The Biggest Motorsports Events To Have On Your Calendar Each Year

For motorsport enthusiasts, the year is a thrilling journey filled with the roar of engines, the blur of speeding vehicles, and the edge-of-your-seat tension of competition. From the iconic circuits of Formula One to the gruelling endurance tests of rallies, there are events that cater to every taste within the world of motorsports. Here’s a curated list of some of the biggest and most prestigious motorsports events you should have on your calendar each year, ensuring your year is packed with high-octane action.


Rallye Monte-Carlo: Kicking off the motorsport season in style is the legendary Rallye Monte-Carlo. Held in the picturesque French Alps, this iconic rally demands exceptional skill and adaptability from drivers as they navigate treacherous mountain roads in unpredictable weather conditions. Witnessing these machines conquer the elements is a true testament to human ingenuity and engineering prowess.


Daytona 500 (NASCAR): Across the Atlantic, the American motorsport scene explodes into life with the Daytona 500. This crown jewel of NASCAR racing sees a pack of stock cars battle it out on the high-banked Daytona International Speedway, reaching speeds of over 200 miles per hour. The intense competition, dramatic crashes, and electric atmosphere make the Daytona 500 a must-watch for any petrolhead.


Indianapolis 500 (IndyCar):  Nicknamed “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” the Indianapolis 500 is a true American tradition. Held on Memorial Day weekend, this single-day race on the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a gruelling test of endurance for drivers and machines alike. The intense competition and rich history of the event make it a pilgrimage site for motorsport fans worldwide.

Monaco Grand Prix (Formula One):  Glamour, prestige, and unparalleled racing action come together at the Monaco Grand Prix. Held on the narrow, winding streets of Monte Carlo, this iconic Formula One race is a true test of driver skill and car performance. The combination of street circuit racing, the presence of celebrities, and the luxurious backdrop of Monaco creates a spectacle unlike any other.


24 Hours of Le Mans: The ultimate test of endurance in motorsport, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is a gruelling battle that pushes both cars and drivers to their limits. Prototypes and production-based cars race for a full 24 hours on the Circuit de la Sarthe, with teams employing complex strategies and meticulous pit stops to emerge victorious. The sheer scale of the event, combined with the unpredictable nature of endurance racing, creates a captivating spectacle that keeps viewers glued to their screens.


British Grand Prix (Formula One):  The roar of Formula One engines returns to the historic Silverstone Circuit for the British Grand Prix. This high-speed battle on a classic circuit filled with passionate fans is a highlight of the Formula One season. Witnessing the drivers navigate the iconic corners like Copse and Becketts is a truly exhilarating experience.

Goodwood Festival of Speed (Goodwood, UK):  A celebration of all things motorsport, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is a unique event that transcends the boundaries of traditional racing. From iconic F1 cars to classic motorcycles, a diverse range of vehicles take to the Goodwood hill climb course in a display of automotive history and innovation. The event also features demonstrations, exhibitions, and displays that cater to all ages and interests.


Spa-Francorchamps 24 Hours (GT racing): Nestled in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, the Spa-Francorchamps circuit becomes a battleground for endurance racing during the Spa 24 Hours. GT cars, showcasing the pinnacle of performance engineering, battle it out on one of the most challenging circuits in the world. The combination of high speeds, unpredictable weather, and a relentless battle for position makes this a thrilling event to witness.


Bathurst 1000 (Supercars): Australian motorsport takes centre stage with the Bathurst 1000. Held on the challenging Mount Panorama circuit, this iconic race sees V8 Supercars battle it out for a challenging 1000 kilometres. The combination of fast straights, tight corners, and significant elevation changes creates a unique test for both drivers and teams. The passionate Australian crowd adds to the electric atmosphere of this legendary event.

Beyond the Calendar:

This list provides a starting point for your motorsport adventure. Remember, the world of motorsports is vast and diverse. From grassroots drag racing to international rallycross championships, there are events all year round catering to every niche interest. Explore online resources and delve deeper into specific racing series that pique your curiosity.

Fuelling Your Passion

For those who crave the thrill of competition and the strategic intricacies of motorsports beyond simply watching, there are exciting ways to get involved. Simulator racing, with ever-evolving technology creating realistic experiences, allows you to hone your virtual driving skills and compete against others online.

For the mechanically inclined, club racing offers the opportunity to experience the joy of competition firsthand,  be it in go-karts, vintage cars, or dedicated racing classes. Additionally, attending driver training courses can equip you with the skills and knowledge to take to the track yourself,  transforming you from a spectator to a participant in the exhilarating world of motorsports.

Enhancing the Experience

Sports betting on Novibet adds another layer of excitement to watching these events.  Carefully researching teams, drivers, and past performances allows you to place informed bets, adding a personal stake to the on-track drama. The thrill of a successful wager heightens the tension and adds another dimension to your viewing experience. Responsible sports betting, practised with moderation and awareness, can be a fun way to engage with your favourite motorsports events.

A Year of High-Octane Thrills

By incorporating these events into your calendar, you can embark on a year-long journey filled with the electrifying world of motorsports. From the adrenaline rush of high-speed races to the strategic battles of endurance events, there’s something for everyone in this diverse and dynamic sport. So, fire up your engines, mark your calendars, and prepare to be enthralled by the spectacle of motorsport in all its glory. Remember, this is just a taste of what the world of motorsports has to offer. With a little exploration and an open mind, you’ll discover a never-ending stream of events, series, and experiences that will keep your passion for motorsports burning brightly throughout the year.