t get down to the good stuff. I drag raced the leader on the initial start into turns one and two. I knew then we were in good shape. We had another restart and it was the same scenario. I knew it’d be abrasive on tires and we needed to move around because lapped traffic would be crucial. We were able to experiment and move around. Even though you needed to be low to run good, we could change up some on entries and exits. Our car got better and better. We got to around Lap 10 or Lap 11 and I started planning out my method of attack. On Lap 15 I had a moment to capitalize and we took it. Once we got out front I set a good pace at first. We put close to half a lap on them really quick and I didn’t realize that until I talked to the team afterwards. They had shortened the race from 30 laps to 25 laps and some guys started having some tire issues. I wanted to set just a fast enough pace to not have to abuse the equipment and have something in reserve. We survived probably four or five restarts toward the end and it worked out well.”

The winning moment came on the heels of a frustrating USCS Series Speedweek opener on Saturday at Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, Ark. Mallett started last in a heat race and gained a position to finish seventh. He then advanced from 17 th to 14 th in the main event.

“The draw didn’t do me any favors,” he said. “In the heat race we moved forward one spot. We were better than that, but the track wasn’t conducive for passing. It buried us. We started 17 th in the A Main. We didn’t have a bad piece, but we didn’t have a great car either. We had a car that maintained. We could have finished fifth if we started fifth, but we couldn’t drive up there. We left there with a sour taste in our mouths. Sunday’s race rained out in Harrisburg. When we had to make a decision to either head home or go to the next Speedweek race we decided to go to Pine Ridge to find some redemption. I’m really glad we did.”

Stay tuned to Mallett’s social media accounts for this weekend’s racing plans, which will be released in the near future.


May 25 – Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, Ark. – Heat race: 7 (8); Feature: 14 (17).

May 27 – Pine Ridge Speedway in Baldwyn, Miss. – Heat race: 2 (4); Dash: 2 (2); Feature: 1 (2).


4 races, 1 win, 2 top fives, 2 top 10s, 3 top 15s, 4 top 20s



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