Betting Hero Revs up Collaboration With NASCAR to Enhance Betting Experience for Racing Fans

Betting Hero, the leading customer acquisition, retention, and development partner for U.S. sportsbooks, has embarked on a consumer research collaboration with NASCAR to help the respective companies and their shared sportsbook operator clients better understand and serve North Carolina NASCAR fans with premium betting experiences.

Laying the foundation for continued fan engagement and future acquisition campaigns, Betting Hero has completed a research study, comprised of qualified bettors in the Tar Heel State to uncover their engagement preferences for NASCAR as both sports fans and bettors.

The study, which took place both online and in person in April 2024, shows a significant demand for NASCAR as a betting product in North Carolina. Respondents are almost three times more likely to bet on the sport than in previously surveyed states.

NASCAR ranked behind only the NFL, NBA, and MLB in betting activity by the study respondents, with 70% stating that they’ve watched a race for the first time because they’ve placed a bet on it.

“Having worked closely with NASCAR to educate its fans on the betting options available to them for several years, we have long believed in the opportunity to both attract new fans to the sport and better engage existing fans through thoughtfully curated betting experiences,” said Jai Maw, Co-Founder and President of Batting Hero.

Maw continued, ”As is shown in the North Carolina study conducted by our in-house consumer research division, there is a clear correlation between most fans’ enjoyment or engagement in a sporting event and their betting activity overall. However, NASCAR fans have to work a little harder than fans of other major sports to find their betting preferences due to less available markets and prop betting options on average. Those that can find their preferred betting markets could also be more likely to remain loyal to their sportsbook of choice than fans of other sports where available markets are somewhat commoditized.”

As a market audience, 86% of North Carolinians see betting as a true complement to sporting enjoyment. They’re also loyal and active bettors, with over half of respondents having downloaded three gambling apps and almost 90% still using their primary sportsbook after registration.

Significantly, certain sportsbooks surveyed showed a disproportionately high level of NASCAR betting activity compared to brand awareness in the target group, which could suggest that having a strong NASCAR betting offering is more important than other factors in the registration decision process.

“NASCAR has extremely passionate fans and we see sports betting as another way they can engage with sport,” said Joe Solosky, Managing Director of Sports Betting at NASCAR. “We are excited, but not surprised, to see the success of NASCAR as an offering through the launch of sports betting in the industry’s backyard of North Carolina and are continuing to better improve the NASCAR betting product to give fans more options to responsibly engage with action on the track. The study discovered that 70 percent of respondents watched a race for the first time because they placed a bet on it, and it shows that our efforts in the space can attract new fans as well.”

North Carolina has quickly risen to the top tier of states for NASCAR betting volume, ranking among the top three states in its first two months since launch. Across the 20 states that were live in March and April of 2023, NASCAR’s handle has seen a substantial 15% year-over-year growth. In states like Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Mississippi, NASCAR’s handle has surged by at least 50% compared to the previous year. Even more impressively, in Nevada and New York, NASCAR’s handle has doubled year over year, indicating a significant increase in interest and betting activity in these regions.

Resident Culture Bar & Kitchen will be hosting a NASCAR post-party on Saturday, May 25th, for the Xfinity race the weekend of the Coke 600 and a Race Watch party for the Cup Series Coke 600 on Sunday, May 26th. Betting Hero‘s team of experts will be in attendance to help answer any sports betting-related questions for fans and patrons while ensuring all enjoy their experience betting on NASCAR responsibly.

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