Mallett Moving Forward From Frustrating Season-Opening Race

Jordon Mallett is taking the positive out of a difficult opening night of the 2024 racing season.

Mallett joined the ASCS National Tour last Friday at Super Bee Speedway, where he drew the highest pill to be the final qualifier of the night.

“It misted throughout the whole night,” he said. “It was like I was riding on ice. It would have been one thing if we were by ourselves with a slow time, but I think with our buddy Jason (Martin, the defending ASCS National Tour champion) also being slow and going out one car in front of us that showed the struggle.”

Mallett was seventh quickest in his qualifying group. He then advanced from seventh to sixth place in a heat race and from seventh to fifth place in the B Main to transfer into the back of the main event.

“I was plenty content with the race car,” he said. “The track was so bottom dominant and if you got out of the groove at all, you weren’t just losing a couple of car lengths. Just changing up my entry and moving up off the bottom half a car length one time I lost 10 car lengths just by that one corner.

“They had reworked the race track before the feature. I thought it’d clean off and still be hard with some dust on top. I was prepared for it to become abrasive and take rubber, but I was way off. We gambled wrong in the feature and weren’t any good until we broke a rocker arm. Thankfully that’s all it was and it happened when it did. There was some inclining that I had that even though we’re running 20 th I’m not going to pull off. I’m glad I didn’t because the rocker arm was going to do that eventually so it would have happened early in the night at the next race if I had pulled off early.”

Mallett’s mechanical problem forced him to exit the track just after the mid-point of the race and he was credited with a 20th-place result. Saturday’s event finale rained out.

“Sometimes you’ll have those types of weekends in racing,” he said. “Some things didn’t play out in our favor, but also we were fortunate on the mechanical problem happening when it did and not being worse so we’ll take it and move on to the next event.”

Mallett will take this weekend off before joining the ASCS National Tour at RPM Speedway in Crandall, Texas, on May 3-4.


April 19 – Super Bee Speedway in Chatham, La. – Qualifying: 7; Heat race: 6 (7); B Main: 5 (7); Feature: 20 (21).


1 race, 0 wins, 0 top fives, 0 top 10s, 0 top 15s, 1 top 20


May 3-4 at RPM Speedway in Crandall, Texas, with the ASCS National Tour