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European Le Mans Series implements new balance of performance (BoP) regulations

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This weekend, the Red Bull Ring in Austria will host the third round of the European Le Mans Series, and marks the first time since the new Balance of Performance (BoP) figures that were released in June that they will be fully implemented in competition.

The only change in LMGTE is to the Ferrari 458 which has had the 2 engine restrictors reduced by 1.3mm.  The BoP figures for the Aston Martin Vantage and Porsche GT3 RSR are unchanged. 

There are several changes to the GTC BoP, which is based on the FIA GT3 regulations.  The cars affected by the changes are Audi R8 (+3mm engine restrictors), the BMW Z4 (-40kg), the Porsche 911 GT3R (-30kg), the Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 (-2mm engine restrictors) and the McLaren MP4-12C (Turbo boost pressure).  Some adjustments on the refueling restrictors have also been implemented in order to balance the refueling time of the different model of cars. 

ACO Sporting Director Vincent Beaumesnil explains the reasons behind the changes. 

Q: How is the data collected that determine the changes made last month to the BoP figures?

We look at the lap times, we take into account the level of the drivers, weather conditions, consistency of the car. This process has proven in the past that it is efficient. The WEC process is much more complex, more expensive and requires more human resource and equipment. In the ELMS we are in a customer car championship in which the teams and drivers must make the difference, our goal is to give a chance to everyone on the potential of their car, then it is up to the drivers and the team to do the job!  

Q: The GTC BoP is based on the FIA GT3 Balance of Performance.  How do the ACO adapt the BoP for the European Le Mans Series or are they implemented without change?

Generally we add 40kg on all GT3 cars to maintain the gap with GTE (GT3 cars are much less technical but more powerful than a GTE car) except a few ones that do not need it. Then we make decisions based on the information we collect from each race weekend, which is new. Before Imola the principle was to strictly apply the FIA BoP and add 40kg to each car. But there is no more FIA GT3 Championship and it was clear that in that condition the FIA BoP would not be updated in the way we need. Then we have decided to make some changes on this BoP ourselves. We use race data but also we look at what is done in the other GT3 championships because it gives a good idea of the level of each car. 

Q: Will there be any further updates to the BoP in 2014?

Any time it is needed we will update the BoP. 

 New BoP details 

The 4 Hours of the Red Bull Ring will begin on Saturday 19 June with Free Practice sessions, with the qualifying and race on Sunday 20 June.  Full information on the weekend can be found on the official website at

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